People share red flags which they ignored during dating before marriage


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  • zoe
    zoe  2 hours back

    i hope that girl with the asexual husband realizes that leaving someone due to sexual incompatibility is not a bad thing...

    • Fillia A
      Fillia A  6 hours back

      6:55 lmao the dude should've just told her outright that he's an Ace. Glad things are working out for them tho

      • Anya Sterling
        Anya Sterling  16 hours back

        I never understand why women get married and then drop out or quit working. If you want to be a trophy wife then be upfront and honest about that. Don't trick a guy into it. It's messed up.

        • BunnyOfDeath !
          BunnyOfDeath !  2 days back

          It sounds like the guy who’s not into sex may be ace. Makes me happy that the relationship worked out!

          • Sassy Satan
            Sassy Satan  2 days back


            • Autumn Rain
              Autumn Rain  3 days back

              Happened to my mom. My dad was so different when they were dating. She was miserable until she died. 😢

              • Kimberly Skene
                Kimberly Skene  1 days back

                I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you're okay

            • KatzyKins
              KatzyKins  3 days back

              Oh <3 the asexual husband story is really cute <3
              I'm glad they both worked at it <3 ;w;

              • Jasmine Lav.
                Jasmine Lav.  3 days back

                That last story are the ones that scare me - the abuser who can hold it in until they slap a ring on it. The ones who fit in perfectly and are amazing partners, while secretly trying to trap you into marriage or having kids because it'll be harder to leave.

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                  Marriage is a waste of money and mental health.

                  • Reddit Girl
                    Reddit Girl   4 days back

                    Watch my last video, I will make you change your mind :)

                • bobekfpj
                  bobekfpj  4 days back

                  4:20 I facepalmed, dude, DUDE. People have zero self respect, "I wanted to see if my foot fit into it", yes, sure or maybe some dude was pulling it off after the deed and throw it into the trash, what is more likely?
                  Even when he knew for a fact he was trying to get back together - some people really do it to themselves, if you dont have any respect for yourself, dont expect anyone else have it for you.

                  • Stephanie Mitchell
                    Stephanie Mitchell  4 days back

                    8:37 Wanderuststricken, this is called covert incest. There is no actual sexual contact, but there is often sexual innuendo that makes the child uncomfortable, and a demand for a level of emotional intimacy that children aren't equipped to provide, and this does very serious damage to kids that grow up in that environment. Especially boys. They tend to become porn addicted, with deranged fetishes, have low opinions of women (which they hide, since they "love" their mother, so they must inherently respect women... they also think themselves superior to other "bad" men that would harm their mother, and they could never be like those dirty men... although they're much worse indeed). Most importantly, covert incest prevents kids from developing healthy intimate relationships as adults. Your children are not your substitute spouses, and if you demand that they care for your emotional needs, they have no chance to develop nor care for their own. No child should be privy to their parents sexual and/or emotional life. Take it to your friends or therapists. Unless, however, you're a psychopath that genuinely wants to destroy your child's capacity to have a healthy intimate relationship of their own someday. Then, by all means, f*ck them up with your clingy, sexually charged, needy b*llsh*t.

                    • EvergreenJessie
                      EvergreenJessie  4 days back

                      If you are staying in a relationship (especially an abusive one) "for the kids", DON'T! It is not worth it and the kids know everything going on. I remember when I found out my parents were getting divorced.
                      My older sis, brother and I were walking home from the bus stop when my sis said "oh, and by the way, mom and dad are getting divorced", without even thinking about it I said "finally"!

                      Oh, and don't say you were willing to stay in an abusive relationship for the kids. They will think it is their fault that the abuse was happening!

                      • Spencer Brown
                        Spencer Brown  4 days back

                        Should have checked the condom for semen.

                        • Leelz247
                          Leelz247  4 days back

                          I had the same red flag in my most recent relationship as the story at 6:19. In my case however, I did break it off. We never had sex in a 15 month relationship and I'm not going to masturbate solo for the rest of my life. Not having kids made it easier to leave, but yeah, I felt guilty and shallow.

