Why Millennials have QUIT Dating!


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  • Imani Gordon
    Imani Gordon  1 hours back

    I find that when I become more outgoing and have to courage to ask a girl out and get rejected it especially hurts especially as a 5'5 guy who indulges in pornography when I get stressed

    • Christopher
      Christopher  2 hours back

      Porn has no #metoo allegations

      • BMWg84
        BMWg84  3 hours back

        Women might look at more porn than men. I'd love to see the PornHub stats. Women aren't dating. In fact, women aren't even looking decent anymore.

        • outofhisdammind
          outofhisdammind  4 hours back

          Even if you remove porn and games it wouldn’t solve the problem. The issue is that society is looking and blaming men. They are looking the wrong direction. If you shame and berate someone based on their own nature, they’ll end up giving up. It’s not about what’s easier, it’s about what is worth your time. Why should you pay full price for eaten food? Why should you care about people who don’t care about you? Why should you do anything beyond survival? Let women become lesbians. It has nothing to do with me.

          • Therrien Mettier
            Therrien Mettier  5 hours back

            Women are not loyal.. case closed

            • Toxic Stoic
              Toxic Stoic  6 hours back

              I honestly think that the best thing for humanity would be to just go ahead and make men and women be completely indifferent to eachother, it would be for the best. Get artificial wombs going, advanced sex robots and all that jazz. Tradition is dead, the western woman has killed it and men are to emasculated to enforce anything. The arabs, chinese, russians will all outlive us. The only reason for a man to be with a woman is for baby making, take that out of the equation and you will have true equality. Thats what women want or rather they think thats what they want, let them have it. If we are lucky they might realize their huge error and go extinct by mass suicide. Kidding i guess.

              • Toxic Stoic
                Toxic Stoic  6 hours back

                Oh yeah i mean a torn pussy thats been passed around for years for free and then im expected to all of the sudden pay for that same torn pussy all because the woman is now feeling like time is running out so she is now "ready" for a husband, WHAT A DEAL!

                • DomingosCJM
                  DomingosCJM  7 hours back

                  It is woman that changed (and law), man is just reacting.
                  Porn always existed, if it is to say something is different is the fact that 'self gratification' is more comum or usual in opposition to a repressed prejudice of past.

                  • DJLloyd61
                    DJLloyd61  7 hours back

                    Great insight.

                    • The Summary Guy
                      The Summary Guy  8 hours back

                      I think a lot of this has to do with social media and the centralized internet. 2007/2008ish started this trend, especially with the internet in our pockets.

                      • c dubya
                        c dubya  8 hours back

                        I am not dating because 99% of the women I've met don't meet my requirements, which are as follows:
                        1. Own your own vehicle or have less than $1,000 owed on it.
                        2. Have no more than 1 child.
                        3. Work a full time job.
                        4. Live in your own apartment or home paying your own mortgage or rent, unassisted.
                        5. Have at least $1,000 saved for unforseen circumstances.

                        • mesley raves
                          mesley raves  8 hours back

                          Very good vid. I also think you missed a big point. The vagina has become weaponized; women are a financial and legal liability. Subscribed

                          • shane hester
                            shane hester  10 hours back

                            the hookup culture has been around for years.the issue is why many men do not commit as much as used to.our society tells young boys everything is your fault when it comes to females.

                            • Dev DevFuFu
                              Dev DevFuFu  11 hours back

                              its not the Men, its the Females on Strike!!! Females stop breeding.

                              • Daniel Edmonds
                                Daniel Edmonds  16 hours back

                                Women simply don't want to date (and definitely not marry) men who make less than they do. yet they're the ones who are doing better in education and making money ( the younger ones at least). Tinder and online dating have implemented a dynamic where people can get an inflated sense of self worth and always pushing people to only settle for the absolute best they can possibly get in a superficial way.
                                Hyper-gamy is in beast mode, cheating is rampant and trust is nonexistent. Marriage is corrupt and commitment only lasts until it gets hard.The birth rates are down and unhappiness is up .
                                Modern life has completely destroyed human interaction and its depressing.

                                • skeet_tv
                                  skeet_tv  17 hours back

                                  I think the older generations of men dated because they had to. There was no hook-up culture. I grew up in the 80s, and older guys told me we had it easy with women. Nowadays, I have no desire to take a woman on a date. Multitude of reasons.

                                  • Dick juice
                                    Dick juice  17 hours back

                                    Sex robots will be the norm in 2040.

                                  • Jason Matthews
                                    Jason Matthews  19 hours back

                                    You wanna know which demographic of men view porn the most? Married men

                                    Pornography has been around for ages. Face it, this decline that we're now seeing has little to do with porn and more to do with the toxicity of modern women and their ridiculously unrealistic standards. Lots of 3s out here believe they deserve a 10.

