5 Dating Stages ALL Men Go Through


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  • Mark Ill-iams
    Mark Ill-iams  2 weeks back

    I believe I’m in the apprenticeship stage

  • Robert Maxa
    Robert Maxa  2 weeks back

    There is another option. Accept the pain, and learn to live with it, and preoccupy yourself with distraction.

  • Green7wave
    Green7wave  4 weeks back

    This looks actually true and it's helpful because im in the phase where i stop being the nice guy, but haven't reached the other stages yet. it really helps me being prepared for future stages and with this i know what could happen, just thanks for the info man! Peace :D

  • Jackson Dood
    Jackson Dood  4 weeks back

    Just subscribed👍 yeah this so very accurate, I'm finding myself in between the first real love and omegamale faze

  • Michael Mer
    Michael Mer  1 months back

    I get it I think you make a lot of sense! I found the video not only informational but inspirational.

  • asum power
    asum power  2 months back

    The dark side guy you showed had the omega sign on his chest lol

  • Katherine Pion Matias
    Katherine Pion Matias  4 months back

    Just like you mentioned “the jerk” he won’t get a whole woman. These men keep thinking the best women are attracted to as**. Healthy wise women is the least they know.

    • Harrison Shaw
      Harrison Shaw  9 months back

      Yeah man I’ve talked with so many guys that try way too hard. The simple act of not focusing on attaining a date and relaxing helps. Most of my relationships came out of just simply talking to girls without any preconceived goals or tactics

      • j drizzle
        j drizzle  11 months back

        Honestly I went through this cycle got to overcompensatory A hole then made a female friend who used me then reflected and became what you call an omega male. I am focusing on my career college and losing weight women are nice but I want to be whole and I know I am enough. I also know what I do and dont want. I just don't like the terms omega and alpha male those terms are b.s. I want to be the man I want to be not a alpha male I thinks it's a marketing ploy.

        • Pinnacle Of Man TM
          Pinnacle Of Man TM   11 months back

          The term has definitely become watered down over the years, but you're right. And good for you man. Focus on yourself first.

      • Fuchsia Orchids
        Fuchsia Orchids  12 months back

        Hey, I stumbled upon this out of curiosity but, these stages are very similar if not the same as what women go through as well.  Just thought you should know

        • Yulianna Rafailova
          Yulianna Rafailova  2 months back

          Yes true, we tend to attract the men who are in the same stage as us. It may take weeks or years but eventually when that codependent relationship crashes and burns, we learn our lesson and evolve to the next stage. All necessary (and worth it) to get to Omega. You did a really wonderful job explaining this!

        • Pinnacle Of Man TM
          Pinnacle Of Man TM   12 months back

          Really? That's interesting to know. Thanks

      • salim albitar
        salim albitar  1 years back

        i actually loved your video!
        #selfamusement ftw
        you might wanna dial down the google jokes though..
        (the 1st one was funny though)

      • Franco Cabrera
        Franco Cabrera  1 years back

        I'm the Alpha baybees

        • Avocado
          Avocado  1 years back

          Interesting. I've been at points in that cycle, except for the mgtow bit. But I consider myself pretty emotionally intelligent, confident, and transparent. Throughout a large portion of my life I just really enjoyed my own company; while maintaining casual relationships. I was never an "asshole", but I did hurt a lot of women. And I did the crash and burn bit as well. I went back to a similar lifestyle after the relationship, although I became much more mindful/aware of womens personal feelings, which altered my approach to those casual relationships, and it made me a more transparent person.

          I've recently become open to finding someone to grow with. So now my intentions are different, but it hasn't been working out so far. I'm looking for a specific state of mind, and the same shared unorthodox life trajectory I have; a humble open mind, and the aspiration to build a lifestyle that affords freedom of choice. I meet these brilliant dynamic women, but a deal breaker always pops up. And all that ends up happening is I'm hurting women again, which I feel awful about. Sometimes I think I should just go back to the mindful single/casual lifestyle.

          If you read this I'm curious what your thoughts are.

          • Pinnacle Of Man TM
            Pinnacle Of Man TM   1 years back

            Avocado I think your struggle is common across many men, including myself. We want the best women for us (as we should), but in the end we constantly ask ourselves (is she good enough?)

            It's something that I want to find an answer for. I think at the end if the day, when you date enough women and know what you truly want then she will eventually show up in your life. I don't think that needs to happen for a guy until he's in his 30s though.

        • skeptic proof
          skeptic proof  1 years back

          i'm OMEGA at 28 years old

        • giannisniper96
          giannisniper96  1 years back

          i'm being honest i thought that this was gonna be full of shit but it actually makes a lot of sense to me, nice video

          • Jessica Rose
            Jessica Rose  1 years back

            As someone classified as an INTJ ga with extremely limitied dating experiencel, this was particularly fascinating to me.

            And again, very entertaining and well put together. I look forward to your videos as they come out.

          • raptorcheesus
            raptorcheesus  1 years back

            awesome video, although i always understood omega males to be some hardcore version of a beta male, but that doesnt really change the message. good job!

          • TIMF Playgame
            TIMF Playgame  1 years back

            What about the anger state.

          • TIMF Playgame
            TIMF Playgame  1 years back


            • Chris Clayton
              Chris Clayton  1 years back

              Explain how you build attraction with a woman you just met. What is also the characteristics of an attractive man when looks aren't on his side. There is dressing better, working out and doing interesting hobby's perhaps but is there more?

