7 Signs He Wants to Marry You (Get excited!)

  • Published: 28 May 2017
  • CoachNorth.com -- 7 Signs He Wants to Marry You (Get excited!)

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    Let’s say that you and your man have been together for a while now. Everything feels more or less perfect between you, and you’re at that stage in your relationship where getting married wouldn’t be completely unexpected. So then, how do you know if he wants to marry you? Well, believe me, there are certain signs to look for!

    Hey ladies, my name is Amy North, and I’m a relationship expert from Vancouver, BC. After years of being a relationship coach I have come up with seven sure signs a man will show when he wants to marry the women he’s with. And, it’s your lucky day because I’m about to share those signs with you!

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    Now, let’s get started.

    1. He talks about the future with you

    When a man thinks about the future and sees you in it, that’s a huge sign that he wants to marry you. What’s an even surer sign, is if he openly talks about the future with you.

    Pay attention when these talks come up, and avoid pushing them aside or changing the subject. If you do, he may think that you’re not ready or interested in tying the knot.

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  • Groovy.
    Groovy.  1 years back

    Im a guy and this is so true!

    • Groovy.
      Groovy.  1 years back

      Amy North subscribed and liked, keep it up!

    • Groovy.
      Groovy.  1 years back

      Amy North anytime!

    • Amy North
      Amy North   1 years back

      I appreciate your positive feedback, VortexYT! 💜 Thanks for watching! 😊

  • Mootsie m
    Mootsie m  3 hours back

    We been together for two year but not living together. Recently he moved out for his family’s house but hasn’t suggested we move in. He said we most likely will become mad at each other if we do move in together so he put that on hold. He says I am wife material and told his friends I am the one. Does that mean anything ? I feel like his word doesn’t match his actions. And is there any point staying with someone who isn’t planning to marry you?

    • Shikha Gupta
      Shikha Gupta  2 days back

      Plz tell me I had all the signs in my relationship for 2 yrs but suddenly he left me without communication and did arrange marriage within a month as his family was against our marriage but we knew this since beginning don't know what happened suddenly that he took this decision I just want to know how he forgot his love bcoz he was emotional guy and he could nt live for a min without me why he left me

      • terri williams
        terri williams  3 weeks back

        is true love real like if you meet someone and on the first day that y'all meet y'all start going out is that true love at first sight?

        • La La
          La La  3 weeks back

          Is this all bad if the relationship has only been 1-3 months?

          • Musku Ch Ch Musku
            Musku Ch Ch Musku  4 weeks back

            mam i m also in a ldr n we also fight alot can u plz give me any suggestion
            mam whenever we fight he always says i don't want to live with u bt when he cools down his anger then he is ready to fight with entire world for me mam plxx say will he stay with me or not????

            • Angeline Gavs
              Angeline Gavs  1 months back

              My bf never make any of these sign at all 😔

              • Yonge Barkatu
                Yonge Barkatu  1 months back

                We at times can't tell, my boyfriend got all this but I am afraid, a girl told me he is not who I think cuz they were dating and he got her pregnant and abandoned her, more so he denied it, I am Damm confused😥😥😥

                • Amy North
                  Amy North   4 days back

                  Honesty is very important in a relationship. How does he fare in my list?

              • leanne wilton
                leanne wilton  1 months back

                My boyfriend been showing all the signs but also my boyfriends siblings said

                So when are you and leanne getting married I want a sister in law
                Me: so cute can't believe they want me as a sister I'm so shocked

                • leanne wilton
                  leanne wilton  7 days back

                  @Amy North of course and I will make sure I press the notification bell too

                • Amy North
                  Amy North   7 days back

                  Thanks for dropping by, leanne wilton! :) Glad to know that he checks out. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep you updated on my new videos! ;-)

              • Cloris Tang
                Cloris Tang  2 months back

                Crappy that I feel that I want to marry him but he is not always entirely comfortable when I am around, he makes me dinners but not as much as I make him, I am his family but he hasn’t met my dad in person yet cause they live in China, we talk about future but I am always the one who bring it up cause I feel insecure. He made me very secure we started dating but now I feel like I love him more and I miss him more.. although I am not going to break it up as I used to do cause I feel like he is the one but I don’t know how to calm down and let him take charge cause I just can’t control my feelings for him.