                                    • global nomad
                                      global nomad  19 hours back

                                      gynocentric society is inflating the female ego - there is no cure without fundamental change

                                      • Sage Pirotess
                                        Sage Pirotess  22 hours back

                                        A society is a reflection of the men and women who daily transact in the do's and don'ts of what it values. But the members can accept or change its values.

                                        I never cared for porn. I lived in Us for 30 years and Asia ten. Its not hard to find good people or hook up and have relationships with those you pursue.

                                        For the record relationships are alive and strong in many Asian countries. Maybe the young need to fix their culture.

                                        • Bullion Forever
                                          Bullion Forever  23 hours back

                                          Alot of it's money, I've been clubbing and the girls really only want to be around guys who have proof of wealth. 20% of millennials aren't making what boomers made so that makes it more difficult for the average guy then the previous generation. More of the younger generation isn't getting out and they're staying with thier parents longer too.

                                          • Sam Anthony
                                            Sam Anthony  24 hours back

                                            These views of yours are way off from reality. If you want to know the real reasons just read the comment section.

                                            • Lord My Rock
                                              Lord My Rock  1 days back

                                              You can thank feminists and metoo for that. False rape allegations, restraining orders, hypergamy, culture against masculinity, loop-sided laws, etc...Read up on your state and local laws before dating. Remember her problem is not your problem. Get red pilled...

                                              • Lldb 123
                                                Lldb 123  1 days back

                                                I don't use any sex toys but what's wrong or weird with sex dolls when women had various sex toys for years now and it is widely accepted?

                                                • Shitaird Oshitelib
                                                  Shitaird Oshitelib  1 days back

                                                  Hookup culture means your generations women are cum dumpsters and therefore NOT worth a relationship. Feminism/leftism has caused this.

                                                  Pornography has nothing to do with anything. I have been looking at it since I was a kid and have had many relationships, married kids etc. pornography doesn’t replace actual intimacy. Not even close.

                                                • Cully Schmetterling
                                                  Cully Schmetterling  1 days back

                                                  You missed the real reason, which is that women have made themselves too legally and financially dangerous for men to allow them into our lives.
                                                  A normal heterosexual approach can result in a sexual harassment complaint.
                                                  In Britain and France, a man can be charged with a hate crime and serve prison time for simply approaching a female. That is in the wording of catcalling laws, which criminalised any approach that a woman did not like. Feminists are having such laws rolled out around the world. The laws are in five countries already.
                                                  A date, whether or not consensual sex is involved, can become tomorrow’s false rape allegation, which will destroy a man’s life.
                                                  If a relationship occurs, there is a 50 per cent probability that five to seven years in the future (on average) the woman will use the Family Court to steal everything that the man owns and use child and/or spousal support orders to make the man her impoverished slave for the rest of his life.
                                                  If he cannot pay the court mandated amount of child and/or spousal support, he will be dragged in chains to the modern version of debtors’ prison. He will stay there until the debt is paid. He cannot work from his prison cell, so the Catch 22 built into the system means that the man could stay in debtors’ prison for the rest of his life.
                                                  If a man so much as raises his voice to a female, he will be charged with domestic violence, which will destroy his life.
                                                  There is a 25 per cent probability that a child will be sired by the wife’s lover, but the former husband will be ordered to pay child support for the spawn of the woman’s adultery.
                                                  Really and truly, all that legal and financial horror is not worth an occasional five-second ejaculatory release.
                                                  It is better for a man to avoid women, stay home and use pornography as a masturbation aid.
                                                  Women have made themselves completely toxic, utterly unapproachable and absolutely not worth the risk.

                                                  • Da- 5o
                                                    Da- 5o  1 days back

                                                    The me too, the hypergamy of women only wanting the top 20% of males an will not settle for anything else! Is the main reason!

                                                    • Raymond7779
                                                      Raymond7779  1 days back

                                                      As a Gen X'er, I can tell you from years of experience that porn does negatively and adversely affect dating and relations between men and women. The best way to describe it is unhealthy, like smoking or loading up sugar on everything. When you cut out these habits, you are living healthier, and seeing things the way they are rather than through the lens of an addiction. Give porn up. It does not do any good for you.

                                                      • Walter Barone
                                                        Walter Barone  1 days back

                                                        it's ok blame pornography... but why not mention vibrator? and by the why that porno girl in the video... don't wake you up in the middle of the night for tell you that don't love you anymore... and all the shit you did for her... well was just waste of time, money and feelings.. but hey we can be friends and keep the options open.. just in case with Jerome and Tyron something go wrong...

