5 Dating Tips for Introvert


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  • Psych2Go
    Psych2Go   1 years back

    Happy Sunday! Hope you enjoy this video. Free introvert e-book from us here: http://bit.ly/2CiKevD Limited time. So be sure to grab a copy. If you want to give back, share our channel on your social media. Let us know and we will thank you!

    • Isaiah Albers
      Isaiah Albers  2 days back

      @Psych2Go I am an introvert who has no dating/relationship experience whatsoever and I think I just found out I have anxiety about it, at least when I think about it, but I'm not sure, I experience the similar things as when I was nervous about going somewhere, and I'm almost 23.

    • Relentless Pursuer - Renegade of Truth
      Relentless Pursuer - Renegade of Truth  1 years back

      Psych2Go You make such lovely videos! Thank you for encouraging us introverts! I'm sorry that you are no longer offering the free e-book.

    • Psych2Go
      Psych2Go   1 years back

      Demiler, Thank you! We're super happy to help. <3
      Danté T. Edwards, Thank you for the great suggestion! It is a useful tool to get people with similar interests together. :)

    • Danté T. Edwards
      Danté T. Edwards  1 years back

      As an introvert who likes to get out and experience new things, meetup.com has helped me immensely. Even if I don't really talk to anyone, I at least get to experience something new or different.

    • Demiler
      Demiler  1 years back

      Psych2Go ¿You know? I'm not an introvert (at all), but this vid was very accurate and helpful.

      ...I'm going through a hard depression. Right now.

      I wanted to watch this vid, 'cause your contents are full of love, care and great ideas. Love those cartoons. They're the best.

      Also, Lilyloo voiceover is the most healing and relaxing thing for me.

      So... thanks once more, to all of you.

      I promise i'm not letting this change of the tide beat me down. Hell no. Not again.

  • Hannah Currell
    Hannah Currell  4 days back

    I’m going on a date in 1 hour and my hearts jumping about so much I’m terrified

    • MyMind 100
      MyMind 100  1 weeks back

      Why exactly am I watching this, I have zero interest in dating?

      • E'linor ლ
        E'linor ლ  2 weeks back

        i love the voice of the person in the video ._.

        • Crystalized Furry
          Crystalized Furry  2 weeks back

          Lmao fangirling over somebody is probably going to be the closest to dating I WILL GET

          • IWantToBe Yeontan
            IWantToBe Yeontan  2 weeks back

            Nop, Not gon’ date anyone since i fell for a Fictional Person,

            • Steve Zali
              Steve Zali  2 weeks back

              I got helped with about my dating through those guys for free: http://www.surgicalcoaching.net/. Super helpful

              • Jared Muller
                Jared Muller  2 weeks back

                looks like i'll just be alone .. forever

                • Seven
                  Seven  2 weeks back

                  Great content! Well researched and super interesting. I've always been
                  an introvert and I can relate to many of these points. I watched a
                  similar video with a different spin:

                  • Seven
                    Seven  2 weeks back

                    Great content! Well researched and super interesting. I've always been
                    an introvert and I can relate to many of these points. I watched a
                    similar video with a different spin:

                    • Charlotte Joy
                      Charlotte Joy  3 weeks back

                      Imma be single. I will never get myself a boyfriend, even my crush.

                      • Beasty Ms
                        Beasty Ms  3 weeks back

                        Insted of telling us to see people with our intrest you should have told us how to even start a conversation. Even if I go where people have same intrest it will not change that I will just be by the side all alone not talking to anyone.

                        • Beasty Ms
                          Beasty Ms  3 weeks back

                          Even if i go to conventions where are people with same intrest so what? I still dont talk to anyone.

                          • waffle man
                            waffle man  4 weeks back

                            How i love this old style

                            • Adventures BY
                              Adventures BY  4 weeks back

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                              • Decker Hart Kreuz
                                Decker Hart Kreuz  1 months back

                                I failed 8 times.....its so goddamn hard😑

                                • Yhanie P
                                  Yhanie P  1 months back

                                  “Don’t settle just because you’re afraid to be alone!”

                                  I knlw someone like that!

                                  • monstersofg
                                    monstersofg  1 months back

                                    Why not try to get that chemistry through text? :) It might help you out! https://tinyurl.com/yymzjuc3 :)

                                    • Cameron Bond
                                      Cameron Bond  1 months back

                                      There are many comments saying they will be alone forever I feel you're pain guys and gals?(I'm a guy) it's just that ever since I was a 1st grader I've had a well developed sense of romance and I couldn't even look at girls without my face hurting I dont know what causes this extreme anxiety but it hurts alot because girls should not be put in a position to approach so you find you're self in a serious predicament because mysteriousnes can only get you so far it just suuuuuuuuucks PS I'm 20 and still have these issues

                                      • Smolbean Donuts
                                        Smolbean Donuts  1 months back

                                        I'm an introvert so.... I probably won't be trying any of this anytime soon.... I'm gonna end up living alone with a pet dog '\_• - • _/'... I'm also tsundere so... does anyone else relate

                                        • Smolbean Donuts
                                          Smolbean Donuts  1 months back

                                          My anxiety is building up just because I commented something....

                                      • Msailih Naéla
                                        Msailih Naéla  1 months back

                                        To choose the right partner you must know if you feel relax with, you have to be yourself with him without triying to be perfect personne cause he must love you with your faults he has to see the beautiful things in you, to see your heart not something not important like the appearances. So you have to know you deserve to be happy !!