                • Amy North
                  Amy North   4 weeks back

                  Thanks for watching, Cloris Tang! How long have you been together?

                • Yonge Barkatu
                  Yonge Barkatu  1 months back

                  That is how it is, they make us love them more and later start acting funny


                I love the video. Thanks


                  He don't want to live with me but am known to his family. Can it mean he is not ready for marriage now. I love him with all my soul.

                  • Amy North
                    Amy North   4 weeks back

                    It's hard to give a proper answer without more details. Generally speaking, he may have a lot of things going on. Did he give any other reason other than he's not ready?

                • Neha Singh
                  Neha Singh  2 months back

                  @amy north.. I find him.... I feel.. But i am with another boy in distance relationship... And know I am thinking how to end this distance relationship... Please help with ur suggestion...

                  • Amy North
                    Amy North   1 months back

                    Why not tell him the truth, Neha! :)



                  • Amy North
                    Amy North   1 months back

                    Thanks for dropping by and watching my video!



                  • Amy North
                    Amy North   2 months back

                    Thanks for watching, KEMYELLE ALI'MCKINNEY I STAND ACCUSED! :) I hope you find my video helpful. If it’s not too much to ask and if you haven’t done so yet, please like, share and subscribe to my channel to keep you updated on my new videos. I’d really appreciate your support!

                • Mikkey Constance
                  Mikkey Constance  3 months back

                  Very true dear, nice one

                  • happy happy
                    happy happy  3 months back

                    It's true

                    • JustFkn Jess
                      JustFkn Jess  3 months back

                      Love all of this but there's no "only you" as far as his eyes. I check out hot guys all the time and I expect my babycakes to do the same (with women or whichever he chooses) it's great to have that freedom to look. We both embrace it and share what we like and sometimes tease eachother. We've been married for 7 years 💜

                      • Sub To Pewdiepie aka God
                        Sub To Pewdiepie aka God  3 months back

                        I'm a single pringe
                        Why the faq am i watching this

                        • Luz Garcia
                          Luz Garcia  3 months back

                          GOD BLESS YOU

                          • Schuyler Alexander
                            Schuyler Alexander  3 months back

                            What if he’s been showing every single one of the signs for 2 years but still hasn’t asked. 🙄

                            • R P
                              R P  3 months back

                              I was laughing nervously, he does none of this...

                              • R P
                                R P  3 months back

                                @Eunhyuk_B.I._Mark_V EUNHAE i guess...but i just dropped all my expectations so as not to get hurt in the end. I will just just love him as time and circumstances will allow

                              • Eunhyuk_B.I._Mark_V EUNHAE
                                Eunhyuk_B.I._Mark_V EUNHAE  3 months back

                                It's different for everyone. I mean my sister's husband never met us until after they got married.

                            • Brittany Destiny
                              Brittany Destiny  3 months back

                              Lol my boyfriend nail them all!

                              • Martha Rodriguez
                                Martha Rodriguez  4 months back

                                Hi, I have been with my boyfriend for 17 yrs, engaged for 6 yrs, and he still doesn’t want to get married. He still has a 32 yr old daughter with 3 kids in his house. So I gave him an ultimatum.

                                • Deeksha Sardhalia
                                  Deeksha Sardhalia  4 months back

                                  Hii m in relationship and want to marry him

                                  • Rob
                                    Rob  4 months back

                                    MGTOW 2019...........

                                    • life begins at 40
                                      life begins at 40  4 months back

                                      My guy jokes all the time about marriage, I'm not sure that's a sign.

                                      • Amy North
                                        Amy North   2 months back

                                        That's actually a good sign! :)

                                    • Bianca Kandorozu
                                      Bianca Kandorozu  4 months back

                                      He had all this sign and still do tell me,but now we are in a long distance relationship. He cheated and impregnate the other lady. He denied it after birth he told me the truth. Now the girl is there with him at his place and apparently his family loves her and now I heard that he wants to marry him. The confuse part is he keeps tell me that he loves only me even though he did the biggest mistake ever and still wanna marry me and want to come to me. But now I'm not even sure whether he'll come. I told him for as long as he is far away from me his not mine at all. But his denying that. What should I do?

