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  • Brian Abisdid
    Brian Abisdid  6 days back

    So dating is hard because you have too many options? Wtf is this shit.

    • Ricardo Gordon
      Ricardo Gordon  1 weeks back

      There is no struggle for attractive women the struggle is their for unattractive men such as my self who have been written off

      • Kawhi's burner account
        Kawhi's burner account  1 weeks back

        holy shit girl, you're a mess. Please check your privilege; you're going around living where you want, you go around with 'choices', but get mad when the ONE guy you think is 100 doesn't think the same of you. Who the hell do you think you are? you're no-one, you're wasting time, your beauty will fade, your youth will be over in a min TRUST me on this. Go for the substance, you dumb idiot.

        • Nastya Garochina
          Nastya Garochina  1 weeks back

          Register lovve24.site

          • Erik Rodriguez
            Erik Rodriguez  2 weeks back

            We live in two different worlds. Your question is "how do I choose?", mines more like "why I haven't been chosen?". haha I guess it's probably different for girls on tinder.

            • Marshawn Hughes
              Marshawn Hughes  2 weeks back


              • Jessica Winterrose
                Jessica Winterrose  2 weeks back

                Yes this video has all the questions I have in my head. So relatable. When it come to guys I feel like I’m not taken seriously or feeling like something wrong with me or Like I just don’t understand how you go from just talking to a guy you like to being in a relationship with that guy you like.

                • MikeWhoCheese Harry
                  MikeWhoCheese Harry  2 weeks back

                  30% of men has already replaced women with video games and porn, They're just waiting for sex robots. Why are women hellbent on being replaced?

                  • Justin Schechter
                    Justin Schechter  3 weeks back

                    28 years old, never had a gf

                    • Connor Blair
                      Connor Blair  2 weeks back

                      23 years old, autistic and ADHD, only had 1 (high school 2010). haven't had one since, glad i havent had one since, especially the way girls treat guys and sad, there were some cute ones in high school but didn't have the courage or confidence to ask them out due to fear of being rejected. i don't really bother now anyway since i gave up on dating and have my favorite hobbies (Xbox, F1 and Wrestling). apologies for long rant. :)

                  • Lou Cypher
                    Lou Cypher  3 weeks back

                    There’s a simple solution to both our problems with regards to dating; you and me go out together. Oh wait, forgot, you wouldn’t even look at me unless I have money. Wait, wait, I do have money, a shit ton of it, I just choose NOT to part with it, with women who want nothing but money! Bingo!

                    • Fred Flinstone
                      Fred Flinstone  3 weeks back

                      OMG... like .... maybe ,like.... you should learn how to ....like ...dress and act like a modest, old fashioned lady.
                      Your pretty but are you wife material? (Respectful, kind, loving, careing, unselfish, giving etc )
                      Make a change and you will succeed......., start with putting some clothes on and acting like a modest, sweet, respectful LADY.
                      Why would a good man want to marry a trashy looking, selfcentered, drunken, disrespectful, strong woman of today? This kind of woman isnt trustworthy and is prone to divorce! yeah men are attracted to your figure and all the skin you are showing but in a lustfull way!!!!
                      You may want to forget everything modern, strong women of todays society has taught you, such as how a woman is superior to man.
                      If you get lucky and a real man gives you a chance .... treat him like a king, be EXTREMELY respectful and put his wants and needs way above yours ...... then he will fall in love, take care of you and make you happy.

                      • Perry Wang ZULU WARRIOR

                        I can answer some of what you said. Because I am older 35. When I was a young man around 20 to 25 I felt I can live forever and eventually I will be happy because I will have everything , pretty girl, car, job and house. But as I became older I realized nobody can live forever and life is very short!
                        I do not want to hurt you in any way, but what I’m about to say is hard truth, at least from my experience. Most man will find women most attractive around age 16 to 25. After 25 then she declines every year. A 30 year old plus women with kids, is a desperate female especially if she have no partner!!!! Because most man don’t want to be with a women who have kids and they do not want to take care of another mans children!!! I hope what I say does not offend you, but I also feel you are emotionally strong enough not to be psychologically damaged by what I just said!

