• Published: 11 July 2019
  • I almost got myself into a really bad situation....

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    Hi! I'm Sam and I'm a professional hairstylist from Pennsylvania. Here on my channel I post a variety of videos related to beauty and my life in general. I love teaching and inspiring others, whether that's through a hair tutorial or an advice video.


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  • LovedHappy
    LovedHappy  12 hours back

    That’s so sick and horrifying. I’m so glad you were safe and he was put away. I hope he got a LONG time. I’m glad you shared so other women can be more aware.❤️🙏🏻

    • Anna Fröjdh
      Anna Fröjdh  19 hours back

      Omg... 😳

      • Samantha Constanza
        Samantha Constanza  1 days back


        • Amy Flowers
          Amy Flowers  2 days back

          It’s really sad that the “ new normal “ is to go to a strangers house! I dont care how well the conversation is going.. you don’t ever go to a strangers house! Get to really know the person a little at least! Look you think it’s so innocent but it would not have been so innocent.. your such a beautiful girl ! Don’t ever put yourself in that kind of situation! It’s like the start to every scary movie lol! Have fun! But be safe! When the restaurant or bar closes maybe it’s just time to go home that’s the safer route! You can always meet up again and get to know the person better! I know I’m a mom lol. But iv been there done that! And in my experience it doesn’t end well.. just be Extra careful! Ladies and gentlemen! Cause people be so weird and scary these days! Lots of love to you All! Xoxo 🧡🌺

          • Amy Flowers
            Amy Flowers  23 hours back

            Sam Vay I totally agree 🌺

          • Sam Vay
            Sam Vay   1 days back

            Amy Flowers I totally agree. But I wouldn’t say it’s the “new normal” ... It’s been super common for decades for people to have one night stands and go home with strangers. The difference now is that we meet people online first and it seems we live in a much more dangerous world compared to 30-40 years ago. And unfortunately, even after you get to know someone, they can still be dangerous! You just always have to be smart and safe no matter what and always listen to your gut!!

        • Adil Draws
          Adil Draws  2 days back

          Online dating is very risky.

          • Ashleys Twist
            Ashleys Twist  3 days back

            I love all the story times! Yet another amazing video!!!🧡😄

            • sillysandy123
              sillysandy123  4 days back

              You look like Kylie Jenner 🥰

              • Nesreen Habbas
                Nesreen Habbas  4 days back

                Wish I had you as an older sister! You give such good advice!

                • J Ray
                  J Ray  4 days back

                  This is why I don’t trust anyone 😩 I’m glad you never met him irl.
                  I have a family gc and my location is always on too, I’m paranoid.
                  I would never go to someone’s house after just meeting them, I probably would have when I was a teen but not now lol

                  • jocelynroca28
                    jocelynroca28  4 days back

                    Thank God your okay! This video is sooo good!! I'm happy you shared your safery tips with us! It's really good that you and your friends came up with those safety ideas. I'm gonna shared them with my love ones. Again Thank You! Your the best ❤

                    • Ashlynn McGovern
                      Ashlynn McGovern  4 days back

                      Hey girl! Love your videos from Pennsylvania 💜💜

                      • rockerchick6168
                        rockerchick6168  4 days back

                        That is so freaky! I’m glad you didn’t go. Him asking to meet at the last minute is a little odd, and sounds like he had an agenda. I met my husband on our first date at a meeting point before our date and he offered to drive me there, and I was nervous about it. But my mom also had a picture of him and his name and where we were going. Then later on he asked me if I wanted to use the bathroom at his apartment, which also concerned me. I kept thinking, what if he’s a serial killer? Lol I was lucky but yeah you really just never know.

                        • dev0n james
                          dev0n james  4 days back

                          he sounds like a white guy.

                          • dev0n james
                            dev0n james  8 hours back

                            @Ellie E. how am I being stereotypical?

                          • Ellie E.
                            Ellie E.  8 hours back

                            dev0n james maybe u shouldnt be stereotypical sooo.....

                          • dev0n james
                            dev0n james  4 days back

                            @Sam Vay well it's still white male behavior..sooo...

                          • Sam Vay
                            Sam Vay   4 days back

                            Actually, he's not.. sooo...

                        • Abby Lesjak
                          Abby Lesjak  4 days back

                          “ something small like a DUI “ ... 😦

                          • Chuck
                            Chuck  4 days back

                            LMAO, just hilarious! Over whelming majority of women are sexual predators! Most girls have BODY counts high then a professional hitman. Most women got more strokes then a old diesel engine has miles on it. And most women have had their fun zones be rezoned to be biohazard zones from the STDs. Most women ride the cock carousels, chase paper dreams, wait for prince charming to their 30s! Come your 30s, you get to meet the wall, and its undefeated. There are no good/ nice/ smart men looking for you! You made yourselves Toxic to be in a relationship with, dangerous to be around, and plain high risk. With over 50%+ men out of the dating game and more so in the younger generation of men, theres only a few types of men bothering to look at you. You women are left with the bad boys who are going to use you as the public sperm toilet and come your 30s, hes gonna replace you for a younger you. Because lets face it ladies you have always out #ed men, now over 50% of men are out of the game, those few guys willing to play, know theres mile long lines of women waiting to ride the ride! 85% of your life choice routes lead to you becoming and staying single in your futures! FYI = Men are replacing you with other things in mass #s from video games, porn, work, realistic sex dolls, hobbies, hentai, anime, and the list goes on and on!