              • Chris Clayton
                Chris Clayton  1 years back

                Pinnacle Of Man TM yes I follow Richard Cooper on YouTube, instagram & twitter. I've conversed with Richard and Rollo Tomassi over the rational male. Great book. Keep up the good work and I'll be watching. Love your advice. Thanks!

              • Pinnacle Of Man TM
                Pinnacle Of Man TM   1 years back

                Chris Williamson Thank you. I get that a lot from many men saying how it's very different for older guys. A good channel that you may enjoy is entrepreneur in cars. He is dogmatic in his views but may align with what you agree with. Overall, I would take a step back and right down exactly what you want out of a women down to her hair color. Having a clear picture in your mind will help save time with other women. If also focus more on building comfort than attraction with the woman you are dating. I find older women tend to focus on that. (Values in common)

              • Chris Clayton
                Chris Clayton  1 years back

                Pinnacle Of Man TM maybe it's worth a video one day bc many men struggle with what attracts a woman. Women are more complex than what they use to be. I was discussing with friends Saturday that back in the day (I'm 42) that women wanted a hard working man that was faithful plus a Lil more but now it's so much different. Being divorced and jumping back in the scene is confusing. Attraction is the tough part bc they don't know how much more they need to be anymore or at least it seems to the older fellas. Keep up the good work and I purchased your book.

              • Pinnacle Of Man TM
                Pinnacle Of Man TM   1 years back

                Chris Williamson Great question. Of course you want to work on your outer looks. Just basic hygiene and some working out is good enough.

                It's so hard to sum up everything in a comment, but if it had to nail it down to one sentence it's confidence. That means knowing you are of value to her. Having the core belief that you are wanted and have value to offer. That there is no reason why she wouldn't want you.

                As far as hobbies go, yes, have a passion. I'm sure you already do so just share it. Girls don't care what a guy is passionate about. They love feeling the passion he has for his purpose in life.

            • seigemeister •
              seigemeister •  1 years back

              Great video as always! Really interesting.

            • Kamran Siddiqui
              Kamran Siddiqui  1 years back

              Hey man I wanna talk to you, I'm planning to start a YouTube channel about personal development and philosophy and stuff like that.... I greatly admire your work

            • Nico Dimate
              Nico Dimate  1 years back

              damn boii this is pretty acurate

            • Adel Dixon
              Adel Dixon  1 years back

              I didn't know I was on the "dark side" until I watched this vid. Lol

            • Donaven Jordan
              Donaven Jordan  1 years back

              Beautiful bro, beautiful. That's exactly how it was for me. I was catering to them, not realizing what I wanted. It only took my first love to break my heart n studied for 4 months. I was already attractive, but now I put intelligence and suave behind it. 22 years old I feel I can get anybody and if they don't want me. Lmao there's 6 more billion of y'all out there, no worries. I'm JUST chilling

            • Pinnacle Of Man TM
              Pinnacle Of Man TM   1 years back

              Cheat Codes for the final stage https://amzn.to/2DtibKn

              Let me know where you guys are or any other stages you think I may have missed!

              • Gianluca Solèr
                Gianluca Solèr  1 years back

                Thank you very much! You completed the circle! I'm stuck in front of the omega male. I exaggerated and my heart is bleeding now. I'll do it better the next time!

              • PayamTheOne
                PayamTheOne  1 years back

                Nice video man! Your're so underrated!

              • Grimm It!
                Grimm It!  1 years back

                Hahahaha sorry i love your videos, but that's just a possibility right? I mean it sounds stupid that every guy does go through that.
                Anyway my question here: can i go through the circle again? because it seems i am a born "omega male" in this case, but i kind of feel like i missed out on the whole friend-zone and chick-magnet state. Is it even worth it, to try out these stages of Dating?

                • Pinnacle Of Man TM
                  Pinnacle Of Man TM   1 years back

                  Grimm It! Cheers man!

                • Grimm It!
                  Grimm It!  1 years back

                  Thanks. Wouldn't say i got no struggles, but everything is easier if you have a role model :D I sincerely hope that you will be one to those young men struggling with dating. With you as a teacher, the students can't fail.

                • Pinnacle Of Man TM
                  Pinnacle Of Man TM   1 years back

                  Grimm It! Yea man, it's impossible to fully categorize the complexity of every single man's experience in dating. These are just trends I've seen overall in men. No problem with disagreeing. You might be the lucky 2% of men that just effortlessly have no struggles with women

              • Guido Perdomo
                Guido Perdomo  1 years back

                keyboard warrior wow!! XD that was epic

              • D_S_ C
                D_S_ C  1 years back

                ....says the young, fit good looking guy.....

              • Mousa Tams
                Mousa Tams  1 years back


                • JigglyLord
                  JigglyLord  1 years back

                  So in this chart where does robot love fall in? It has to be something close to mental masterbater. In any case you and google are cute together!

                  • piskuljko pisljkuljkovic
                    piskuljko pisljkuljkovic  1 months back

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                  • Pinnacle Of Man TM
                    Pinnacle Of Man TM   1 years back

                    JigglyLord touche'

                  • JigglyLord
                    JigglyLord  1 years back

                    Pinnacle Of Man TM she asks to get plugged and fill with a lot of energy and 98% of people will HAPPILY oblige c:

                  • Pinnacle Of Man TM
                    Pinnacle Of Man TM   1 years back

                    JigglyLord She is just so Damn reliable and never asks for anything in return :-)

                    That'll be part 2