                        • Ricardo De Levante
                          Ricardo De Levante  3 weeks back

                          I'm not trying to be rude. I think that you need to grow up. You make choices every day. You sound like a person that has a lot of choices but doesn't want to choose. You sound afraid. What you will notice is that as you get older, your options will decrease; not just in dating, but in life in general. I think you should put more effort into taking active choices and taking actual risks. When you say yes to something, you say no to something else. That is the way life works. Being disappointed is normal and good, it means that you are doing something right. You are trying to get what you want; if it wasn't painful then it would cost nothing and it would have no value. Those are the rules of the game, you can choose not to play it, but only those that play get to win.

                          • Marvin Buckely Jr
                            Marvin Buckely Jr  4 weeks back

                            Everyone in modern days are always trying to find shortcuts for everything so they dont know the meaning of commitment. This is the result of it, all stressed out too busy wondering what was the fundamentals of life. But really see how simple she thinks? No effort. Her, 'oh they made a app for this? Fuck basics. -click-

                            • That Boy From The Boot
                              That Boy From The Boot  4 weeks back

                              It's the whole expecting men to do all the work that turned me off to dating. My time, effort, $ and energy are valuable as well. If you don't do your fair share, don't expect me to do all the work. Period.

                              • JOEL LAVALLEY
                                JOEL LAVALLEY  1 months back

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                                LOVE YOU LONGTIME

                                • Robert Maxa
                                  Robert Maxa  1 months back

                                  Serious, may be a strong word, but if I meet someone, we hit it off, I expect to get to know this person, and get familiar with their likes, dislikes, interests, etc, first. If we decide that we're going to have sex, I expect us to be monogymys, period. Nothing else is acceptable. In this day and age, anything goes. I have a problem with this.

                                  • PortfolioPL
                                    PortfolioPL  1 months back

                                    I had 4 dates over the course of a few weeks recently and all vent ok, one was really good for me. All 4 girls said they would like to go on a second date and then all four of them had ghosted me. It does not get to me, I get that they have changed their mind or whatever, but they could not spare 10 seconds to send a message shows how cowardly they are. All of them around 35 so it isn’t like their personality is still not solidified.

                                    • J B
                                      J B  1 months back

                                      My problem is I keep getting these hot model type chics and I'm able to sleep with them but then I guess they get bored or whatever and move to someone better. Dick size has absolutely nothing to do with it either. They love it for awhile but still not enough for a long term. But I just can't settle for average. I get bored and move on. No win situation haha

                                      • J B
                                        J B  1 months back

                                        Damn you fine natural shit

                                        • Philidor News
                                          Philidor News  1 months back

                                          God, so many red flags right there. If only people told you stuff like that right away so you wouldn't have to waste your time with them..

                                          • Marn A
                                            Marn A  1 months back

                                            People do not know how to be natural anymore. How to be authentic. Real human. Everybody wants to be "somebody" or "something" or "famous" or ... you get the picture. We should learn how to be normal human beings again. Behave naturally. Act naturally. Have normal healthy values. Start families. Make babies. Go slow. Learn. Have realistic expectations. Work for it. Go slow. Don't rush into it. Learn while you go. Think before you act.

                                            • Mike Tran
                                              Mike Tran  1 months back

                                              Here’s the thing, men do not get rewarded for committing. Successful men will keep dating until we find a reason to commit.

                                              • Discovering Parallel
                                                Discovering Parallel  1 months back

                                                Grow up!