                                                        • bastidface
                                                          bastidface  1 days back

                                                          @4:20 The 'early' stages of the Internet becoming household was actually the mid-90s. I think most people had PCs and Internet connection before 2000.

                                                          • jag off
                                                            jag off  1 days back

                                                            Its not only millenials that stopped dating. There you go feminists. The end result is Poor, Old, and Powerless. Enjoy! Im enjoying the show.

                                                            • Brad Smithy
                                                              Brad Smithy  1 days back

                                                              Millennials are simply broke. Their wages are 20% lower than Boomers at the same age, and things like real estate prices are hyperinflated. Most have no savings, and cant put a down payment on a home. 44 million people are in student debt- while the degrees often only land part time jobs in other fields.
                                                              This explains so much, I don't know why people don't focus on it. Especially when it comes to marriage and dating issues.
                                                              Women simply don't want to date (and definitely not marry) men who make less than they do.

                                                              • Jacob Haley
                                                                Jacob Haley  1 days back

                                                                I agree completely with your comments. Dating apps have made relationships disposable. Pornography is addictive and destructive. You are not sounding overly "conservative" but overly correct. Any time something comes cheap and easy (in this case relationships/sexual gratification) it becomes less important and less valuable to you. Morality was given to us for a reason and our culture is suffering from the affects of dismissing it so easily.

                                                                • mrpopsful
                                                                  mrpopsful  1 days back

                                                                  If her dating profile is blank, just swipe left.

                                                                  • Roman Catullo
                                                                    Roman Catullo  1 days back

                                                                    Great Stuff, Zach.

                                                                    • felixarroyo3d
                                                                      felixarroyo3d  1 days back

                                                                      My problem with porn is, it saves me so much time. i just pop off in front of my computer and go back to pursuing my interests, learning a language , practicing music etc. The amount of hours and money i would have to spend chasing women, and the time i would have to sacrifice for my interests just doesnt seem worth it. :(

                                                                      • Rinkamime
                                                                        Rinkamime  1 days back

                                                                        19:35 This is the real reason man! XD you had it! You had it and then dropped it! Somebody tell me I'm crazy if this is wrong, but I'm pretty sure porn is not the freaking problem Jesus xD Enough with this morality and traditionalism herp derpery. Read my reasoning and tell me I'm wrong!

                                                                        Call me in denial but I swear to everything porn is muuuuuch less the problem. It's a symptom of a different problem, that being what you said here. We weren't socialized to properly pursue or value relationships, plain and simple! That's literally it xD

                                                                        For me, the thing that's arcane about dating and marriage isn't that I can't get a date or get married, it's the question of 'why would you do that?' Seriously try to answer that question, why, deep down, do *you* want to be in a relationship??? Seriously meditate on that. Why?

                                                                        When I do that, I come to a few conclusions.

                                                                        *1. I want to be in a relationship so I can experience real intimacy and sex.* But wait... Isn't that just objectifying the other person? I should pursue real people in order to seek sexual validation and experience? That... Just feels wrong, like I'm using them. It'd be better to keep that to myself and just view porn, because then I'm not using people or being manipulative and all that trying to squeeze sex and intimacy out of someone. I was taught that using people solely for intimacy and sex is wrong, so I shouldn't do it. Therefore, it is the right thing to do to keep those things to myself and sate my urges in other ways.

                                                                        *2. I want to be in a relationship so that I can have a partner and not be alone and have someone to depend on.* Wait hold on. Possessive much? Don't people always say suffering like that is a sign of insecurity and a major red flag, and that if you're that lonely and hollow and selfish and needy on the inside, you're just going to be a human parasite? It's more honorable to stand up for yourself and be self reliant is what I was taught, therefore I should instead do my best to stand on my own and master myself and my emotions, because as long as I'm emotionally and spiritually hollow I'll just be a burden. If I rely on other people and things outside of me to make me happy I'll always be miserable. If I'm intrinsically happy and whole, I won't need some one to be there in my life to *make* me feel happy and needed and loved. Therefore I should not pursue a relationship for that.

                                                                        *3. I should get into a relationship for the practical reaso to have kids and start a family.* But wait a minute... Then who should I marry? If my goal is to have kids and provide the best for them, then I should marry the healthiest and richest person that I possibly can because then my child(ren) will have the best chance at survival and a good life. Not only that, but I shouldn't have kids until later in life when I have lots of money, a house, a good job, no longer in debt, and am perfectly financially stable, because my children do not deserve anything less. But... I'm not there yet. But when I get there, would I really want to sink the time money and energy into having a kid? It'd be like taking it a new job... That doesn't pay you. Do I need the child? Not really... The child is more of a liability than a financial gain, especially if I'm not financially stable yet and have one. Why should I have this kid then? What practical reward or payoff is there? Who do I owe bringing this kid into the world to? Should I just commit financial suicide and have this kid simply because I'm expected to? Seriously, why should I have this kid? I have seen people's lives fall apart and be plugged into poverty because of having a kid... And they don't look particularly well off. Looks like they got not a whole lot out of it. I don't see a lot of practical reasons to have a kid, but a whole lot of practical reasons not to. Therefore, it makes better financial sense not to.