                                      • Amy North
                                        Amy North   2 months back

                                        It's hard to give a proper answer without more details. Generally speaking, it would be best to move on. Even if he comes back to you, his mind will still be occupied by the other party because of the baby and that will raise serious issues in your relationship. Plus the fact that he cheated.

                                      • Bianca Kandorozu
                                        Bianca Kandorozu  4 months back

                                        Meant wants to marry this other girl

                                    • Isatu Deen Kamara
                                      Isatu Deen Kamara  5 months back

                                      Thanks for the tips
                                      But my man has done all this for me, expect his eyes only for me
                                      He is a womanizer and dat scares me almost everyday

                                      • Amy North
                                        Amy North   2 months back

                                        Thanks for dropping by, Isatu Deen Kamara! :) Hope you find my video helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep you updated on my new videos! ;-)

                                    • Rachy
                                      Rachy  5 months back

                                      Hi Amy.
                                      5 out of 7... I guess this is OK 😍

                                      But, this part is kinda huge, I know he doesn't wana get married at any time soonish because he has a bad view of marriage (partly from his divorced parents and from some other factors including the huge expense for just the one day)!

                                      What's your advice?

                                      • Rachy
                                        Rachy  2 months back

                                        @Amy North cheers Amy :)

                                      • Amy North
                                        Amy North   2 months back

                                        Don't worry, Rachy! You'll get there soon! :)

                                    • Norie Queral
                                      Norie Queral  5 months back

                                      Why marry when after 2 years you will both get a divorce...

                                      • Amy North
                                        Amy North   3 months back

                                        That's a sad thought, Norie! Look at the bright side! :)

                                    • KEMYELLE ALI'MCKINNEY I STAND ACCUSED

                                      A REAL MAN SHOULD JUST BE DIRECT,


                                      • Amy North
                                        Amy North   3 months back

                                        Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts on the topic! :)

                                    • Marie Lim
                                      Marie Lim  5 months back

                                      He must has responsibilities, commitments & honest not just want to live with you together. ..if he is not responsible ..you have to take care n feed him for the rest of your life..ha ha correct me if I'm wrong..

                                      • Amy North
                                        Amy North   3 months back

                                        You're probably right, Marie Lim! :)

                                    • George Kemi
                                      George Kemi  5 months back

                                      Am confused please I need advice My boyfriend want us to get married but am not ready cause I don't have what it takes,yes I no he is financially fit to care for the family but I don't want to be a dependent wife cause I still have alot of dreams please guy tell me what to do

                                      • George Kemi
                                        George Kemi  3 months back

                                        @Amy North I did but he insists so we decided to wait a little Longer for me anyway thanks

                                      • Amy North
                                        Amy North   3 months back

                                        Why not tell him how you feel, George! I'm sure he'd understand and support you. :)

                                    • VêêR SîñhÃ
                                      VêêR Sîñhà 5 months back

                                      How can we differentiate between a liar girl or a loyal girl

                                      • VêêR SîñhÃ
                                        VêêR Sîñhà 3 months back

                                        Amy North
                                        Thanks dear

                                      • Amy North
                                        Amy North   3 months back

                                        A liar will always make excuses. A loyal person will be devoted. :)

                                    • Bana Potato
                                      Bana Potato  5 months back

                                      I want to marry my boyfriend, *but I’m 6*

                                      • Nathan Rapsang
                                        Nathan Rapsang  6 months back

                                        Will you marry me???

                                        • Amy North
                                          Amy North   4 months back

                                          Only if you introduce me to your mom! ;)

                                      • ChocolateHeartz
                                        ChocolateHeartz  6 months back

                                        my ex did all this but I had to leave him he was a shitty person.

                                        • Amy North
                                          Amy North   4 months back

                                          Don't worry, you'll find the right one soon!

                                      • anthony 35
                                        anthony 35  6 months back

                                        14 years together and nothing!!

                                        • Amy North
                                          Amy North   4 months back

                                          Have you ever discussed marriage, anthony 35?

