Top 5 Dating Myths Holding You Back in Love (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)


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  • Greice Kelly
    Greice Kelly  1 days back

    Hots 😍😍😍😍😍

    • Deborah Kim
      Deborah Kim  2 days back

      I love how passionate Matthew gets

      • Deborah Kim
        Deborah Kim  2 days back

        Myth 5 is so bullshit

        • Deborah Kim
          Deborah Kim  2 days back

          Haha myth 3 is so bullshit right?

          • The Simi Effect
            The Simi Effect  4 days back

            Me trying to learn what these brothers are saying but failing woefully because these men are 😍😍😩

            • Francie Odendahl
              Francie Odendahl  1 weeks back

              All my relationships have been hard. You are sooo right.

              • sandra Stephanie
                sandra Stephanie  1 weeks back

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            • Francie Odendahl
              Francie Odendahl  1 weeks back

              Where's my froggy McDreamy? 😀

              • Francie Odendahl
                Francie Odendahl  1 weeks back

                I fall for the person who makes me better.

                • M J
                  M J  1 weeks back

                  Hi Steve and Matt, you have no idea how much I needed the content of this video. Thank you so much! I especially like the idea of replicating feelings and not the person as well as believing that there still amazing people who want a real and committed relationship as much as I do. Please continue the good work...❤

                  • sandra Stephanie
                    sandra Stephanie  1 weeks back

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                • Astrid Rylan Cassidy
                  Astrid Rylan Cassidy  2 weeks back

                  you two are just adorable together! but most importantly, thanks for bringing your useful insight!

                  • Katie Gould
                    Katie Gould  2 weeks back

                    Steven just shave it off mate 👍

                    • Sarah Davies
                      Sarah Davies  2 weeks back

                      Brilliant - "people aren't replaceable, feelings are" ❤️

                      • lovely princess mz
                        lovely princess mz  3 weeks back

                        There's a guy that his friend tell him that i have crush on him but that isn't a truth . And after that he start to look at me everyday and when i catch him looking he just look away .it was a joke and i think about make eye contact but now this joke become real and i feel like im starting to like him .he show interest sometimes and then act like he don't care and that's making me crazy .i have never talked to him there's no contact between us it's all about looks . What should i do to know if he like me and how to get him to like me ? I need your help and sorry for my english

                        • sandra Stephanie
                          sandra Stephanie  1 weeks back

                          +lovely princess mz .. You are most welcome..

                        • lovely princess mz
                          lovely princess mz  1 weeks back

                          +sandra Stephanie thx so much❤

                        • sandra Stephanie
                          sandra Stephanie  1 weeks back

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                      • Andrea Cornejo
                        Andrea Cornejo  3 weeks back

                        So good advice guys. I do believe we have to be the person we want to be with. If we expect that much from that person we have to bring the same and this is actually a good guide to live our lives. Be the person you want to be with.

                        • Amy Rivera
                          Amy Rivera  3 weeks back

                          I assume all of these, I need help. 😭😭😂. It’s hard to have hope and meet good people.

                          • sandra Stephanie
                            sandra Stephanie  1 weeks back

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                        • ana salas
                          ana salas  3 weeks back

                          The last one is my favorite, be challenged by the right reasons! That was enlightening. =) Thanks to both of you! Great team.

                          • Martina Calle Garzón
                            Martina Calle Garzón  3 weeks back


                            • Sadiya Dhaqane
                              Sadiya Dhaqane  3 weeks back

                              Why are you two still single?🤔🤔🤔

                              • Rachel Tack
                                Rachel Tack  3 weeks back

                                I think the best thing I've ever heard you say in regards to number 4... It's not one of the things you repeat all the time in your videos, but it should be..

                                It's OK to feel disappointment or sadness that someone didn't turn out to be the person for you, but DO NOT mourn them as if they were the person for you.

                                • Erini Ayad
                                  Erini Ayad  3 weeks back

                                  Love that!!

                                  • Canadian97467
                                    Canadian97467  3 weeks back

                                    Great job by Stephen Hussey! There is so much packed into these busted myths… Lots of food for thought, and I bet that those points go to the core of many people's issues.

                                    • ppearl _
                                      ppearl _  3 weeks back

                                      He’s obsessed with me and I just met him. He wants to get married and be together forever. I love him but that’s only because it was forced. He wanted to have sex with me on the first day and he always writes me long love messages. I’m 3 years younger than him and only in high school. I’m terrified of commitment and have no idea what to do I’m only 15 and he says he will kill himself and go back to drugs if I leave him!

