Behind the Scenes of "Dating After College" Pt. 2 - Production


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  • Ryan Lieu
    Ryan Lieu  3 days back

    When Phil said "All of Wong Fu (15 years) has led me back to my job 15 years ago" reminds me of when Thanos was like "Where did that bring you? Back to me." LOL!

    • obsessionprone
      obsessionprone  4 days back


      • Tom Welfringer
        Tom Welfringer  6 days back

        What camera(s) did you use? Always tried to stop at the right time but still could see 😅

      • rin jung
        rin jung  1 weeks back

        i must say jennifer did a great job with the wardrobe! it really suits them

        • Thomas Medina
          Thomas Medina  1 weeks back

          Ruh roh! It’s the 17th and part 2 of the behind the scenes isn’t up yet!

          • Mister KentC
            Mister KentC  1 weeks back

            Valid Asian house question....Did the crew wear shoes in your house?

            • luckeeleeyeo
              luckeeleeyeo  1 weeks back

              Phil: Hey everyone!
              Me: Hello to you, too, my future husband.
              Every. Single. Time.

              • Nicholas Nguyen
                Nicholas Nguyen  1 weeks back

                Love you guys! keep it up!

                • Kaye
                  Kaye  1 weeks back

                  How do you guys decide on the actors that will be part of your productions? Do you hold auditions or do you ask your friends from previous videos if they’re able to be part of things? I’ve been curious for a while now

                • Okay Shinhwa
                  Okay Shinhwa  1 weeks back

                  5:57 you’re welcome :)

                  • _ _
                    _ _  1 weeks back

                    they have the bts release dates wrong! :O

                    • Lily Lau
                      Lily Lau  1 weeks back

                      I’m dying to go to the event but my finals are on that day

                      • Simply Era
                        Simply Era  1 weeks back

                        Where's the link to the twins?

                        • Brian Chua
                          Brian Chua  1 weeks back

                          The Merrell twins didn't disappoint us with their twinning conflict for Wong Fu.
                          That was funny to use the Week 16 game thriller as part of their skit haha.
                          Seriously though, the chiefs had the game and decided to be offsides.....
                          I guess they took their anger out on Justin very well? LMAO

                          • Luis Rendon
                            Luis Rendon  1 weeks back

                            I was not a Merrell twins fan, but now I love them! Go Chiefs!!!

                            • Kadon Sor
                              Kadon Sor  1 weeks back

                              What about Stockton???

                              • AJ Golosino
                                AJ Golosino  1 weeks back

                                #JustWes haha 2:28

                                • KZN
                                  KZN  1 weeks back

                                  Did it bug anyone else that Justin's hoodie straps weren't aligned? #OCD

                                  • Ed Brann
                                    Ed Brann  1 weeks back

                                    Flashback to Simu and Phil at the gym in Yappie, "Are my nipples aligned?"

                                • Sonnenlein
                                  Sonnenlein  1 weeks back

                                  Waaaaait... Phil is opening a café?!?

                                  • Ed Brann
                                    Ed Brann  1 weeks back

                                    His time away from the production showed in the finished work.

                                  • bryansl0587
                                    bryansl0587  1 weeks back

                                    Sonnenlein Bopomofo is the name. Check IG

                                • danK
                                  danK  1 weeks back

                                  Wes and Justin compliment battle is the best content (#Westin)

                                  • bensonq
                                    bensonq  1 weeks back

                                    Love the BTS! Great work WF!

                                    • Yohann Kazuto
                                      Yohann Kazuto  1 weeks back

                                      You have the same name as that guy from WF!

                                    • Ed Brann
                                      Ed Brann  1 weeks back

                                      Agree. Love the BTS. I'm glad you guys had fun making this one.

                                    • ps7556
                                      ps7556  1 weeks back

                                      great producing/ 1st ADing benson!

                                  • Samuel Ureta
                                    Samuel Ureta  1 weeks back


                                    • Jie Yang
                                      Jie Yang  1 weeks back

                                      Man I miss that series