                                                • Daryl B
                                                  Daryl B  1 months back

                                                  It's the pump and dump Tinder/Instagram instant gratification generation and you brought it on yourselves. How many decent potential life partners have Coco and her ilk dumped on her hypergamous journey so far? Always searching for a higher value partner from the 200/day offers in their inbox to point they can no longer pair-bond or make a life decision. They always choose the top 5% Chad who is frequently mating with many women of his choice without commitment. At some point, they get sick of the endless free dinners and expectations and dead-end Chad dates at which point they go back looking for the nice beta guy with the good job that would have been invisible to them the past decade. The beta guy thinks he's met his princess. A great actress, little does he know she is damaged goods, she gets bored easily, always dreaming of deserving something better. One day a few years later after locking in the next guy she's monkey branched to, she announces she is just not happy and wants a divorce and now it's off to the family court to spilt his assets. This is not quite my story but I have witnessed dozens like it. They bring nothing to the party but want the world. Men engage high mileage princesses at your peril. Ask yourself how many sexual partners have they had before you came along. Whatever you think the number is, multiply it by three. Hint, if they are highly visible on social media, abort, abort, abort!

                                                  • T J
                                                    T J  1 months back

                                                    I thought you'd talk about expectations of dating😞

                                                    • deangelo taylor
                                                      deangelo taylor  2 months back


                                                      • Pep
                                                        Pep  2 months back

                                                        Fall in love with Jesus, find some one who loves Jesus, All your problems solved ❤✝️🙏👑

                                                        • Pep
                                                          Pep  2 months back

                                                          Uv never looked better x

                                                          • Alex
                                                            Alex  2 months back

                                                            You shouldn't ever ask yourself whether there is someone out there who is prettier or funnier or whatever, because the answer will always be "yes". All you should ask yourself is "Does this person make me happy?" If that's the case, then why would you ask for more?

                                                            • Arnold A. Lampel
                                                              Arnold A. Lampel  2 months back

                                                              "...you have so many people under your thumb..."
                                                              WRONG. Social media only makes you THINK that. But you do NOT have them and you never will.
                                                              And that is exactly the reason why most women today are dumber than most man in that regard! Men can look at pretty girls in a porn clip, admire them for a minute maybe, but they DO know that they will never have them.
                                                              Women are getting off over likes and followers and all those internet profiles and really believe Captain Saveahoe is out there waiting for just them :-D
                                                              By the time those women hit "the wall" and start to contract wrinkles it's no more quarters. Because all the good men are either spoken for OR as it becomes more and more common: They just don't care about dating those witches anymore and rather enjoy the fruits of life ;-)

                                                              "...if I only had the potential partners from my town..."
                                                              So? That's how it's been for hundreds or thousands of years. It worked, of course you would have to adjust your expectations to reality ;-)

                                                              "...enjoying to be single. I can do everything I want and have all the freedom..."
                                                              Yes. That's cool in your 20s and 30s. But after that it'll get harder and probably more on women than men. For millions of years men have always been more the drifters, hunters, gatherers - even when they were part of a family. Women have been the one in the close social relationships mostly with kids. The comfortable lifestyle from tha past 20yrs will not outweigh a million years of evolution in psychologic behavior.

                                                              "I'm going to delete all my dating apps"
                                                              -Probably the smartest move in your young life so far :-D

                                                              • Muhammad Nadeem
                                                                Muhammad Nadeem  2 months back

                                                                Nice beautiful

                                                                • ian vandermey
                                                                  ian vandermey  2 months back

                                                                  i think u hit the nail on the head, focus on having fun, make friends, join a community, and (this i have trouble with) manage expectations. looking at every interaction from the stand point of he/she could be a friend could stop the emotional rollercoaster. seeing bf materal everywhere u go can be devastating, specially if some of those guys have a bf.

                                                                  also it might help to map out all previous lovers see what your type is, a flip the script. you never know what could happen.

                                                                  • marshawn. holmes
                                                                    marshawn. holmes  2 months back

                                                                    Seriously, you need to watch the movie bedazzled. Guy makes a deal with the devil for the perfect woman only to find every situation he's in is rigged and useless. Your chasing shadows. You got less than 5 yrs....make it count. ONLINE PROFILES ARENT WHO THEY ACTUALLY ARE!!

                                                                    • Xavier Ju
                                                                      Xavier Ju  2 months back

                                                                      Social media is an escape goat. Social media is not the issue. If you're worried about social media then that means the person you're interested, spends to much time on it. There are enough people in the world who barely use it.

