5 Unusual Signs Your Man Is Into You!


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  • Spooky Spectre
    Spooky Spectre  3 days back

    I have to disagree with you on the one where he doesnt introduce you to his friends. Your explanation makes no sense. Every guy in the past who liked me did, and the ones who just wanted sex didn't. Men arnt that complex in that respect

    • Gina Wilhelmsen
      Gina Wilhelmsen  4 days back

      Oh my goodness, I think my friend is into me!! <3
      But I'm also in love with him :3

      We hold hands, we give each other alot of hugs (our hugs are long), he's holding his arm around me while my head is relaxing on his shoulder (he "forced" me once. He asked if it was ok and I said yes. Since then we do it alot).
      When it comes to friends, we have alot of common friends, so there's no need for him to introduce me to some of his friends. We send each other hearts and we do say that we miss each other if we haven't seen each other for more than a week.

      And no, we are not in a relationship. I don't dare to tell him either...

      • Air Fusion
        Air Fusion  1 weeks back

        Can someone answer this for me. The guy I like said he is fat and I told him "have you even looked at me" and he said "Wdym I look at you everyday" I'm so confused, someone help

        • Tania Richter
          Tania Richter  2 weeks back


          • Gabrila Medina
            Gabrila Medina  2 weeks back

            Young Beautiful & Old empowering Boss.. Freaks and tricks ..lol old dirty 🐕

            • baileyspack
              baileyspack  2 weeks back

              This revived me! Thank you soooo much! My man is into me...🙌

              • GOLD-ZILLNNEMPEROR
                GOLD-ZILLNNEMPEROR  2 weeks back

                .Thanks Matt yOu are awesome and your staff!!!, so ..You are right.. this amazing guy (btw he is introvert) "go under" playing mysterious -"pulling" strategy after he got me with his "over" approach..SO WHAT IS THE RIGHT FEMININE RESPONSE? ..to make our interest and love relationship to each other get deeper, more intimate, sort of giving him certainty ( in light of committing longterm for each other)...when our man start acting for a period of time this "under" approach???..I got tired sometimes..he will pull or play hard to get( I know He is into me)..like he will agree to talk when i respond/offer to his subtle requests for days/ weeks of asking me "if i want to talk over the phone or video" but when I agree for phone/vid call date (LDR) .. ((note that he knows I went out the night prior to this, he didn't ask Q about and just close the convo by saying "K have fun"?...,He agreed to talk the next day (night to him, morning to me) but))---He ditched me next day..I called 3x and text said it will be the last reaching out,, and then suddenly he text within a min. , gave his apology and said "I love you..I was late coz I told my friend about you"..i can't accept it told him to at least send me a short txt to cancel our appt..he ditched and wasted my time BTW this is 2x he did it to me though the rest he is always present and communicate (chat ) at least 1-2x a day . everyday....What can u say about this scenario.????? .BTW he has all the signs of a great guy and someone who is really in love and committed, someone who is best match in lasting marriage and relationship..but he is in err to this phone date 2x already I am really pist....He initiated to meet this June but i bargained JULY since I am very busy that month He agreed...He said before that he wish he can make us exclusive now though we haven't met yet but then he also gave a feedback that we have to be realistic, to keep my dating with other guys open for the reason being "what if" when we met it is possible we may fit or not fit to each other" he said I may could have missed someone that could be greater than him that may fit better..it got me confused.. i do not know if he is testing me or he really meant it..coz from OCT to present these are not what I see in him "he wants to have a relationship with me"..but I keep it under conditional status since I told him that sweet talks and LDR are just thoughts..I will only believe when I see him fly over my place (WE PHYSICALLY MEET)then I will believe that he is serious..--so these are our background story.

                • Shijila Afsal
                  Shijila Afsal  2 weeks back

                  Bogs how to make man happy
                  When he is sad

                  • Rachna Anand
                    Rachna Anand  3 weeks back

                    You have explained it so beautifully. Yeah it happens

                    • Αμαλία Καπούτση

                      Hello from Athens Greece......Matthew. ...i know someone who does all of the five points you've mentioned...ALSO All of the six points you stated in another video regarding if he's having a crush.......This Last one ....IN this video here was again dead on.....He tries the under reacting....Being mysterious and intriguing etc......SO I guess he likes me eh?...........anyways .....time Will tell....by the way you are so cute in the way you describe and discuss these pointers.......Sincerely Emily

                      • wendy stephens
                        wendy stephens  3 weeks back

                        That was really interesting and its also very much the same theory for people who i work with not following through.

                        • Sally Va
                          Sally Va  3 weeks back

                          I mean obsessed

                          • Sally Va
                            Sally Va  3 weeks back

                            My boyfriend said he is bossed with me,does he really. In love with me

                            • Lindsay Finn
                              Lindsay Finn  3 weeks back

                              I’m just a complicated person and clueless when a guy likes me, I don’t Pay attention because I start acting weird

                              • Fatima Leonardo
                                Fatima Leonardo  4 weeks back

                                Lol “man-ray vision” 👓👓

                                • BKLNHobo
                                  BKLNHobo  4 weeks back

                                  Not sure about #4. What he might be trying to hide by not introducing you to anyone could be the fact that he's already married or in another relationship.

