Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down

  • Published: 17 June 2019
  • Music video by Taylor Swift performing “You Need To Calm Down” – off her upcoming new album ‘Lover’ (out August 23). Support the Equality Act: taylorswift.lnk.to/petition

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    Featuring appearances by (in alphabetical order):
    A'keria Davenport
    Adam Lambert
    Adam Rippon
    Adore Delano
    Antoni Porowski
    Billy Porter
    Bobby Berk
    Chester Lockhart
    Delta Work
    Dexter Mayfield
    Ellen Degeneres
    Hannah Hart
    Hayley Kiyoko
    Jade Jolie
    Jesse Tyler Ferguson
    Jonathan Van Ness
    Justin Mikita
    Karamo Brown
    Katy Perry
    Laverne Cox
    Riley Knoxx
    Ryan Reynolds
    Tan France
    Todrick Hall
    Trinity K Bonet
    Trinity Taylor

    Director: Drew Kirsch & Taylor Swift
    Executive Producers: Todrick Hall & Taylor Swift
    Producers: Tara Razavi & Fuliane Petikyan for Happy Place, Inc.

    © 2019 Taylor Swift

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Comments • 207 539

  • Mariana Alcaraz
    Mariana Alcaraz  53 less than a minute back

    "porque tú odio nunca hizo a nadie menos gay"

    • Honey Bee
      Honey Bee  6 minutes back

      Taylor how much confetti do you want in this video?

      Taylor: yes

      • Ibrahim Khouri
        Ibrahim Khouri  7 minutes back

        What a failure you've become. Music videos merely getting 1m views in under one month and less than 10k subs a day while new bees like billie eilish are doing the most. All major artists' channel are outgrowing taylor in views and subs from shawn to edd to ariana to bieber to billie ane even katy old catalogue is still outnumbering hers. Disappointed in these releases. Not to mention her failing streaming power. Stop playing the she has been on spotify since 2017 because if people care they would listen more. It is like any artist coming up with a smashing hit.

        • desEL087
          desEL087  10 minutes back

          This song didn't even hit #1 lmao

          • Mariana Alcaraz
            Mariana Alcaraz  11 minutes back

            "porque tú odio nunca hizo a nadie menos gay" muy cierto..

            • Harsh Tiwari
              Harsh Tiwari  12 minutes back

              *Insert gayyyy meme here*

              • Mouseman Animations
                Mouseman Animations  13 minutes back

                The people saying homosexual is a sin, in Christianity in the Bible it says to respect them it also says having a relationship as LGBTQ is a sin. It is a sin to be homo it is to be homo with a relationship, that’s what is says in the Bible so I believe that no one else can change my mind

                • Mouseman Animations
                  Mouseman Animations  12 minutes back

                  Plz don’t say mean things, in just saying I’m not saying “being lgbtq is bad it’s not good it is a sin” I’m saying it’s a sin to have a relationship while being gay

              • Chris Hanson
                Chris Hanson  14 minutes back

                Absolutely in love with this

                • lil mee
                  lil mee  16 minutes back

                  Yall know whats sad

                  Kid just hear offense rap

                  Insted of kid friendly songs and parents dont do anything

                  • whiteroads1985
                    whiteroads1985  26 minutes back

                    Easiest song to relate to “you need to calm down” 😂😂

                    • Sayde Hines
                      Sayde Hines  29 minutes back

                      I miss the old Taylor. Country Taylor. Just saying what I think don’t come at me. I don’t hate her music just...

                      • Duevix _
                        Duevix _  30 minutes back

                        She is a legend

                        • Victoria Lauren Moore
                          Victoria Lauren Moore  32 minutes back

                          This song reminds me of Rebecca Black, "It's Friday".

                          • Trân ARMY
                            Trân ARMY  41 minutes back

                            Bạn thích gì hãy làm những đều bạn thích
                            Người là cái thá gì để ngăn bạn chứ 😏💪

                            • Sunset lemon lover Lover
                              Sunset lemon lover Lover  43 minutes back

                              The new album “love” comes out on my birthday lol

                            • ผดุงฤทธิ์ เจริญทรัพย์

                              I like you love you 😍😍😍 come from thailind 💕💕💕

                              • Jaylene Bluesong
                                Jaylene Bluesong  54 minutes back

                                Mega rich celebrities can't save your soul or spirit. It is God that made us and it is HE we should be worshipping, not idols, money or ourselves. God requires us to repent from wrong living and believe the gospel of Christ. In case you haven't heard, we are now living in the end times. Matthew 24 and Luke 21:25. These things were predicted thousands of years ago and are coming to pass in this generation. One day we ALL will have to explain our lifestyles and choices when we stand before HIM.

                                • MissChina 123
                                  MissChina 123  1 hours back

                                  Katy: justbecauseitsoverdoesntmeamitreallyoversndifithinkitoveryoumightbrcomingoveragain

                                  Taylor:You need to calm down

                                  • Vincent Penido
                                    Vincent Penido  1 hours back

                                    Ellen is the only thing I noticed in this video.

