• Published: 11 June 2019
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Comments • 17

  • dudaduda99
    dudaduda99  4 days back

    When you stop looking you will find love

    • LemansSunset350
      LemansSunset350  1 days back

      This sounds ideal but it most often doesn’t happen like that. many people find they significant while looking and “trying” to find someone. Online dating is the norm now and many people find love online as well.

  • misshellokittynerd
    misshellokittynerd  5 days back

    This was so entertaining to watch! Thanks for filming & sharing! My gf and I want to go to one in SF 😊

    • Ella
      Ella  5 days back

      My boyfriend said he considered speed dating before he met me. And he’s a real catch! He’s becoming a surgeon and he’s not arrogant for someone who is. But weirdly I still feel like most guys who go to speed dating are probably not going to be attractive. I feel like he would have been the exception. I feel like dating apps are more likely to show u cute guys over speed dating

      • Dolsie Mercado
        Dolsie Mercado  5 days back

        It is nice that you went with someone to the event. He could give you feed back on how the women treated him.
        Normally, if a European or Canadian company is hosting an event you will see a lot of Indian men or French. If the drinks were not paid for by the event that means the organization did not go through the hotels concierge/planner. It will be unorganized.
        I am glad your friend and you had a great time.

        • wasabiimenace
          wasabiimenace  5 days back

          You should have wrote down Alan lol so that you won't be contacted by any of those planning to go to speed dating with my best guy friend too in philly! We are going in august though...

          • Jerlyn Phan
            Jerlyn Phan   5 days back

            Haha it was super fun! I hope you have a good time!!

        • Stacey98761
          Stacey98761  5 days back

          I am glad you had fun doing the speed dating. I did that but online. I was a nervous reck. Also fyi..Indians are considered asians too.

          • Stacey98761
            Stacey98761  5 days back

            Jerlyn Phan Good be honest I was schooled that info a couple of years ago about Indians being asians too. Oh, how i felt so stupid. Lol anyways I cant wait how your next experience goes. Have a great day!

          • Jerlyn Phan
            Jerlyn Phan   5 days back

            I was nervous in the beginning but it was fun!! &yes I know Indiana are Asian as well but I was trying to describe a different ethnicity :) which was the easiest way to explain the situation

        • Sharp Mc Teague
          Sharp Mc Teague  6 days back

          I really enjoy listening to you talking. I hope you'll post more often this summer, I'm sure there are tons of stuff you'll want to share with us.

        • Sarah Miller
          Sarah Miller  6 days back

          So there is a mycheekydate event in my area...I want to go but all of my friends are taken. Would it be awkward to go alone?

          • Jerlyn Phan
            Jerlyn Phan   5 days back

            Depends on your personality. If you’re more extroverted then you’ll be fine. It’s fun but if you’re more shy and an introvert, you probably don’t want to go alone :) 💕💕

        • Amanie Johal
          Amanie Johal  6 days back

          omg, this is such a good vlog idea, didn't even know I was interested in hearing about speed dating until this vid :o

          • AleenaSF California
            AleenaSF California  6 days back

            More daily vlogs pleaseeeee!!!!!! ❤️❤️🙏🏼😘

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