                                  • Karen Huggins
                                    Karen Huggins  1 months back

                                    Thanks Matt.  I've been divorced for 2 1/2 years and ready to date.  I've met someone I think is pretty special and really wanted to find out if he digs me as much as him.  I'm laying back and waiting for him to make moves but need to know what I can do that will not push him away.  Looking forward to more of your videos.

                                    • Tina Leeth
                                      Tina Leeth  1 months back

                                      What are you watching? A show
                                      Hmm that was awkward

                                      • Pr3ssPl4y
                                        Pr3ssPl4y  2 months back

                                        That first segment is so true. I've forgotten my name on occasion when being awe struck by a gorgeous women.

                                        • Geneva Livingstone
                                          Geneva Livingstone  2 months back

                                          In to me...yup
                                          He gives a little more of himself each time we get together. He respects my boundaries in a very large way. Plus he compliments went from the usual stuff to much smaller things he notices about my character....
                                          Since we don't spend a tonne of time together or texting it seemed like he wasn't that into me. So interesting...

                                          • Linda Cannings
                                            Linda Cannings  2 months back

                                            please do any one have any answers to this one i like to know thanks

                                            • Linda Cannings
                                              Linda Cannings  2 months back

                                              I know im in to a great friendship with this older man he ask me where are you i say home whe i ask him a question he dont respond i get up set and sayd im not tonque tied then he skips away for awhile but i know i had enough of his silence so i blocked him then a week later i un block him theres no conservation what so ever i think he found a lady friend but he dont send me messages like he used to any more i im laying low now thats not a man why dont he come out of his shell for once and say what hes hiding we have been friends for 2 years but i now ecnore him but he send me a message 1 day ago how are you for me i dont answer him finish with his games

                                              • ydasda42
                                                ydasda42  2 months back

                                                I think about you and other coaches when it comes to those who deny male and female; i.e. there's no difference. Male and female energy is undeniable. Maybe that's why a transgender male will marry a transgender female. One cannot deny that energy.
                                                Thank you for your videos. ❤

                                                • lora wyrick
                                                  lora wyrick  2 months back

                                                  Very TRUE! Great Video! My Man did ALL of these, Lol

                                                  • Tammy Rios
                                                    Tammy Rios  2 months back

                                                    He brings up sex a lot but also wants more

                                                    • Fun Videos
                                                      Fun Videos  2 months back

                                                      This guy is describing complete idiot guys. Avoid any guy who behaves like that.

                                                      • JULES C
                                                        JULES C  2 months back

                                                        I feel like if they were into you, you wouldn’t have to search this up.. 😢...

                                                        • Aeshma
                                                          Aeshma  2 months back

                                                          1. my boyfriend was super awkward when we first talked on the phone, he barely talked and in chat he only said "ok" LOL. he was so nervous
                                                          and then he started just randomly complimenting me saying my soul is beautiful and im beautiful LOL.
                                                          2. we def do that, show each other new bands, i want to do shit with him he likes etc. i wanna do gardening with him tho i hate gardening
                                                          3. he didnt pressure me at all into sexual things, tho he was rly sexual with girls before me. and he said its because he immediately thought i was perfect and wife material, unlike any girl hes ever met.
                                                          4. i have no idea if he does, but he told me they called me hot. so i think he probably doesnt want me to meet them then LOL
                                                          5. he still does that after 1 year. he plays guitar shittily for me, slaps his ass. whatever embarrassing and stupid thing he can do LOL.

                                                          • a b
                                                            a b  2 months back

                                                            Focus more on these signs at 2:27 , 3:17 and 7:12..... 🤨🤔The 1st on at 0:39 happens when u have just started dating and the 4th one is at 5:15 is contradictory .... doesn't work with 98% of men out there so ladies please don't get confused with what is in the video.... and step forward with caution....

                                                            • Beanz Burrito
                                                              Beanz Burrito  2 months back

                                                              Your friend sounds manipulative af. Mystery is fine but not one first dates. If they are interesting they shouldnt have to try.

                                                              • Alesya Kach
                                                                Alesya Kach  2 months back

                                                                "Have I looked into space enough" lol

                                                                • Lisa McGrath
                                                                  Lisa McGrath  3 months back

                                                                  Thank you Matt

                                                                  • Catarina P
                                                                    Catarina P  3 months back

                                                                    when my man invited his friends to get in a pub where we were he was SO happy after they left he just said like "see that was so cool, now you met my friends" (in the most excited way possible), after that he started to be very touchy and kissing me a lot (when he never does it in public). However I dont think he is into me...

