"Dating Scene for Mixed Race Americans" #Soc119

  • Published: 15 April 2019
  • This is a short segment from an introductory class on race and culture that is taught by Dr. Sam Richards at Penn State University. Today's video comes from the twenty-sixth class on April 11, 2019: bluestem.info/video/lNJLRcaGVY4/video.html?t=540

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  • BlackGirlLovesAnime6
    BlackGirlLovesAnime6  4 days back

    Lol I'm not surprised the light skin mixed race women liked dark skin black men.

    • ravenrose mia
      ravenrose mia  10 hours back

      +Pictish Blood but that's not fair to us white people have first pick the professor even said so.
      the question is why do white people pick people with dark skin?

    • Pictish Blood
      Pictish Blood  2 days back

      They tend to. That'd why it destroys the White race when Whites mix. Dillian Whyte is 25% White and look at him.

    • Nephtalie Bottoms
      Nephtalie Bottoms  2 days back

      Of course they do

  • Anisah Ali
    Anisah Ali  5 days back

    That Pakistani guy is so hot. Does anyone know him?

    • Arturo Mansour-Hull
      Arturo Mansour-Hull  7 days back

      I’m mixed race Palestinian, Jordanian, English, and Scottish , but I’ve always been attracted to dark skinned Sudanese women. But I guess that’s because many of the Arabs in my town are from Sudan 🇸🇩.

      • Niyla Orr
        Niyla Orr  7 days back

        I notice that it doesn't matter if you're mixed, but more of whether or not your surroundings are diverse. Growing up in a predominantly white/asian area, I prefered those kind of people, but then I moved to a predominantly black community and now I have a wide preference

        • More Life
          More Life  7 days back

          Women can’t help but fall in love with some Chocolate , I wouldn’t be able to resist ” Me “ either 🤷🏽‍♂️

          • Bianca
            Bianca  1 weeks back

            I feel as though he’s dancing around the subject of colorism. The Pakistani guy, I assume gravitates towards lighter skin women of his ethnicity, and I’m sure his family had a good part in conditioning him that way. The guy in the middle judging by his looks, when he says all women, would ideally prefer a white women (blonde), or any “exotic” (colored eyes, curly hair) lightskinned ™, or Hispanic woman. Both women date black men who elevate( fetishize) them. The girl on the end because is a more average looking biracial women, so I assume gravitates towards dark skin men because she knows that’s where she would get the most attention. The girl in the middle seems a bit harder to read, she said black guys before white guys, but she whispered “African American” so I’m gonna say she said that so she didn’t seem racist.I’m going to stick to my gut and say, she would prefer a white guy of higher standard. She’s more white passing and I assume she wants her children to look more white/ exotic. She dates popular athletic black guys in the mean time.

            • Enilehcodram Ramlised
              Enilehcodram Ramlised  8 minutes back

              TBC1987 and they bleach their skin🤷🏽‍♀️

            • Tebby Mwangi
              Tebby Mwangi  1 days back

              TBC1987 hahaha someone is hurt i am a white American and Nikki Haley doesn't pass for anything other than Indian no matter how hard u try to make Indians white they are not even the lightest ones look Indian Indians are a race and u guys are Asians sorry to disappoint u hahahaha and i say again no one cares about Indians in the west. Even though the blacks have all this negatives about them they are still more relevant than Indians and they influence white kids the most like i said an Average white American can't tell u people apart from Arabs just like that Indian dude who got killed because they guy thought he was Indian and told him to go back to his country.me as a white woman can never marry an Indian u guys are very hairy and smell bad

            • TBC1987
              TBC1987  1 days back

              Tebby Mwangi Sure honey. Keep telling yourself that. While Indians become the CEOs of Microsoft and Google, Blacks get shot by the police for driving and minding their business. And Indian isn't a race unlike Black. Nikki Haley is Indian and looks White. Obama is half White and doesn't count as Black. But he still looks colored. Blacks are only in the limelight more often because they are committing crimes and robberies and getting shot by the police. Indians are always in the limelight for good things and are in a much better position than Black criminals and vagabonds. Blacks can never be as successful or as respectable as Indians, not even the half White ones! Have fun with the rest of your pathetic life!

