I'm Dating My Stepbrother

  • Published: 21 May 2019


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    Hi, everybody. My name is Lindsey, I am fifteen and I am… ehmmm… how should I put this… well, I am in love with my brother.

    Stepbrother, of course. Why, what did you think?

    This story began when I was around eleven years old. And my stepbrother Jayden was twelve, he is one year older than me.

    Well, no. Actually at that time we became a family, but everything actually started before that - when Jayden’s basketball flew over our fence and… arrgh, it's an awful memory! It landed right on my doll table in the middle of a tea party.

    Oh, my beautiful pink tea table! Overturned, breaking my adorable tea set on its way. That tea set could've been the envy of the British Queen! My friends (even if they were just my dolls...) were very angry and upset, and refused to stop by for a cup of tea after that incident. And, finally, my beautiful dress, that made me look like a real princess was all covered in mud.

    It was at that very moment that I found out Jayden existed and realized that I didn't like him. To put it nicely.

    We were neighbors – our two families shared the same townhouse, my parents and I lived in the left part and Jayden’s family occupied the right one. We were separated by a tall fence, which for the children looked like the Great Wall. But it was not enough for me! My little girl heart had room enough for a huge grudge against our neighboring bully. So I would've been happier if I never saw him again!

    But, this was not possible. Our parents decided that they could be more than just neighbors and became friends. They would visit each other every day, they barbequed together, and did all that boring adult stuff.

    Thank God they didn't insist that Jayden and I become friends too. Jayden probably wouldn’t have minded playing basketball together. But can you imagine me with the ball? Huh! And also I did not even want to talk to him. It was not only because of my childhood trauma with the ruined tea party, but also the fact that my parents brought me up as a “little princess” and I reckoned that it just didn’t suit me – to play with the neighborhood boys. No way!

    But everything changed drastically when I turned eleven. Jayden’s parents died in a car crash. My parents did not share the details with me and I am not sure I should have known them. It was enough that Dad put me on his lap and looked in my eyes seriously and attentively. At that moment I thought that I must have done something bad and was frightened that he was going to scold me, but he just said that he had to tell me something. Our neighbors were not with us anymore and their son, Jayden, was left all alone. Dad also told me that we had to help him and that he would stay with us for a while.

    At that time I did not realize what a tragedy had just happened. I just thought: why should Jayden stay with us if he has his own house? But I was so glad that this “serious talk” had nothing to do with my behavior and just nodded.

    Jayden got a separate room, but I braced myself, thinking he would bother me. But you know… I hardly saw him. He was very quiet, he barely talked, and he spent most of his time in the backyard playing with his basketball.

    And later on Mom called for a “very serious talk.” It turned out that Jayden did not have any relatives in our town. Actually, the only relatives he had were very distant and lived on the other side of the country. So, my mother started to prepare me for the decision that she made together with my father.

    My parents… decided to adopt Jayden. Oh, my God!

    My parents managed to settle all the formalities and Jaydan stayed in his room. The other half of the townhouse would stay closed until my stepbrother reached adulthood. Yeah, I had to get used to the thought that now I had a stepbrother. Which I could not stand!

    You see… I was the only child in the family, and it had to stay this way. It might sound selfish, but it was my parents who brought me up with the idea that I was their only beloved girl and they were not going to have any more children.

    And suddenly I had joined a serious competition in a struggle for my parents’ attention! And I couldn't even begin to forgive Jayden because he was little - he was my age!

    It made me mad! I was not ready to share my home, my family, or my life with this guy!

    My parents, of course, tried to care about Jaydan and protect him. They didn't forget about me totally, but still I felt a bitterness like I was being neglected.

    Anyway, I grew up and gradually I got rid of these prejudices. It did not mean that I started to treat Jayden with sympathy, I just basically didn't notice him.

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  • abelekid900
    abelekid900  11 minutes back

    :her. I love my step sibling

    Everyone:A L A B A M A

    • ClownPrincess OfCrime
      ClownPrincess OfCrime  36 minutes back

      "I'm in love with my brother, step brother of course" doesn't make it any better honey

      • Imma Killa
        Imma Killa  42 minutes back

        *You’re the best stepbrother I could’ve ever asked for*

        • Jasmine
          Jasmine  50 minutes back

          Man, bye 😂😂😂! Y’all play too damn much!

          • Nasir Simmons
            Nasir Simmons  1 hours back

            9:49 “Ladies and gentlemen we got em”

            • Happy hours
              Happy hours  1 hours back

              God is afraid

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                JS Singh  1 hours back

                9:49 Sweet Home Alabama

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                  • Flo-Ghost
                    Flo-Ghost  2 hours back

                    2:02 6 Fingers lul

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                      curiosa40  2 hours back

                      The hell ewwww

                      • Ruby Reyna
                        Ruby Reyna  2 hours back

                        i feel bad 😔

                        • Megan Jensen
                          Megan Jensen  2 hours back

                          He's not her step brother then.

                          • Hamburger
                            Hamburger  2 hours back


                            • jаsоn
                              jаsоn  2 hours back

                              *Hey, Step bro.*

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                                  Crazy Wolf  2 hours back

                                  That's so sad that both of his parents die

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                                    WHY DID YOU MAKE HER NORWEGIAN 😰😭

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                                        S W E E T H O M E A L A B A M A

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                                          Poor jaden is adopted

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                                            Sweet home Alabama

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                                              Also, why was a guy a year older than her in her classes? What about GRADES?

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                                                Tea set? Dress? How old is she?

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                                                        Brain:don’t say it
                                                        Me:home sweet Alabama

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                                                              This is why Islam has banned adoption

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                                                                                      Adopted Brother not step brother. Step Brother is when he’s forced into your life due to marriage with the other family. Dumbass

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                                                                                        this voice actor making asmr darling shake

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                                                                                              It's sort of racist that you didn't like a black person and you're white

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                                                                                                unknown forever 3  4 hours back

                                                                                                She doesnt hate him bc of his skin she hated him bc of what happend to her tea party why are u bringin skin colour into it