                                      • João Pedro
                                        João Pedro  3 weeks back

                                        +ppearl _ There's no easy way out on this, meet up with him at a public space and break up there - just call the police and ask for a restraining order in case he doesn't leave you alone.

                                        Try this: Tell your parents first, go to a public place to break up with him there (I advise you to bring your father/brother along and let them sit nearby), and ask your parents to call the police if he threatens you.

                                        Block him at everything and don't give in: (He may kill himself, but remember, it's not your fault if he does so).

                                        Take care girl, men can be physicos sometimes.

                                        Protect yourself and focus on your studies - boys are not that important right now.

                                      • ppearl _
                                        ppearl _  3 weeks back

                                        João Pedro any advice if he threatens me or how to let him down easy

                                      • João Pedro
                                        João Pedro  3 weeks back

                                        Break up with him and cut him off your life > tell your parents if he intends to keep bothering you.

                                    • Arika Bush
                                      Arika Bush  3 weeks back

                                      Watching both of you guys together makes me think that you two had a fabulous mother.

                                    • Jennifer Salas
                                      Jennifer Salas  3 weeks back

                                      Mat's brother is SO hot ❤

                                      • Daz Ridgway
                                        Daz Ridgway  4 weeks back

                                        Matthew. I have trouble with someone that can't just thinking about with being break up 4 months. Please help....

                                        • Suhasini Rangan
                                          Suhasini Rangan  4 weeks back

                                          You guys were absolutely on point! Also make an awesome duo on tips and guide. Hope you guys do this more :)

                                          • Amy F
                                            Amy F  4 weeks back

                                            I agree with pt 5👍. The right relationship is not easy. The right person should help u grow to be ur best self. The wrong person is someone who is toxic & destructive....

                                            • Canadian97467
                                              Canadian97467  3 weeks back

                                              I know a lot of people who purposely surround themselves by people who will not challenge them to be better. Doing so would trigger such insecurities in them that they would lash out, and if they opt out instead, it's probably all the better for everyone.

                                              Some people don't want to grow or evolve. They don't want to work on themselves. It takes self-confidence to admit to having flaws and having the desire and the drive to work on them. Hopefully, most of Matthew Hussey's followers fall into that category of people, otherwise we wouldn't be watching him, right?

                                              I had an ex who just sabotaged me every step of the way as I was trying to go forward in life. That behavior is all about his own insecurities, and obviously, it doesn't provide for a good love relationship. I've seen that "levelling" behavior in other contexts than love relationships, though… Honestly, it's a rather odd mentality to be so envious and insecure that you hope that everyone around is and stays as mediocre as you feel (and probably are).

                                              Achieving success in life usually involves a different life philosophy altogether: making contacts in higher places and getting inspiration from people who are ahead of you, not at a lower level or at the same level.

                                          • Azam Zahedi
                                            Azam Zahedi  4 weeks back

                                            Great content.

                                            • Diya Wu
                                              Diya Wu  4 weeks back

                                              agree with 3⃣️👍

                                              • swedish girl
                                                swedish girl  4 weeks back

                                                Well not disagreeing with #5 per se... but being with the right person will be A LOT easier than the wrong one. Some couples never have an argument. Some are psychotic and abusive and keep you on eggshells every day.

                                                • AeroTeaQue
                                                  AeroTeaQue  4 weeks back

                                                  Hey Matt, further thoughts... Came across this TED Talk and thought of you; preset to 7:38 which is the part that made me flashback to your "life is hard" comment
                                                  Hope you get a minute to watch it, and if you do, maybe you'll also find a minute to follow the white rabbit ;)
                                                  🐇 Cue music: Here Comes the Sun ~ The Beatles
                                                  🐇 Tell me something good that happened today 🐇


                                                  • Cédric COUSIN
                                                    Cédric COUSIN  4 weeks back

                                                    1 narcissism
                                                    2 lazyness
                                                    3 alpha widow
                                                    4 customer mentality

                                                    • Lenore Saers
                                                      Lenore Saers  4 weeks back

                                                      Healing tools, the emotional code , eft change your frequency. Work on yourself. Love yourself before you love anyone else. Why don’t you talk about these issues Matthew.

                                                      • Lucy Alice
                                                        Lucy Alice  4 weeks back

                                                        You're both extremely beautiful!!!!

                                                        • Samantha Beaty
                                                          Samantha Beaty  4 weeks back

                                                          I would love to hear your insights about "back burner relationships" or being a "back pocket girl." Thanks so much for all you guys do! ^_^

                                                          • Tet martin
                                                            Tet martin  4 weeks back

                                                            Love the 5 myths. The 5th myth is my favorite one how both of you explain it. Bravoooooo

                                                            • Morella
                                                              Morella  4 weeks back

                                                              And in realizing that you have a relationship giving you the wrong kind of hard you're given a moment - a challenge - to grow, to either address the wrong kind of hard with your partner, or to draw up the strength to honor your self-respect and end the relationship.