            • Tebby Mwangi
              Tebby Mwangi  2 days back

              TBC1987 hahaha nobody in the west cares about Indians we act like u people don't exist an average American can't tell the difference btw Indians or Arabs they see u all as terrorists no matter how negative u write about blacks atleast they are not ignored America had a black president and many miss usa unlike u who had only one and she got so much hate being called a terrorist and not American blacks may have a bad rep at least they are visible .just like that commentor said no one in the west cares about Indians

            • TBC1987
              TBC1987  4 days back

              Sharon Cato well Indians are the richest and most educated group in the West so I'd imagine that helps their dating and marriage ability. All my Indian acquaintances are married to beautiful White women and they aren't even attractive themselves. People care a lot about Indians because they are taking center stage in everything they touch from Nikki Haley at the UN to the Surgeon General to Billionaire CEOs to Lawyers like Preet Bharara to Miss USA, they're excelling at everything. Blacks on the other hand, are a niche group that appeal to a sliver of American society and only excel at Music and Athletics. They also have abysmal rates of education and poverty. Not to mention the fact that most black men are in jail or unemployable. Most Black women are single and undesirable even for black men. Blacks are truly marginalized in the West and have a history of slavery and disenfranchisement that makes them a taboo choice of partner even today.

          • D'Natalie Smith
            D'Natalie Smith  1 weeks back

            True on the mixed race partners, all my grandparents are mixed and my partners were mixed as well. I love this class.

            • FateAndFurie
              FateAndFurie  1 weeks back

              I'm mixed with white and black but I look similar to the two light-skinned girls on this panel. My husband is a very dark-skinned black Jamaican. Typically I've been more attracted to darker-skinned people BUT love has no color and when I was dating I was open to, and dated, people of all shades whether they were also mixed or just one race

              • Pictish Blood
                Pictish Blood  2 days back

                Sad for your white ancestors. Their blood is destroyed now.

              • BlackGirlLovesAnime6
                BlackGirlLovesAnime6  3 days back

                +Le Bêbeve that still doesnt determine your race. The mothers side is just as important but in terms of last name or tribe the father determines that

              • Le Bêbeve
                Le Bêbeve  3 days back

                BlackGirlLovesAnime6 but i think what the other person is saying is that we are our father’s lineage. In terms of where we trace our roots it comes from the father’s side. I understand your point it doesn’t matter which parent is what you’re still bi racial but I think the other person is pointing out that our lineage is our father’s side.

              • BlackGirlLovesAnime6
                BlackGirlLovesAnime6  4 days back

                +lobsterbale Legesse no. That is just a social construct. 2 different race people make a biracial child doesnt matter who the father is

              • lobsterbale Legesse
                lobsterbale Legesse  4 days back

                +BlackGirlLovesAnime6 Pay attention that's what I'm saying. It is the same thing.

            • Kat Parks
              Kat Parks  1 weeks back

              I am biracial. If I was out there dating,I would just say upfront I am biracial. I have to do this because to many people they think I am Italian or another race.I wouldnt want to date someone and then find out they are racist against African Americans.I went on a date with a Italian guy when I was 19. I bought him home to meet my parents. He saw my father who is African American, and his eyes got huge, and you could tell he was shocked. He did take me on the date to the work Christmas party. He left me on my own, and I found him making out with a blonde blue eyed lady up against the wall. We never went out again and from that day forward any man that was interested I told them upfront I was biracial. I didn't want to go through that ever again.