                          • aye aye captain
                            aye aye captain  4 days back

                            Lmao id totally put my foot in the condom😂😂

                            • J C
                              J C  4 days back

                              I hate military wives who always nag about being a military wife and especially that say “me and my husband served”

                              • Anonymous Lee
                                Anonymous Lee  4 days back

                                3:16 I hope he got video evidence and got police involved. She should go to jail for that. If there was any justice, she would be sent to men's prison.

                                • monica rodrigues
                                  monica rodrigues  4 days back

                                  Observe how his/her interactions with close family are. Especially in his/hers parents house, that is pretty much how, in time, they will interact with you when they become "king/queen of the castle".

                                  • Sakura Ashita
                                    Sakura Ashita  3 days back

                                    Not necessarily. I have pretty bad relationships with both parents but it's because both are controlling and at least one has known mental health issues and I think the other probably does too. Like I'm not saying I'm a saint, but there's a difference between being a generally shitty person and one who is unwilling to take abuse. A lot of people are in the latter position and it can be hard to tell if you aren't there all the time.

                                • vk flynn
                                  vk flynn  4 days back

                                  For the lady who is married to the man who has no interest in sex, unfortunately there is no name on the post. My husband is exactly the same. He was into sex when we first met but it soon fizzled out after we were married. I asked him why this happened and he said that he loved me and knew that what what I wanted so he did it, but he really didn't have a great interest that. It caused a lot of arguments and unfortunately I did end up cheating and got found out. He forgave me and we worked through it. He has turned out to be the most wonderful man any woman could ask for. I know that when he wakes up in the morning, his first thought is, "how can I make her happy today?" His entire life is centred around giving me everything I want. We have now been married for 35 years and a funny thing has happened. About 6 years ago, I noticed that he was initiating more. It's now got to the stage where we are having sex probably 3 or 4 times a week. Not bad considerering there were times when we were having sex 3 or 4 times a year. But if something happened, and he went back to how he was, I wouldn't mind. He had given me the most wonderful life.

                                  • vk flynn
                                    vk flynn  4 days back

                                    @Editorknowsbest many thanks

                                  • Editorknowsbest
                                    Editorknowsbest  4 days back

                                    vk flynn That’s wonderful that things have come full circle for you two. I wish you both many more happy years together.

                                • Alann Regino
                                  Alann Regino  4 days back

                                  Now I’m just going to these videos to write down these to just be safe

                                  • toomuchtime
                                    toomuchtime  4 days back

                                    Mom in supper creepy

                                    • Erika Wagner
                                      Erika Wagner  4 days back

                                      Haha the first story, he just wanted BAH fam. Fuckin boot

                                      • TheUselessbuthappy
                                        TheUselessbuthappy  5 days back

                                        Tag chasers are the worse.

                                        • kh22912
                                          kh22912  5 days back

                                          My boyfriend is not really that into sex but the thing is, he is fantastic in every other way.

                                          • Autumn Rain
                                            Autumn Rain  3 days back

                                            kh22912 well, it could work if sex isn’t that important to you. Sex is not important to me so being fantastic in every other way sounds awesome to me.

                                        • Out of The Hat
                                          Out of The Hat  5 days back

                                          Some people just don't want sex, and it only reflects poorly on your desirability if you're a jerk who tries to pressure then into sex anyway. Asexual people exist.

                                          • laura beth Belcher
                                            laura beth Belcher  5 days back

                                            Kids, if you think your parents are staying married for you and it's a bad situation, say something. My mom stayed with my dad for way too long. At 12 years old, from the backseat of my Aunts car with my mom, we went cruising the bar parking lots looking for my mom's car. From the backseat I said, "hey mom, maybe it's time for a D-I-V-O-R-C-E." She filed that week I think. Some moms really just need to know the kids are on board with it. My mother has told me that she has met quite few other women who left at the suggestion of the kids.

                                            • laura beth Belcher
                                              laura beth Belcher  4 days back

                                              @Eggs Benedict Things can be different, that's the beauty of it. We can learn from our past and set higher life goals for the future.