                                                              Matthew, could you kindly talk about attachments styles. I married young and myself and my young partner didn't learn enough in life yet to develop healthy attachment styles. As a result, we had an unhealthy push-pull relationship that only went around in a loop and we had no idea why. It was hell - we loved one another and we seemed to be two personalities that got along fine, except our attachment styles were unhealthy and caused a lot of pain. I felt like a failure by ending it though I loved him and couldn't understand why I felt deeply that it needed to end. I'm glad I did, as I learned about my attachment style and am healing it. However, people in a relationship with unhealthy A.S's can work on it if they're aware of it. Anyone currently struggling to understand why their relationship has trouble when on the surface everything should be okay should definitely look into attachment styles. It's difficult to address the issues it clearly brings up - issues you didn't think were issues in the first place and could affect how you accept love, what you're unconsciously attracted to, and how you conduct yourself in a relationship. Some would say it's best to address it with a counselor, though healthy self-administered therapy is possible.

                                                              • Something
                                                                Something  4 weeks back

                                                                I am kind of devastated now. I started crushing on someone that I felt like was flirting with me, like taking my hands and playing with them for a few minutes. Met him again at a party the other day. After watching a bunch of videoes about flirting, I was looking at him, making eye contact and smiling. I also tried to show interest in him while talking to him. We had eye contact a lot of times, while I remember them as being kind of long (I was drunk, so they might not be as long as I remember).. sometimes he would smile when I smiled etc, and one time he even winked. Later that evening he was guiding me through a door, touching my lower back. However, I did feel that he seemed kind of uninterested, although he did apologize for being «off» that day due to being tired. I do think he’d kind of a player, so i should stay away. however, now I also feel like I made a fool of myself while trying to flirt, and that my attempt is something he will laugh about with his friends. It’s so dumb. I wasn’t really even interested until he held my hand and I felt completely warm and safe while him holding them. Sorry, I had to rant. I was hoping soo bad that he might be interested in me.

                                                                • Belinda Rees
                                                                  Belinda Rees  4 weeks back

                                                                  You guys crack me up....hilarious......

                                                                  • pkramerable
                                                                    pkramerable  4 weeks back

                                                                    How about "I'll never love someone like that again.", but twenty years have passed since you've had any sort of relationship with a woman? None! Suicide is an option.

                                                                    • Bunga Sakura
                                                                      Bunga Sakura  4 weeks back

                                                                      Matthew hussey 💋from Singapore

                                                                      • Bunga Sakura
                                                                        Bunga Sakura  4 weeks back

                                                                        2 of you look 😍😍😍

                                                                        • Benjamin Gadberry
                                                                          Benjamin Gadberry  4 weeks back

                                                                          Great advice that also applies to men. Cool stuff.

                                                                          • Anonym Anonymesten
                                                                            Anonym Anonymesten  4 weeks back

                                                                            I´m crushing on someone. I do believe he is somewhat attracted to me as well, but I believe he´s just looking for sex. This is soo hard!

                                                                            • Rosemary Dewar
                                                                              Rosemary Dewar  4 weeks back

                                                                              Totally agree with everything here. Finding someone to better yourself with is not easy. It’s a complexity that should not leave one feeling complicated and unsure of what a couple agrees on. Consistency is work, and it’s sooo worth it.

                                                                              • Ainash Tleubayeva
                                                                                Ainash Tleubayeva  4 weeks back

                                                                                why you two are single???

                                                                                • Calliope Vassalou
                                                                                  Calliope Vassalou  4 weeks back

                                                                                  As you said, relationships, of any kind, are not easy. They need work...It's like a garden. One needs to water while the other prunes...One needs to plant while the other puts fertilizer to the soil... It takes two to make it work....

                                                                                  • Adventure Your World
                                                                                    Adventure Your World  4 weeks back

                                                                                    absolutely true! It always takes 100% from both people to actually make it work and have a long lasting happy and fulfilling relationship.

                                                                                • Niina
                                                                                  Niina  4 weeks back

                                                                                  Number 1: I have given chances to guys that don't seem to be my type, and over and over hoped that I would be surprized... but unfortunately, I never be 😂😔 so I've started to swipe right only the most interesting ones.

                                                                                  • Niina
                                                                                    Niina  4 weeks back

                                                                                    Great video anyways 😊👍