                                                                    • WindowOfFantasy
                                                                      WindowOfFantasy  3 months back

                                                                      I do really enjoy it !
                                                                      thanks for video ! it makes us learn more about others brains ! OuO they are so interesting !

                                                                      • etera2011
                                                                        etera2011  3 months back

                                                                        5 unusual signs your guys is into you:

                                                                        1. He's awkward
                                                                        2. He allows you to influence him
                                                                        3. He doesn't make a move physically
                                                                        4. He doesn't want you to meet his friends
                                                                        5. He acts out for your attention

                                                                        You're welcome.

                                                                        • lilioshka
                                                                          lilioshka  3 months back

                                                                          Jaja..inchis hombres.

                                                                          • Marga Torralba
                                                                            Marga Torralba  3 months back

                                                                            90% true! ❤️😍

                                                                            • tsukisakura1
                                                                              tsukisakura1  3 months back

                                                                              The guy I like always has me laughing whenever we talk on the phone or when we’re alone. It’s nice cuz it’s different when we are with people we know that are not any of our friends. But there’s other things that make me unsure... :/

                                                                              • Tran Tran
                                                                                Tran Tran  3 months back

                                                                                Thank you for the video because my boyfriend did not take any physical move up to three months but he made a progress to meet me every weekend and moved forward. He also did not want me to meet his friend either. I was confused too. Finally I find out he is very sweet and thoughtful boyfriend that I have ever dated

                                                                                • Sofia Yan Z
                                                                                  Sofia Yan Z  3 months back

                                                                                  I have been longing for a second date with a guy who initiate the chat everyday after our first date.(He said sth like cant wait to meet u again.I miss u blah blah) But the day before the second one,he suddenly told me he felt ill and had to postpone our date. I was so pissed off and block his chat but then I regret and unblocked him later. He hasn't come back to me yet. Should I ask him why?😭

                                                                                  • 장혜리Ella Levi
                                                                                    장혜리Ella Levi  3 months back

                                                                                    Damn! Thank u Matt. You helped me lots! Xxxxx you are an oracle

                                                                                    • a creature
                                                                                      a creature  3 months back

                                                                                      dude he only touch my hands my hair, he respects me so bad

                                                                                      • Cristina Marie
                                                                                        Cristina Marie  3 months back

                                                                                        and they say women are complicated. oh well. guys are just as complicated as we are. lol

                                                                                        • butterfflyess
                                                                                          butterfflyess  3 months back

                                                                                          If he's your man then obviously he's into you

                                                                                          • Loan Nguyen
                                                                                            Loan Nguyen  4 months back

                                                                                            Thanks for the tips 😊😊

                                                                                            • Sara Wilkinson
                                                                                              Sara Wilkinson  4 months back

                                                                                              I am not so sure about number 4. I think that if you have been seeing a guy for a while and you have not met his closest friends or any of his family, then this is a HUGE red flag.
                                                                                              Of course it is understandable that if you have just started seeing a guy you are not going to be brought in to his inner circle immediately.....BUT......at some point, if he is serious about you, he should be introducing you to the people that are important in his life such as his parents, siblings, his co-workers and his best buddy.
                                                                                              From personal experience I would say that if you have been seeing a guy for a few months and you have not met any of his inner circle then this means that he is playing you.
                                                                                              Also ladies, take note of how his friends and family treat you if you do finally get to meet them.
                                                                                              If his buddies ignore you or disrespect you or make fun of you.....or even worse, if one of them actually hits on you or makes a crude or vulgar remark, this is another HUGE red flag.
                                                                                              A guy's buddies will know if you are special to your guy or not. If they know that you are his 'special woman' they will treat you with RESPECT.
                                                                                              BUT......if they KNOW that you are just another notch on his belt, they will show this in their actions and words.
                                                                                              Also ladies, this is VERY IMPORTANT........if his family or his buddies disrespect you, watch and see what your man's reaction is.
                                                                                              If he does not defend you, this is another HUGE red flag. You see, guys are VERY protective of the things that they love.
                                                                                              Basically, if your guy is not in the least bit concerned that his family or friends have upset you and made you feel disrespected and insulted, then kick his sorry ass to the kerb.
                                                                                              I am NOT saying that your guy has got to put his boxing gloves on and start throwing punches around.....not at all. BUT......he should be letting those people that are closest to him know that he is NOT going to tolerate anyone making his girl feel bad.

                                                                                              • Snow White Owl 006
                                                                                                Snow White Owl 006  4 months back

                                                                                                Honestly, every time I like a guy he’s all the way up there on a pedi stool and I’m looking at myself in the mirror thinking how the hell could ALL of that be in to YOU.... ???

                                                                                                • Maria Benjamin
                                                                                                  Maria Benjamin  4 months back

                                                                                                  Awkward is right! I work with a guy that I sense likes me but he won't speak to me. He simply walks up to me stares in my face and walks away lol.....If only he knew I actually like him too :)