                                            • Eggs Benedict
                                              Eggs Benedict  4 days back

                                              laura beth Belcher im in the same shoes as you my dude. Theyve always been together cos of me and never really liked each other. Now theyre separated and im living with me mum. I still wish things were a bit different

                                            • laura beth Belcher
                                              laura beth Belcher  4 days back

                                              @manager-nim Agreed! I was so happy when my Mother actually did it! I was the youngest and the one that was closest to my dad. I loved him, but I had zero love for him watching my mom attempting to find her car in the middle of the night so she could go to work in the morning. Moms sometimes really need to know that if they leave they aren't breaking the kids hearts, but instead showing her boundaries.

                                            • manager-nim
                                              manager-nim  4 days back

                                              Yeah, usually the parent think their kids don't see the distress and think they're happier with both parents under the same roof, but they usually wake up when their kids tell them it's okay to think about their sanity

                                          • Lhamo Fitzsimons
                                            Lhamo Fitzsimons  5 days back

                                            Asexuals watching this...
                                            We feel his pain.

                                            • air-headed dork
                                              air-headed dork  2 days back

                                              @manager-nim theres a big chance that he didnt even know what asexuality was, and that he would be more into having sex with her as time passes.

                                              This is why visibility is important :<
                                              At least im glad they worked it out!

                                            • manager-nim
                                              manager-nim  2 days back

                                              @AangelKataang still, it's not right to hide that from a person who's going to spend the rest of their lives with you, it's like hiding the fact that you have a whole family from them and they didn't know until after the wedding, it's scary yes but in this case the right thing must be done, and if your partner really loves you they'll compromise for you

                                            • AangelKataang
                                              AangelKataang  2 days back

                                              Pfff. As an asexual it’s not easy to just be honest. Of course it’s the right thing to do. But it’s pretty damn scary. Sex is a big deal for a lot of people, and falling in love isn’t easy. People still don’t fully understand asexuality. It’s easier to try to force yourself to have sex just to stay with the person you love, because sometimes being upfront with them might end up in a break up.

                                            • manager-nim
                                              manager-nim  4 days back

                                              He had many chances to let her know about this before they got married, it could've mentally prepared her and would've saved them a lot time and money

                                            • Stephanie Mitchell
                                              Stephanie Mitchell  4 days back

                                              I don't. There's nothing wrong with being an asexual, but he should have told her his aversion to sex before they married. It's much like sexual orientation, or gender identity. You don't get married to someone without coming clean about how you really feel regarding things like sex, politics, children, etc.

                                          • VanityDivined
                                            VanityDivined  5 days back

                                            7:14 transition. You da best

                                            • Irishdragon 100
                                              Irishdragon 100  5 days back

                                              Number 342 to like and number 41 to comment

                                              • Tim Parker
                                                Tim Parker  4 days back

                                                THATS FUCKING INCREDIBLE BRO 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯😍

                                            • Jess Ess
                                              Jess Ess  5 days back

                                              My partner and I have been together for 3 and a half years. We lived together for 6 months and recently moved back into our own parents home.
                                              We are now engaged and looking st buying s house together 😊
                                              We lived together to find out things we didn’t know until we lived together. Now we know it all & are getting married 🥰

                                              • Tester Wulf :3
                                                Tester Wulf :3  5 days back

                                                That one person seriously needs to sit him down and explain how creepy is for his mother to want to see him naked, flirt with him, and be over all clingy and a jealous mess.

                                                • Evermore Online
                                                  Evermore Online  4 hours back


                                                • Tester Wulf :3
                                                  Tester Wulf :3  3 days back

                                                  @cat I think it's just straight up incest

                                                • cat
                                                  cat  4 days back

                                                  Tester Wulf :3 emotional incest

                                              • jj62024
                                                jj62024  5 days back

                                                The guy not wanting sex....hes probably gay....

