Zweli and Gail are Dating – The River | 1 Magic


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  • Asudo Chinedu Eseiche
    Asudo Chinedu Eseiche  3 days back

    one love from Nigeria

    • Dananai Mubonderi
      Dananai Mubonderi  4 days back

      The way I will beg for life with the gun in my head😱😧😶😐😮😑😲😯😵😵😢😰😓😥😪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Dananai Mubonderi
        Dananai Mubonderi  4 days back

        I love voice ya Oupa!!!!!!!!!

        • Tibusiso Mamba
          Tibusiso Mamba  5 days back

          Zwelis English accent keeps changing

          • Milliah Kudzai
            Milliah Kudzai  5 days back

            marpercent nice work ntwana great acting there

            • cornelia mpofu
              cornelia mpofu  5 days back

              Nomonde hiding her pregnancy with that big jersey lol

              • Melody Nellao
                Melody Nellao  5 days back

                ... I like the way Cobra stood up to MaPercent

                • Vee Sibanda
                  Vee Sibanda  5 days back

                  Mbali is definitely Lindiwe’s daughter, she is not talking about seeing her mother. Mbali is going to reveal who Zweli is dating, the first time she almost slipped but now she wont hold back. Dikana mansion is about to feel MaDlamini and they wont see it coming.

                  • The Gift
                    The Gift  5 days back

                    I don't understand Mbali yazi. she doesn't help her mother or even visit her but she is here sad auwa

                    • Shanon Ruvimbo
                      Shanon Ruvimbo  5 days back

                      Did you watch yesterday episode, she did and it was so emotional

                    • Vee Sibanda
                      Vee Sibanda  5 days back

                      After yesterday she went with some groceries and food. She has lunch with Lindiwe and Zolani

                  • Zandile Nxumalo
                    Zandile Nxumalo  5 days back

                    Mbali suck it up! You don't even make an effort to help your own mom!

                    • Hellen Choga
                      Hellen Choga  5 days back

                      Nice move Cobriz hate friends who oversteps

                      • Temi David'Anderson
                        Temi David'Anderson  5 days back

                        Mbali is now in her feelings again lool
                        Zweli must be feeling young again😂😂😂😂😂