                                      • Kate Ng
                                        Kate Ng  6 months back

                                        All of this i saw it it to my boyfriend and im so lucky to having you babe i love you much.

                                        • Amy North
                                          Amy North   4 months back

                                          I'm glad to know that he hits all the signs. If it’s not too much to ask and if you haven’t done so yet, please like, share and subscribe to my channel to keep you updated on my new videos. I’d really appreciate your support! ;)

                                      • KEMYELLE ALI'MCKINNEY I STAND ACCUSED

                                        I NEVER RECEIVED THIS.. I HURT INSIDE
                                        I'MA. I WAS LIED ON
                                        I HURT BEHIND🚪BABE IS HURT💔STORM IS UPSET AND HURTING "HURTING"💣
                                        I AM UPSET😭😢

                                        • Amy North
                                          Amy North   5 months back

                                          I'm sorry to hear that, KEMYELLE! Don't worry, things will get better.

                                      • Agnes Mayolla Aiman
                                        Agnes Mayolla Aiman  6 months back

                                        I was in love with my man before 3 years... But our love succeeded only for 10 months.... He stays in another city... What surprise shall I give him on his birthday??? I mean he's staying far away from me.. What surprise shall I give him on his birthday?? We are not in a relationship now but I still love him..

                                        • Amy North
                                          Amy North   5 months back

                                          Have you considered visiting him? That'd be the best surprise. :)

                                      • Life Of A Dancer
                                        Life Of A Dancer  7 months back

                                        JB doesn't wanna marry Hailey

                                        • S Soloff
                                          S Soloff  7 months back

                                          I am a kid and this boy wants to kiss me and marry me to

                                          • laurie329808
                                            laurie329808  7 months back

                                            I know my man wants (& plans) to marry me.

                                            We're long distance (he currently resides in Pennsylvania & I currently reside in Hawaii) but he's planning to come for a visit tentatively in February (during Valentine's Day week or so), and we just may start trying to start our own little family at that point (we've already agreed that we both want 2 kids, hopefully a boy & a girl).

                                            While I've not gone to visit him in Pennsylvania yet (so I've yet to meet mom (his mom) or my future sister in laws, his sisters) I'll be doing that eventually, as I plan on leaving Hawaii & moving to the East Coast (whether we stay living in Pennsylvania or not). His dad, my future father in law, passed away in 2015, but I feel like (& I mentioned to my man & showed him proof of it) that I believe Dad (his dad) has accepted me into their family as his future daughter in law already.

                                            My phone's alarm clock app, has this thing on the clock where (& didn't notice this until about a day or so before I took the pic) that it shows the time in Hawaii (at that time it was like 3:32 pm) & right below it, it shows East Coast time (it was 8:32 pm at the time) and right below 8:32 pm it says, "Home 5 hours ahead".

                                            I showed that pic to my man, and he was almost stunned, and was like, "I think someone is trying to say something from beyond the grave." & I said, "who? You mean Dad (meaning: his dad)?" And my man was like, "Yeah".

                                            Needless to say, I was sending a big thank you up to heaven (to his dad), & was like, "If that indeed is you welcoming me into your family Dad, thank you." 😊

                                            And yes, while my man has already proposed (& I said, "yes") I don't have a ring yet, but we're planning on going ring shopping when he comes to visit (tentatively in mid-February, around Valentine's Day week 2019), and he's already said that he can't wait to officially "put a ring on it", which has me all sorts of excited, as I already know that I'm on "lockdown" for life, and I most definitely don't mind. 😁 Our anniversary is August 7, 2018, and while we've been Facebook friends for nearly 4 years now (as of next month), we've only officially been together for 4 months now.

                                          • Kisakye Debbie
                                            Kisakye Debbie  8 months back

                                            Thanks dear

                                            • Cristina Gahol
                                              Cristina Gahol  8 months back

                                              What if he's really want me 1st. getting pregnant before marry?what your advice for me?

                                              • SAROJA THAKUR
                                                SAROJA THAKUR  8 months back

                                                Thank you my dear. Ur videos help me a lot understanding my partner better. And loving him more