CORINNA *SLIPS UP* on TFUE's STREAM! *Dating AGAIN* (Fortnite)


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      Fucking scumbag

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                Kade Stockton  6 hours back

                He just makes a 22 minute video so he gets money and makes u wait

                • YourOldSock
                  YourOldSock  8 hours back

                  The basketball player they were talking about was named Scotty Pippin if anyone cares...

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                    WMChicks  2 hours back


                    Scottie Pippen*

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                      EMP clan  1 days back

                      Tfue got butty raped by corina

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                        poopybro _YT  1 days back

                        Can’t like sym and brook are my favorite but I also like tfue and Corina

                        • Anonimuse Mitch
                          Anonimuse Mitch  1 days back

                          What basketball player?? Isn’t tfue confusing basketball to soccer?? I know edgar davids used to wear goggles back in the days. Lol

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                            Epic ttvUre_A-Bot

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                                                • Diogo F
                                                  Diogo F  2 days back

                                                  It's all played for drama & content. Tfue might not be the best one day (arguably he already isn't). He's gotta have something else to keep the viewcount up. Enter Corinna

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                                                      everyone knows symfunny and brookeab are the best duo

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                                                        I started season 9

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                                                                    I can’t like the video because sym and brooke are a thing 😭

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                                                                                      10:34 did tfue run right past a fortbyte

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                                                                                        He doesn’t do them because he doesn’t care bout them

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