              • KillMe Please
                KillMe Please  6 days back

                +Kat Parks i'm glad to hear that. I might still have a chance :)) I'm moving to the US this year. I grew up in the Philippines. I was lucky enough that the girls I liked, liked me as well. Their male friends and family, forced them away from me, saying that we will have dark skinned and curly haired black kids..SMH

              • Kat Parks
                Kat Parks  7 days back

                +KillMe Please I would I am biracial and my ex was Japanese! I am five foot seven and my ex was five foot six. I forgot to add that. So no you're not too short.

              • KillMe Please
                KillMe Please  7 days back

                just curious.. would you date a 5'11 half black- half asian man. Am I too short?

            • T Salon
              T Salon  1 weeks back

              He has them up there, but is doing all of the talking.

              • The Emperor
                The Emperor  1 weeks back

                Technically, everyone is mixed.

                • Brian Abisdid
                  Brian Abisdid  5 days back

                  Technically the self is an illusion.

                • TBC1987
                  TBC1987  6 days back

                  True but when you look mixed as opposed to just one race that is when you are racially mixed officially and by society's standards.

                • Sencilla
                  Sencilla  1 weeks back

                  Unless you’re Conan

                • The Emperor
                  The Emperor  1 weeks back

                  +Ken93 Oh yeah?? Get your DNA checked and be enlightened.

                • Ken93
                  Ken93  1 weeks back

                  The Emperor wrong!!!

              • Athul Paul
                Athul Paul  1 weeks back

                Dating is haram
                That Muslim should know

                • Mengpeng
                  Mengpeng  6 days back

                  +Rising Stars haram means bad or sinful

                • Athul Paul
                  Athul Paul  1 weeks back

                  Rising Stars Haram = sin

                • Rising Stars
                  Rising Stars  1 weeks back

                  what’s haram

                • utube
                  utube  1 weeks back

                  ...go drink some beer and have gay sex

              • MrEasiertolie
                MrEasiertolie  1 weeks back

                You'd also find VERY different answers if you asked a lgbtq person what race they'd date.

                • Sid
                  Sid  1 weeks back

                  "I'm attracted to really dark-skinned guys"

                  My first time ever hearing that. Smh

                  • Enilehcodram Ramlised
                    Enilehcodram Ramlised  34 minutes back

                    Why are you shaking your head ,OK so she like’s dark skin guys, it’s not that deep It’s what she likes or is attracted to.🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

                  • Le Bêbeve
                    Le Bêbeve  3 days back

                    KillMe Please I think he wrote smh because it’s sad that it’s uncommon to hear

                  • Necessary Evil
                    Necessary Evil  4 days back

                    Momostic Do not come and start being condescending & disrespectful. I saw everything you wrote to the letter, and you are still wrong you dog. The saying has not transcended to “other races”, and even if it has, it certainly does not encompass black men - which is the demographic we are talking about, no one else...so again, I do not know why you are bringing up “other races” when we are talking about black men.
                    No one thinks of blacks when that’s being said.

                    I don’t know why you brought up white women or Latina women like anyone mentioned them. When women say the saying, they are not referring to or envisioning black men.

                  • Momostic
                    Momostic  4 days back

                    +Necessary Evil Did you not understand the plain English I wrote? I said the saying has "transcended from JUST white men" to other races too. I never claimed the phrase was originally coined for black men.

                  • Necessary Evil
                    Necessary Evil  4 days back

                    Momostic I am a black man myself...but I’m not cretinous enough to believe that saying was made for black dudes.

                    And no one said white or Latina women do not get with black men, so I don’t know why you are arguing a point no one here even made. And again, no one said that there aren’t an increasing amount of white and Latina females who like black guys. This still doesn’t change the fact that the *_saying_* was not coined in reference to us. Stating “I like black men” isn’t the same as “I like my men talk, dark & handsome.” They are referring to two completely different demographics...