                                        • System
                                          System  1 months back

                                          How not fall inlove as a introvert pls

                                          • bcvv
                                            bcvv  1 months back

                                            I'm an introvert and I'm married to an extrovert. It's one of the weirder things I've done. But I love her more than anything

                                            • XtraBangtan _287
                                              XtraBangtan _287  1 months back

                                              What if ur dating by messaging,but u never met that person face to face??

                                              • Anjelisaxanime nekowolfy
                                                Anjelisaxanime nekowolfy  1 months back

                                                Can you do how to date when your a Tsundere if you don't know what it means it means a person who acts mean to everyone but is hard to open their feelings especially to their love interest

                                                • AmandaJ. Walsh
                                                  AmandaJ. Walsh  2 months back

                                                  I'm half introverted and extroverted, but my boyfriend is introverted. So it's a bit tough at times 😅

                                                  • SleeplessELITE
                                                    SleeplessELITE  2 months back

                                                    Gonna die single

                                                    • Gabriela Riera
                                                      Gabriela Riera  2 months back

                                                      The background music is too loud

                                                      • Janeth García MLP
                                                        Janeth García MLP  2 months back

                                                        Yep, im an introvert but at this time im dating with someone :D
                                                        Its pretty cool when you finally find a person to connect with.
                                                        Thank you for the video, maybe ir can help now or in the future ❤

                                                        • diamondback3150
                                                          diamondback3150  2 months back

                                                          I stand alone away from staring eyes.
                                                          I stand with them, just short of their eyes.
                                                          I am invisible
                                                          I am quiet.
                                                          My voice in my heart.
                                                          A silent cry into the night.

                                                          Relationships are a gamble
                                                          All I have is my feeble heart.
                                                          All I have is my low self-esteem.
                                                          My pride castled in my heart.
                                                          Protected by my hugging arms.
                                                          I sit on my chair
                                                          A beer in my hand
                                                          I watch the moon,
                                                          I watch the stars.
                                                          A little bit of quiet happiness.
                                                          A spirited lonely night

                                                          • Illustriative Poison
                                                            Illustriative Poison  2 months back

                                                            C'mon guys. I have social anxiety and am dating someone rn. If I can do it, u guys can do it too! ;-; I believe in u, people! OwO

                                                            • Matteo Caironi
                                                              Matteo Caironi  2 months back

                                                              The realm of dating? Man I’d like to see it but the bouncer won’t let me in.

                                                              • Frozen3xplosion9
                                                                Frozen3xplosion9  2 months back

                                                                I'm an introvert, and I dont know I've never dated anybody. (I'm only 12)

                                                                • Angel Mayer
                                                                  Angel Mayer  2 months back

                                                                  These comment section should really date, and Imma just here watch them all cripple from their depression knowing being in a relationship means hard work and shit *eats popcorn*

                                                                  • Barukeemyah Duff
                                                                    Barukeemyah Duff  3 months back

                                                                    I use the chinease zodiac signs

                                                                    • NoahC
                                                                      NoahC  3 months back

                                                                      “Meeting new people”

                                                                      Alright you lost me there

                                                                      • JacobStupidMemesYT
                                                                        JacobStupidMemesYT  3 months back

                                                                        tip 6: just dont date

                                                                        • Mordecai Fiy
                                                                          Mordecai Fiy  3 months back

                                                                          This girl liked me for like 1 year and know that I look at her she not even ugly and I'm quiet to do what should I do?

                                                                          • Jimpson Juice
                                                                            Jimpson Juice  3 months back

                                                                            Am I the only one who finds that intro creepy?

                                                                            • Vince W
                                                                              Vince W  3 months back

                                                                              The person who made this video is probably extrovert

                                                                              • The Gentle - Hooter
                                                                                The Gentle - Hooter  4 months back

                                                                                people say that people are jumping to conclusions, I don't have to deal with that at school though

                                                                                who do I trust?

                                                                                • NoseyDewDrop
                                                                                  NoseyDewDrop  4 months back

                                                                                  I feel it’s hard for introverts to find the right person since we tend to be a bit picky when it comes to love. Don’t do this! You don’t want to limit yourself from your potential true love!!

                                                                                  • Mori Mori
                                                                                    Mori Mori  4 months back

                                                                                    how do you even ask people out?
                                                                                    and are you dating on the first date?
                                                                                    since it seems people usually decide if they wanna go out again or not....
                                                                                    I don't get it....

                                                                                    • Cute pixels
                                                                                      Cute pixels  4 months back

                                                                                      "are you an introvert?, what helps you in the realm of dating?"
                                                                                      me: uhhhhhhhh.... would if you don't date, and you are classified as an introvert for a reason?

                                                                                      • Niddles Kane
                                                                                        Niddles Kane  4 months back

                                                                                        Im here to date a lady that says she's an introvert. I just needed ideas to be able to make her feel comfortable. Any other ideas anyone?

                                                                                        • Samuel Hartley
                                                                                          Samuel Hartley  5 months back

                                                                                          I think my biggest problem is 1. Where in blazes do I meet people? How do I get there? I don't know these things or how to find it out. I've heard of meetup but haven't been able to bring myself to go any further. Dating just feels impossible as an introverted male. From what I can tell, I'm not bad looking and fairly charismatic and funny but that doesn't mean anything when theres no one around in my life I can focus on...And if there were. My confidence would just disapear anyway.

                                                                                          • Deval Shah
                                                                                            Deval Shah  5 months back

                                                                                            I don't how but it's working ! A strange cross connection - an extrovert and an introvert (ofcourse me)

                                                                                            That's totally right ! The key word is compromise. We know each other's boundaries !!

                                                                                            • MiguelPpM
                                                                                              MiguelPpM  5 months back

                                                                                              Is everyone in the comments an introvert? Or am I wrong.