                                                                      • Josias Sena
                                                                        Josias Sena  2 months back

                                                                        There is a Pastor who said, YOU WILL MARRY THE WRONG PERSON, don't get confuse in this statement, he is saing that YOU never are going to meet your perfect mate, you have to build that person until he/she is your perfect mate, as so he should do...
                                                                        Here is the video...

                                                                        • John Griswold
                                                                          John Griswold  2 months back

                                                                          I am a high functioning autistic boy I have been bullied by gangs and cheated and scammed by five girls and now I am being mistreated by my mom sister grandma and uncle at home with me not having a job ny friends or a girlfriend to go to! And college will never be for me and will not go to college! I guess I'll just become homeless! I dont know what to do anymore! Pray for me! :(

                                                                          • Eric S
                                                                            Eric S  2 months back

                                                                            I live in Los Angeles ! you should come visit !ill show you around town.

                                                                            • Travis Waring
                                                                              Travis Waring  2 months back

                                                                              I need to get the Infinity stones and snap away all cellular devices

                                                                              • baba Burnweedsan
                                                                                baba Burnweedsan  2 months back

                                                                                If u know your gas stinks..i heard she will come to u.

                                                                                • Alex Amor
                                                                                  Alex Amor  2 months back

                                                                                  This is me, approaching girls during pickup. I don't easily get girls 'cause I'm an asian in Belgium/the Netherlands but when I do get someone that likes me because of confidence then I feel like there is a better fit as a partner out there. Yeah, I'm not very attractive in looks but not only goodlooking people have this problem. Mgtow's just don't have abundance so they're happy with settling for the first girl they connect with.. This is why we live in a generation of cheating and divorce because people don't take the right fit as a partner, they choose too quickly.

                                                                                  • Mike Price
                                                                                    Mike Price  2 months back

                                                                                    Yep dating sucks. I'm a college grad working 10 yrs now success. No gf, no dates. I'm in a rural area, but no excuse bc everyone else is doing something bc babies constantly appear!

                                                                                    Apps, sites, lack of morals, including drugs seem to have distorted everything. Not to mention, a lot of people are still stuck in the past here in the south about white and blacks being a no go which really sucks.

                                                                                    Ill be turning 35 here soon and dread the thought of obtaining a pre-made family Having step children to raise better yet already grown! It's tough and I just don't know what to do...

                                                                                    • non non
                                                                                      non non  2 months back

                                                                                      You want more out then you put in and only a idiot would do such. Either get real or accept being a one night smash because no man gives a shit if you cant find enough simp orbiters in 2019 anymore.

                                                                                      • Sterling Lowery
                                                                                        Sterling Lowery  2 months back

                                                                                        🕹In the dating game, as soon as we leave, memories slowly fade, and new flirtations arise. 📺

                                                                                        • Bernard Evan Natividad
                                                                                          Bernard Evan Natividad  2 months back

                                                                                          I got an advice for you, quit being a narcissistic slut.

                                                                                          • Seaker24
                                                                                            Seaker24  2 months back

                                                                                            You have a good heart. The right one will come. I wish you many blessings.

                                                                                            • Seaker24
                                                                                              Seaker24  2 months back

                                                                                              If you find someone you are attracted to and they have the same feelings you work at it. I'm a lot older and I find the same, everyone is distracted and always looking to trade up. And in most cases it is not a trade up, it is the inability to stick with something and work at it. My parents had issues but they loved each other. They worked at it.

                                                                                              • kramer911
                                                                                                kramer911  2 months back

                                                                                                I hear your problems but its hard to feel bad because guys have it worse.
                                                                                                at least all women can have a healthy sex life, actually get matches and have people who seem attracted and interested in you on the apps.. and believe it or not.. all 7,000 of those matches on your list arent all looking for sex, a lot want relationships too.
                                                                                                Guys usually have to pick from the bottom of the barrel of 3-4 matches a month, with single mothers and fat girls and they have overinflated egos and withhold sex etc.. nightmare
                                                                                                the amount of options hurts men more than women because women are naturally pickier.. now they get even more picky with dating apps and social media.