                            You ladies are your own bad situations/ worst enemies. You make bad life decisions daily on repeat! Only women could find a way to weaponize marriage and kids. I 100% support womens rights to remain Single independent career working women living in your apartment tombs with only your netflix subscriptions and cats to comfort you to your graves.

                            • ha' az mat
                              ha' az mat  8 hours back

                              Mine's worse. Once, I almost dated a YouTuber, stopped her from pursuing her dozen-cat destiny, and made her dumpster fire into my dumpster fire. I just unsubscribed from this channel so hard. Chuck thanks for speaking out!!

                            • Chuck
                              Chuck  3 days back

                              @Shara Assad - You have brought me to my knees with that comment! My dignity is shattered, my self respect has reached a new low, and i am certain your god OLAF or whatever will punish me. All hail the Free Public sperm toilet!

                              You suck at man shaming and liking your own post makes you look stupid and desperate for someone to give you approval like a dog! LMAO

                            • Chuck
                              Chuck  3 days back

                              @Claire Lewis - Women are Attention Whores, constantly needing to say something to defend themselves or someone they know, get the last word in, or flex their pretend brain musculus. You can always tell how much a woman matches a description by the shear # of replies, when they try to start correcting grammar/ spelling, man shaming, and are just unable to come up with a basic logical rebuttal to any part of a argument !

                              TY Claire, Looks like everyone knows how much you fit my description now. Your positivity bubbles are popping, reality is setting in, and chances are high that you will be single independent women to your graves! Because lets face it come your 30s, the wall hits hard and is undefeated, and all routes lead to you becoming and staying single independent women in your apartment tombs!

                            • Shara Assad
                              Shara Assad  4 days back

                              Obviously an incel

                            • Claire Lewis
                              Claire Lewis  4 days back

                              @Chuck Lmfao you're a loser bye

                          • PeechieMeechie11
                            PeechieMeechie11  5 days back

                            Anytime a guy is like let's meet right now it's the biggest red flag ever

                            • Amy Flowers
                              Amy Flowers  2 days back

                              PeechieMeechie11 yes! I totally agree! That never a good idea! 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

                            • Sam Vay
                              Sam Vay   4 days back


                          • sandy California
                            sandy California  5 days back

                            That’s scary 😩

                            • Blanca W
                              Blanca W  5 days back

                              Damn girl! You really dodged a bullet! Thank God you had that gut feeling that something was off and you stayed home. More people need to listen to that feeling, I've found it never leads me wrong. That's very good advise about sharing your location and sending all the info to a girlfriend. Very smart!

                              • Maria Mia
                                Maria Mia  5 days back

                                Ok so she knew those rumors but didn’t tell you the first time?

                                • Sam Vay
                                  Sam Vay   1 days back

                                  Maria Mia true!

                                • Maria Mia
                                  Maria Mia  4 days back

                                  Sam Vay still if someone asked you about someone you heard that about wouldn’t you maybe tell them?? Lol I would!

                                • Sam Vay
                                  Sam Vay   5 days back

                                  I think she just thought he was a player in high school, and since nothing came of the rumors, she just assumed they were just rumors.

                              • Aisling Finnerty
                                Aisling Finnerty  5 days back

                                Kylie Jenner vibes 😍

                                • Colette McMillan
                                  Colette McMillan  5 days back

                                  ok this story is crazy but your blush.... so CUTE!

                                • jasmine secret
                                  jasmine secret  5 days back

                                  OMG!!!! You were lucky!! omg!!!!! that's creepy and scary! wow!! thanks for sharing.. 😊this can save others from making such mistakes. 😊 i want an update about ur current relationship and see him on ur channel 💞 whenever ur ready though❣ love you 💜

                                  • nybsbfan18
                                    nybsbfan18  5 days back

                                    U dodged a bullet, Sam.

                                    • Nicole Ramirez
                                      Nicole Ramirez  5 days back

                                      i’m loving the blushy cheeks on you! 😍

                                    • Sonja Freeman
                                      Sonja Freeman  5 days back

                                      I'm so glad you didn't meet up with him the night before he left!

                                    • Jennifer Lozada
                                      Jennifer Lozada  5 days back

                                      I loveeeeee ur blush looks so
                                      Good on you like that !!

                                    • Courtney H
                                      Courtney H  5 days back

                                      GIRL what blush are you wearing

                                      • Sam Vay
                                        Sam Vay   5 days back

                                        "No Vacancy" by Colourpop

                                    • Shannon Stacy
                                      Shannon Stacy  5 days back

                                      Hi! Your face makeup looks great what blush are u wearing?!Thanks😊

                                      • Sam Vay
                                        Sam Vay   5 days back

                                        Thank you! "No Vacancy" by Colourpop

                                    • Ely Caamal
                                      Ely Caamal  5 days back

                                      Love your story times!