                                                • Lee Art
                                                  Lee Art  4 days back

                                                  Reddit Girl nope. He’s ace

                                                • Lhamo Fitzsimons
                                                  Lhamo Fitzsimons  5 days back

                                                  @Reddit Girl Asexual actually

                                                • Tester Wulf :3
                                                  Tester Wulf :3  5 days back

                                                  He just doesn't like sex..meaning he's asexual. How come when someone shows no sexual desire people go "oh they must be gay"? Asexual people exist..

                                                • Vyana Onnin
                                                  Vyana Onnin  5 days back

                                                  He's probably asexual

                                                • SquipedHamilfam Chandler
                                                  SquipedHamilfam Chandler  5 days back

                                                  I thought he was asexual

                                              • Stephanie Long Clark
                                                Stephanie Long Clark  5 days back

                                                Yep! I took a nap, woke up to soooo many missed calls and texts accusing me of cheating because he got jealous that a male friend from high school commented on a FB post, where he got into a huge verbal fight with same friend via messenger. We ended up getting back together, got married, had a child, have now been separated for 8 years because he refuses to sign the papers after having many MANY false police charges filed against me and having the living shit beaten out of me on multiple occasions. So now I need to save to hire a new attorney to file a contested divorce that he can't fight.

                                                • Eureka Mreum
                                                  Eureka Mreum  4 days back

                                                  Please be safe!

                                                • Lucy Kaede
                                                  Lucy Kaede  5 days back

                                                  Can't believe he did all those to you. Stay strong and goodluck.

                                              • ShaeƧΉΛΣѕнαє Annalese

                                                Lifehack: Don't get married. Allimonies are expensive.

                                                • Tsunami Garcia
                                                  Tsunami Garcia  5 days back

                                                  Im so sad that the media doesnt normalize asexuality, because clearly (at least in my interpretation of it), that was one of the cases in this video. Asexual people deserve love and a fully functional and healthy relationship. It isn't always about sex, and the construct of sex being mandatory in a relationship is so wrong and sad that it leaves people with the feeling of not being enough for somebody and being broken. This system is broken, so we should help fix it

                                                  • Eimyrja Ukkonen
                                                    Eimyrja Ukkonen  4 days back

                                                    @Lee Art I at least couldn't imagine being in a relationship with someone who never wants sex and if he has sex it's not because he also wants it but because he feels obliged to do it in some way. Sure, you can masturbate, but it's just not the same... So it would be a red flag for me.

                                                  • Lee Art
                                                    Lee Art  4 days back

                                                    wolverineminer not really. Nothing wrong with the man. Nothing wrong with the woman. Just that one didn’t want sex and the other wanted sex. And they worked something out and now they have more appreciation for each other.

                                                    I am an asexual.

                                                  • wolverineminer
                                                    wolverineminer  5 days back

                                                    It's a red flag as far as being a sign they're incompatible.

                                                  • Tsunami Garcia
                                                    Tsunami Garcia  5 days back

                                                    @Valerie Lynn i completely agree. I wasn't trying to make it seem like she was wrong, we are sexual beings after all, i just wish that it wasnt viewed as a bad thing that your partner doesnt wish to engage in sex. And because it is so normalized that people have to have sex, it is seem as wrong when someone doesn't want it. That's what i meant. She isnt wrong for wanting to have sex, i just wish it wasnt a "red flag" in her relationship, because to me, it isn't.

                                                • plixie1
                                                  plixie1  5 days back

                                                  I heard this from a blind and deaf wise man, he called me over and said I notice you are going from jewelry to jewelry store in the mall, i said yes i got a special lady. He told me thats great, but "if they cheat with you, they will cheat on you"

                                                  • Sean MacDonald
                                                    Sean MacDonald  5 days back

                                                    Red flags I ignored before getting engaged:

                                                    (1) First, I met her when she was married (though her husband was deployed in Afghanistan, so they were sort of separated). We hung out together as just friends. In fact, she even made it very clear over dinner one night that she was married and that our relationship would never be more than just friends . And I was okay with that (since that's how it had to be). Then, as we hung out more and more together, she started trying to seduce me. As we'd watch movies on her couch, she would lie her head on my shoulder and I had to repress the desire to put my arm around her. Then one night as she was leaving my apartment she gave me a very passionate kiss out of nowhere. At first, I was happy but then I had to stop her and say "This is wrong. We can't do this." As time went on, she started talking more and more about how unhappy she was with her absent husband. But it was weird. When he came back home from Afghanistan for like a week, they went browsing for houses to buy. Then, after he was gone, she was back to talking about divorce. And then one night, she seduced me and I couldn't resist (though just oral, not actual intercourse). And after that, we were lovers. I still felt bad about it, but she showed no signs of remorse. In her mind, she had already moved on past her husband that she hadn't divorced yet.

                                                    This should have shown me that she didn't take relationships very seriously. She would dump someone as soon as she found someone new to play with, though she wanted to seem like she was a respectable woman. She did at least go through the paperwork to get an actual divorce and only then did I feel comfortable being her lover. But then, I was her next victim as, after we got engaged, she dumped me for someone else (three months before the wedding).

                                                    (2) Another warning sign was that when she moved from her apartment to the house I bought for us, she had an aquarium full of fish that she had JUST bought recently. She decided just to flush the fish so she wouldn't have to move them. Yeah, they're only fish, but she purchased creatures just so she could kill them even though it would have perfectly simple to transport them instead (the house was just a couple of miles from her apartment). This should have been a red flag. She has no compassion for others, being willing to kill them if it made her life even the slightest bit easier. But, hey, I ignored it because, well, sex.

                                                    (3) One of her favorite stories from high school is the one where she beat up a guy. In her mind, it was probably some sort of "female empowerment" moment, but I saw it as just a violent sociopath being gleeful that she got away with violence in a society where she might have been viewed as an underdog. It wasn't a "I have to save someone so I have to resort to violence" moment, it was a "I didn't like what he said about someone, so I beat him up" moment.

                                                    Later, she was literally (not figuratively) diagnosed as being a sociopath.

                                                    • manager-nim
                                                      manager-nim  4 days back

                                                      Crazy people are usually good at sex, that's how they distract you from their true self and get to manipulate you easily

                                                    • Eureka Mreum
                                                      Eureka Mreum  4 days back

                                                      That fish part actually traumatized me

                                                    • Tester Wulf :3
                                                      Tester Wulf :3  5 days back

                                                      So your relationship was basically lust and not much more..and she was crazy and cold. That's rough, dude.

                                                  • Hollow Inside
                                                    Hollow Inside  5 days back

                                                    5:52 This type of shit really pisses me off. Plenty of guys just don't like sex. But many people react to this on a personal level. They can't comprehend that somebody might just not want to have sex, and can't seem to respect that choice either. The worst people are the ones whom pressure you into sex because not having sex is insulting to them (e.g. if you don't wanna have sex with them, they must be supremely unattractive). I myself am asexual, so regardless of anybody else's input, I don't want sex; doesn't mean people aren't pretty or whatever, doesn't mean I feel any attraction whatsoever. But plenty of straight guys also just don't want sex and it's pretty shitty that anybody would feel resentment or insecurity over that fact.

                                                    • Hollow Inside
                                                      Hollow Inside  5 days back

                                                      @jj62024 The point is that it goes both ways. Rather than communicate her needs she got resentful at her partner for not liking sex. If you require sex in your relationship, or if you don't like sex, these things need to actually be communicated.

                                                    • JenamDrag0n
                                                      JenamDrag0n  5 days back

                                                      @Lucy Kaede There are also asexual girls.

                                                    • Lucy Kaede
                                                      Lucy Kaede  5 days back

                                                      True that there are asexual guys out there. The girls just take it as something personal since sex is sort of a way of expressing love. If a girl feels insecure, it's because she feels or thinks that the guy doesn't love and want her.

                                                    • jj62024
                                                      jj62024  5 days back

                                                      Then dont gey married because sex is like a pretty big chunk of tge relationship.....or at least tell ur partner what you are...