                                    • Selene Melgar
                                      Selene Melgar  1 hours back

                                      This is such a beautiful music video!!!!!!!!!!! Wow wow wow

                                      • Rahmoun Rahmoun
                                        Rahmoun Rahmoun  1 hours back

                                        i disliked the video because i dont like gay things am not going to tell you not be gay or something i myself dont like it or support it , but the song is so good

                                        • FlowerVolcano
                                          FlowerVolcano  1 hours back

                                          Look, I heard Ryan Reynolds was in this music video.

                                          • Mystic Gaming
                                            Mystic Gaming  1 hours back

                                            Watching on 2019 - Hi im From Philippines 🇵🇭 You were are you From??

                                            • Multilingual Education
                                              Multilingual Education  1 hours back

                                              SUPER!!!! HALLO FROM UKRAINE!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

                                              • Cookie Plays
                                                Cookie Plays  2 hours back

                                                Watch the behind the scenes of this it's so funny

                                                • Cookie Plays
                                                  Cookie Plays  2 hours back

                                                  And my favorite part is Ellen DeGeneres

                                                  • ANDoneTV 20
                                                    ANDoneTV 20  2 hours back

                                                    Taylor Swift confirmed lesbian

                                                    • Cookie Plays
                                                      Cookie Plays  2 hours back

                                                      Taylor swift is actually supportive to people that are like that

                                                      • John Mcfarland
                                                        John Mcfarland  2 hours back

                                                        Was that Lafayette from true blood

                                                        • Billie Butera
                                                          Billie Butera  2 hours back

                                                          When someone says being gay is gross:

                                                          • serendipity
                                                            serendipity  2 hours back

                                                            I always thought she was singing “ cause straight never made anybody less gay.” Lmao

                                                            • Trevor Fields
                                                              Trevor Fields  2 hours back


                                                              • Em and Anna
                                                                Em and Anna  2 hours back

                                                                s/o to tay tay for bashing religion. good job!!!!!!!!!

                                                                • Thiago silva
                                                                  Thiago silva  2 hours back

                                                                  2:21 katy sitting ?

                                                                  • Rubugo
                                                                    Rubugo  2 hours back

                                                                    I was wondering why the posters of the anti-gay group had "Get a brain MORONS" written on both sides, then I realized... 🤭😂

                                                                    • jenny jenny
                                                                      jenny jenny  2 hours back

                                                                      I love Taylor swift if you do then like

                                                                      • 볼이쭌쭌해
                                                                        볼이쭌쭌해  2 hours back

                                                                        케이티랑 테일러 둘이 보기 너무 좋아요♡♡

                                                                        • ANGELA,s gaming
                                                                          ANGELA,s gaming  2 hours back

                                                                          Ow me. Are you kidding me 82million views wow your wtf taylor😂

                                                                          • Annab
                                                                            Annab  2 hours back

                                                                            I still like her older songs better...especially safe and sound it makes me cry every time

                                                                            • Coconator Macienator
                                                                              Coconator Macienator  2 hours back

                                                                              2:39 “like can you just not”

                                                                            • Erik Barrera
                                                                              Erik Barrera  2 hours back

                                                                              To boy's kisses no thanks

                                                                              • J D
                                                                                J D  42 minutes back

                                                                                You are watching a Taylor Swift video - and your saying you're not gay? Explain that one.

                                                                              • Daniel Budik
                                                                                Daniel Budik  2 hours back


                                                                            • Leo Fracchia
                                                                              Leo Fracchia  2 hours back

                                                                              soy fan

                                                                              • Jhonathan Knuth
                                                                                Jhonathan Knuth  3 hours back

                                                                                I feel like she's like hey I'm down for LGBT, buy my music MF

                                                                                • Sir Bjergsen
                                                                                  Sir Bjergsen  2 hours back

                                                                                  @Jhonathan Knuth true, but she could change her genre and yet not get involved in politics, isn't it?

                                                                                • Jhonathan Knuth
                                                                                  Jhonathan Knuth  2 hours back

                                                                                  Sir Bjergsen Sir Bjergsen she had to change her genre to get more sales, you can turn it to politics like everyone else, it just goes to show everyone is liking to cookie cutter music these days

                                                                                • Sir Bjergsen
                                                                                  Sir Bjergsen  2 hours back

                                                                                  what would be the point then, she had a lot of republican fans before

                                                                              • chanel O.
                                                                                chanel O.  3 hours back

                                                                                *THEROY: TAYLOR AND KATY ARE DATING*

                                                                                • MJ Moonwalker
                                                                                  MJ Moonwalker  3 hours back

                                                                                  This song hurt more as a Christian than an ex Taylor Swift fan. 😭💔
                                                                                  Please like if you know this feeling.

                                                                                  • Moon wolf
                                                                                    Moon wolf  3 hours back

                                                                                    i just realized that my b-day is in pride month

                                                                                    • Mela Marie Brylczyk
                                                                                      Mela Marie Brylczyk  3 hours back

                                                                                      0:12 *wakes up..full face of makeup*

                                                                                    • Ray Dawn
                                                                                      Ray Dawn  3 hours back

                                                                                      My theme song when I'm manic