                • Razear
                  Razear  1 weeks back

                  From what I've noticed personally, most biracial people that I've seen tend to date people that are one race. I rarely ever see mixed race people dating other mixed race people and I grew up in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. I think part of the reason is that mixed race people make up such a tiny segment of the overall population so there just aren't that many of them, quantity-wise. The trend will definitely change because more Millennials are dating interracially compared to our parents' generation.

                  • Enilehcodram Ramlised
                    Enilehcodram Ramlised  44 minutes back

                    Hi Hi Maybe it’s the place that you are living in🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

                  • Enilehcodram Ramlised
                    Enilehcodram Ramlised  45 minutes back

                    Hi Hi that’s a lie🤦🏾‍♀️😒

                  • Hi Hi
                    Hi Hi  1 hours back

                    +Nyisha Martin It's true. With the exception of half black half white women (and even a good amount of them date white).

                  • Nyisha Martin
                    Nyisha Martin  8 hours back

                    +Hi Hi lies loool

                  • Hi Hi
                    Hi Hi  13 hours back

                    Most of them date white people.

                • Bless Gillette
                  Bless Gillette  1 weeks back

                  I would assume most people in the Americas accept for some whites and native Americans are of diverse ancestry

                  • TA Videos
                    TA Videos  1 weeks back

                    Pakistani guy looks hundred percent Pakistani to me.

                    • TBC1987
                      TBC1987  47 minutes back

                      Hi Hi that's interesting! I'm a Jat and look Italic/Greek/Georgian/Iranic and I agree that NW Upper Caste South Asians like the Jats and Khatris and Pandits and Pashtuns and Baloch and Gujjars/Awans look like anything from European to South Iranian, and this variation is seen in my extended family too. But we never look Indian or Asian. My family hates Indians as a matter of fact, not to mention lower caste Bangladeshis and Pakistanis and Sri Lankan's and Nepalis.

                    • Hi Hi
                      Hi Hi  1 hours back

                      +TBC1987 The only thing that appears European about him is his skin tone. And even then, there are Indians and Pakistanis lighter than him. I've seen a lot of Gujaratis and Maharashtrians and even some middle caste South Indians with his facial features.

                    • TBC1987
                      TBC1987  1 hours back

                      Hi Hi well most Indians look way more non White than him and can never pass as White in a million years. However, you might be right, his Pakistani side might be muhajir low caste immigrants from India. Now after mixing with Western Europeans he looks perfectly Germanic and could never fit in India or Pakistan.

                    • Hi Hi
                      Hi Hi  1 hours back

                      +TBC1987 This guy actually looks more Indian than Pakistani. His features are very common in west coast Indians. I'm guessing his Pakistani side migrated from India.

                    • TBC1987
                      TBC1987  2 hours back

                      TA Videos Pakistanis can be very light skinned but they don't look Germanic or Nordic -- they look Eastern Euro or Iranic. This guy looks different from any Pakistani no matter how light skinned. It's not the skin color it's the facial features

                  • Midnight Velvet
                    Midnight Velvet  1 weeks back

                    The coincidence both the girls like dark guys. Smh 🤦‍♀️

                    • Enilehcodram Ramlised
                      Enilehcodram Ramlised  19 minutes back

                      Antho_SSJアンソニー tell me about it🙄😒🤦🏾‍♀️

                    • BlackGirlLovesAnime6
                      BlackGirlLovesAnime6  4 days back

                      I was not surprised lol

                    • Canal Da Ina
                      Canal Da Ina  1 weeks back

                      Unfortunately is not the aame with the guys.

                    • DarthVader
                      DarthVader  1 weeks back

                      Why should it matter what color of skin she chooses to date? Why do y'all give so much preference on ones color of skin? Why can't y'all see everyone as human beings? Smh

                    • Antho_SSJアンソニー
                      Antho_SSJアンソニー  1 weeks back

                      It's like it hurts you guys so much whenever Girls prefer every other race but White ...but you won't find anything wrong with one prefering whites ...such hypocrites smh