                                                  • n00bfish
                                                    n00bfish  5 days back

                                                    That ‘foot-in-condom’ explanation was so smooth, I would be fooled too.

                                                    • bobekfpj
                                                      bobekfpj  4 days back

                                                      well I would ask her to do it now, with the same one and see her reaction.

                                                    • Leelz247
                                                      Leelz247  4 days back

                                                      I would ask the person to try it on in front of me just to so "I could see too" and then watch them cringe or make another excuse because its actually filled with sperm.

                                                    • spookyNoodles
                                                      spookyNoodles  4 days back

                                                      Monie Princess the guy said it was before smartphones, so it’s reasonable that she didn’t send a pic. she’s a hoe tho

                                                    • ghost245353
                                                      ghost245353  4 days back

                                                      What does it mean?

                                                    • Monie Princess
                                                      Monie Princess  5 days back

                                                      If they really did it they would’ve sent a picture. At least I would’ve that would be funny asl

                                                  • mimi lune
                                                    mimi lune  5 days back

                                                    i hate how some people have to stay with an abusive piece of shit for the kids....its really awful...

                                                    • mimi lune
                                                      mimi lune  5 days back

                                                      @JenamDrag0n at least we are stepping forward !

                                                    • mimi lune
                                                      mimi lune  5 days back

                                                      @JenamDrag0n yes that is true

                                                    • JenamDrag0n
                                                      JenamDrag0n  5 days back

                                                      @mimi lune I would add a caveat that while most people know abuse in a relationship is not normal... it can be difficult to recognize abuse, especially mental and emotional abuse since there's no *physical* sign, for those who've never experienced or witnessed it.

                                                    • JenamDrag0n
                                                      JenamDrag0n  5 days back

                                                      @sleazybtd Having grown-up in an emotionally- and mentally-abusive household myself, I'd say it's more like... as bad as it is, it's something we know how to deal with because we learned the coping mechanisms for it early.

                                                    • mimi lune
                                                      mimi lune  5 days back

                                                      @sleazybtd yep...its so unfortunate....but am glad things are starting to change, at least most peoole nowadays know abuse in a relationship is not normal

                                                  • Clara Kolterman
                                                    Clara Kolterman  5 days back

                                                    I feel bad for that one girl who married an asexual guy without realizing it. Glad their marriage is improving!

                                                    • Flame Panda
                                                      Flame Panda  2 days back

                                                      @Jasmine Lav. How is he the bad guy again?
                                                      He didn't really want to have sex but he didn't mind it and would if his wife wanted to have it.
                                                      When she realised he just wasn't super into sex (as opposed to uninterested in her or cheating on her), they then worked out that kink in their relationship and had a healthy relationship.
                                                      It's extremely likely that the guy didn't even know that asexuality existed, and thus couldn't fully explain his suitation.
                                                      The wife could have possibly hid her worries from him, it isn't specified.
                                                      The husband probably couldn't have explained it if he tried.
                                                      He didn't lie, he just didn't know how to word it, and thus even if he tried comforting her, she would come away with an incorrect conclusion of what he meant.
                                                      I can't claim to know anything at all apart from what OP said, but if I had to guess I'd say he did care about her feelings.
                                                      OP also said that her husband was the 'brainy, awkward, introverted' type, meaning that (surprise surprise) he was probably bad at interacting with people and/or expressing his emotions and/or feelings.

                                                      ..that probably sounds a bit agressive, sorry. I'm just confused at how you came to the conclusion you did.

                                                    • Autumn Rain
                                                      Autumn Rain  3 days back

                                                      Lee Art I’m more on asexual side too. To be fair to, I just don’t date so the guy wouldn’t be disappointed

                                                    • KatzyKins
                                                      KatzyKins  3 days back

                                                      I don't think the guy really knew either ;w;
                                                      It's a shame, but I'm glad they're still trying <3

                                                    • Jasmine Lav.
                                                      Jasmine Lav.  3 days back

                                                      @Lee Art He's actually kind of the bad guy here. He can't help who he is, but that's why you need to be honest about it from the beginning. He lied for years and just let her suffer so he doesn't have to have sex anymore, only thinking about his wife's feelings on the matter once things reached breaking point.

