How Prince Harry STRUGGLED While Dating - But Still Did UTMOST to Protect Meghan Markle


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  • xVSupremacy
    xVSupremacy  3 months back

    No Harry you lied and lied 🤥 and lied. When we discovered the truth , that she had been a paid prostitute to Alex Soros (Becuase the Dictionary Definition of a prostitute is a person who is paid for sex) - Fact Alex Soros paid sex 24/7 yacht 🛥 girl. Four /4 times married including your Civil Marriage. You lied about her age she is far older. In fact you lied about everything. Over 4 million British living in Poverty 🇬🇧 and MM flaunts spending our money. You have brought it all on yourselves, so do not start self pity parties 🎉. You need to get some help and stop being her Zombie 🧟‍♂️!

    • Anne Leonard
      Anne Leonard  3 months back

      Harry, you should have taken a lot more time,where you afraid she would wait. She's not a good choice for you. Wills was telling you to take time. But lust is a bitch. Oh well!!!