                                      • Sabrina Faith
                                        Sabrina Faith  5 days back

                                        holy shit this is insane

                                        • Yaima verdecia
                                          Yaima verdecia  5 days back

                                          Girl you dodged a bullet😮. What lipstick are u wearing?

                                          • Sam Vay
                                            Sam Vay   5 days back

                                            It's an Ofra liquid lipstick in "Pasadena" - it's pretty old though, so I'm not sure if it's still available

                                        • Chick FilA
                                          Chick FilA  5 days back

                                          Wow 😳 so grateful you weren’t that women! Be careful out there... there’s so many mean ugly people.

                                          • Alessandria Taylor
                                            Alessandria Taylor  5 days back

                                            Omgg I remember this.. he ended up getting life in prison. So crazy thank god you avoided that whole situation

                                            • Madison L
                                              Madison L  3 days back

                                              @Cher Horowitz Omg what a freaking CREEP! I'm so glad he is in prison for life now

                                            • Cher Horowitz
                                              Cher Horowitz  3 days back

                                              @Madison L His name is Seth Mull. He was 30 and living in eastern PA with a friend at the time he was caught.

                                            • Madison L
                                              Madison L  3 days back

                                              I think I heard about this too! Was the guy Kyle Hilliard? That's who I heard about. So freaking terrifying 😱

                                            • Sam Vay
                                              Sam Vay   5 days back

                                              GOOD! I actually hadn't kept up with the story, but I just looked up the most recent articles now. I didn't even realize how much he had actually done!!! It's crazy!

                                          • Kate Sally
                                            Kate Sally  5 days back

                                            I'm so glad that you are safe. That is a very scary situation. I just wish that every body could be safe. 😔

                                            • Sam Vay
                                              Sam Vay   5 days back

                                              Thank you! Me too!!

                                          • MsBeautyLatina
                                            MsBeautyLatina  5 days back

                                            Staaaahp!!! I know exactly who u r talking about one of his charges was SEX TRAFFICKING!!!!!

                                          • Chelsea Caton
                                            Chelsea Caton  5 days back

                                            Please (if you haven't already) talk about long distance relationships 😊

                                            • Nicolasahhh
                                              Nicolasahhh  5 days back

                                              I’m loving your story times girl! Did you ever have any girl drama or crazy friendship stories?

                                              • ♡ Ashley Elyse ♡
                                                ♡ Ashley Elyse ♡  5 days back

                                                OMFG!!!!!! You dodged a bullet.
                                                That poor girl. Just goes to show if it doesn't work at first.... Just leave it alone. I feel so bad for her 😞. That's so scary. Bastard

                                                • Laura Christina
                                                  Laura Christina  5 days back

                                                  Ummm Kylie Jenner vibes HELLO. 😍🔥 what blush is that? Gorgeous

                                                  • Sam Vay
                                                    Sam Vay   5 days back

                                                    Thank you! It's "No Vacancy" by Colourpop

                                                • Chiquita_ Xo
                                                  Chiquita_ Xo  5 days back

                                                  That is such a scary situation sam! Omg can you imagine if you where like " yeaaa fuck it mood " and would of met up with that dude at 10 😭

                                                  • Chiquita_ Xo
                                                    Chiquita_ Xo  5 days back

                                                    @Sam Vay amennn gurl!

                                                  • Sam Vay
                                                    Sam Vay   5 days back

                                                    I KNOWWWW!!! I think about that a lot. Thank god I didn't!

                                                • Kairy Fuentes
                                                  Kairy Fuentes  5 days back

                                                  What lipstick are you wearing? It’s so pretty!

                                                  • Sam Vay
                                                    Sam Vay   5 days back

                                                    Ofra liquid lipstick in "Pasadena"

                                                • Jesse Hollis
                                                  Jesse Hollis  5 days back

                                                  Oh HELL NO 😟😟😟

                                                  • Veronica Gutierrez
                                                    Veronica Gutierrez  5 days back

                                                    Sam, it's very unfortunate this happened to a bunch of girls, but so glad it didn't happen to you. Always stay safe. 🤗

                                                  • Irene Bernard
                                                    Irene Bernard  5 days back


                                                    • Insight of Samantha
                                                      Insight of Samantha  5 days back

                                                      Can you make a vid on how you made your back drop!?

                                                      • Sam Vay
                                                        Sam Vay   5 days back

                                                        It's actually just a photography backdrop I found on Amazon. Just search for "photography backdrops" - the actual stand and the backdrop fabric itself should both come up on the first page!

                                                    • Husainatu Barrie
                                                      Husainatu Barrie  5 days back

                                                      I clicked so fast

                                                      • Wifetype BBgrl
                                                        Wifetype BBgrl  5 days back

                                                        First comment!

                                                        • I Am Because of YOU
                                                          I Am Because of YOU  5 days back

                                                          I’m here as usual❤️❤️❤️

                                                          Omg Sam you have to becareful, because this world isn’t safe!