                                                    • Lee Art
                                                      Lee Art  4 days back

                                                      Marsara Captain

                                                      *Oh fuck I’m homoromantic too guys oh fuck I didn’t mean ThAT*

                                                  • Laverne Blaszczyk
                                                    Laverne Blaszczyk  5 days back

                                                    ....I've put my foot in a condom before lol lol good times

                                                    • India Shep
                                                      India Shep  5 days back

                                                      Never be with someone that's okay with hurting you and shows zero emotions.

                                                    • SSGSSJ5 MUI
                                                      SSGSSJ5 MUI  5 days back

                                                      Top comment is gay

                                                      • Laverne Blaszczyk
                                                        Laverne Blaszczyk  5 days back

                                                        Bottom comment is even gayer

                                                      • Ruby Rootless
                                                        Ruby Rootless  5 days back

                                                        Comments being like "yeah, here is this crucial tip for your love and happiness" and then there's that

                                                    • Barbwirepain
                                                      Barbwirepain  5 days back

                                                      My cousin got back with her ex and married him even after he said while they were broken up he had a gun pointed at her head and was ready to pull the trigger until their son came out and gave her a hug. He's currently in prison for burglary, and she's trying to get a divorce, even after he said if she left him he'd kill her

                                                      • Adarcus
                                                        Adarcus  4 days back

                                                        I am really really really hoping she makes a clean and permanent getaway from him. 🙏🙏🙏

                                                      • Melekthegamer Durusoy
                                                        Melekthegamer Durusoy  5 days back

                                                        This is why people aren’t supposed to date ex’s who were about to kill them

                                                      • Reddit Girl
                                                        Reddit Girl   5 days back


                                                    • Internet in a Nutshell

                                                      That's rough being someone's trophy and used solely for internet points and looking good in society.

                                                      • cs45933
                                                        cs45933  4 days back

                                                        That’s pretty much a decent amount of relationships in the military.

                                                      • Gabriel Aderre
                                                        Gabriel Aderre  4 days back

                                                        Yeah I spent a year being a trophy boyfriend. A Stepford boyfriend really. It was all cool at first. When all I did for him and with him, was just me trying to give him my best. Once it all became expected, then demanded, then not enough, things went downhill quickly. The man that I was with for just shy of ten years , I'd left because the drug habit that he had when we met, became a problem impossible to ignore, over the years. I tried all that I could to get him to get help.. So when I finally had to leave as I knew of no other way to help him, I quickly began to blame myself.. Thinking that of Id been better, sweeter, more attentive, better at keeping a clean comfortable house, more submissive, that maybe he'd not wanted to be wasted every day.. So, I decided that with the next one, if there was a next one, that I'd do it all "right." I started out with the best intentions, and ended up being abused and cheated on. Not that I minded the cheating by the time that I found out! Hell! I'd have given his crazy ass money for gas and condoms, if I'd known! As sick as it is, I still love the guy in a way, and hope that he gets his act together before he ends up living a completely sad and lonely life... It all worked out for me though! The guy that I was with for nearly ten years, went and got help about 8 months after I left. He then got to fulfill some of his dreams.. Working as a chef at some of the resorts in major national parks, and then backpacking across the U.S.. We got back together after being apart for a few years. Although we remained close and in regular contact through most of the time. He did his thing. I did mine. We got back together several years ago, and got married last month. 🙂

                                                      • B. Tisdale
                                                        B. Tisdale  5 days back

                                                        Honestly, I've encountered quite a few relationships maintained along those grounds. Not in the traditional sense of a trophy, but in that lot of people seem to think you're *supposed* to be in a relationship, and thus they see maintaining one, whether it makes them happy or not, as a respectable accomplishment in itself.

                                                      • ShaeƧΉΛΣѕнαє Annalese