                                                                        *4. I should get in a relationship because it's the right and healthy thing to do.* But wait... Am I not healthy because I'm single? Is being single unhealthy? It's not like I don't have friends. What is it about having a spouse that is more healthy than a close friend, or a counselor, or a mentor, or a team? You can get your social needs met from all of those. I'm not a loner, and I at least think I'm healthy... Are you telling me that I am physically incapable of meeting all of my human needs if I'm single? Is that the real reason we form relationships? Because something inside us programmed us to need each other and not function if we don't have a spouse? Does it have to be a spouse or can it be a very close friend? And isn't it said that people change over time, and friendships form and break naturally? If that's the case, isn't it very unlikely that the same person will be able to meet my emotional needs over the span of so many years, and that it would be more logical and better to just consistently have a dynamic pool of friends that I maintain? It seems extremely unrealistic to shoulder the full weight of my social and emotional needs on just 1 person and expect them to be able to manage it indefinitely. In fact that in itself sounds unhealthy... I wouldn't want to do that to someone, or force someone into a relationship to force them to do it, and I myself wouldn't want to be put into that situation.

                                                                        These are my current meditations on the subject. Think what you may about my answers, but I'll tell you something. These ideas reflect the way I was reased and the values and ideals instilled in me, and clearly, they are incompatible with the idea of spousal relationships. And I'm likely not the only person with these ideas.

                                                                        So please for the love of everything stop blaming porn. *It's not freaking porn. It's the ideas and values instilled in and taught to people.* For crying out loud there are married people who are fine with their significant other watching porn (especially when they don't have the time or energy to meet their partner's sexual needs) and it isn't destroying anything.

                                                                        • David Shaw
                                                                          David Shaw  1 days back

                                                                          Hes addressing everything but whats really important. The toxic climiate feminism has created between the sexes. The ignored majority of men who see the situation ran a cost benefit analysis and said its not worth it. I could lose everything because she took a joke or a flirtatious act the wrong way. Its not worth your car house pension good name etc.

                                                                          • Cash4Fruit
                                                                            Cash4Fruit  1 days back

                                                                            I'm madly in love with my bf of 5 years who's dating profile I did not read. I randomly picked him after 5 years a celibacy and "finding myself". I decided to commit myself to him, truly commit and secretly that is what every human wants. So he has stayed. Have faith that you can love a person enough to have them stay. Relationships are TOUGH, but SO NECESSARY to live, grow and develop as a human being. Every day I thank the boogie man in the sky for giving me somebody to love and who digs me too. What the hell did I do to deserve this?! But also I know I worked so very hard for it to happen, every single day.

                                                                            • tillallareoneluv
                                                                              tillallareoneluv  1 days back

                                                                              I like your observation about the "highlight reel". Seems like every boring woman in the world has done a tandem sky dive so they can post it and pretend to be adventurous or exciting. You can spot the incongruity by looking at the rest of their profile. Nothing but solo pics or pictures of drinks and food.

                                                                              • DJ239
                                                                                DJ239  2 days back

                                                                                women are outdated, come on people!

                                                                                • Mike H
                                                                                  Mike H  2 days back

                                                                                  MGTOW, Zach!

                                                                                  • csenuber
                                                                                    csenuber  2 days back

                                                                                    Porn is not in your culture, it's in your custom. Check Webster's Dictionary 1828 for DENOTATIVE definitions

                                                                                    • fx ct
                                                                                      fx ct  2 days back

                                                                                      Thanks for speaking the truth. Porn is so destructive; it has no place in our society.

                                                                                      • John Karmann
                                                                                        John Karmann  2 days back

                                                                                        I'm saving this, for in case I have trouble falling asleep tonight.

                                                                                        • Fred Ostrow
                                                                                          Fred Ostrow  2 days back

                                                                                          It's TOO MUCH WORK and HEARTACHE:) (plus expensive:)

                                                                                          • Chuckie Gravesfield
                                                                                            Chuckie Gravesfield  2 days back

                                                                                            video starts at 10:34

                                                                                            • CoachGregAdams
                                                                                              CoachGregAdams  2 days back

                                                                                              Very good and clear breakdown. Nice work!