Why Millennials have QUIT Dating!


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  • F. Teixeira
    F. Teixeira  3 days back

    Women are entitled, somewhat cruel and aloof. Not attractive

    • F. Teixeira
      F. Teixeira  3 days back

      Dating is not worth it. Simple.

      • Zoester Records
        Zoester Records  2 weeks back

        Sorry my fried. If you can't handle a fuck flick that's your problem. There are certain kinds of people that cant handle certain things that most people can and there is help out there for them. It doesn't mean that everyone else should not be aloud to enjoy these things.

        • Alex Poso
          Alex Poso  4 weeks back

          Women are trash (this coming from a woman). The way my sisters and mother treat the men in the family. Despicable. My reason for not dating more has to do with my confidence although I do think the internet has some play into it. Atleast for me. It goes both ways. I also would find it tiresome dealing with someone else. And also I wouldn't want to burden the other person with my problems. I'm just not like that. I like to keep to myself. It's a constant trouble for me. I do want kids and I want marriage but I feel like I'm the only one who wants the traditional family and structure. I feel like they don't want to wait until marriage either. From a very young age I have had this mindset and years later it's still the same. I think the only way for things to go back is if society is destroyed and we go back to hunter gatherer days.

          • The Ram
            The Ram  4 weeks back

            Women are dangerous, they can ruin your life at the snap of a finger. They can take you for everything you have and then looks for another prey. Just let one in your home and you can kiss it goodbye. Dont let the cute faces and sexy cloths fool you, it's done to reel you in and eat you alive. The true predators.

            • Magi B
              Magi B  1 months back

              The dating scene is garbage right now, and is super difficult to find someone who actually wants a relationship. People are so used to the hookup culture that they naturally treat all of their dates as such. I've been treated as if I were expendable before, and because of this I had to walk away from a *seemingly* good connection. It's unfortunate that people are potentially sabotaging a good thing because they don't know how to be real anymore. Everybody wants to blame the other sex, because they only experience one side. It's happening on both sides, but when you're on the receiving end of mistreatment it causes you to resent/blame the other side. Some people just aren't objective enough to understand what's going on.

              • Will Winters
                Will Winters  1 months back

                Women eventually lead to a courthouse.

                • SabbathFan4Life316
                  SabbathFan4Life316  1 months back

                  Because I realize that my time, money, and sanity is too valuable to be wasting on something that has a very low chance of ever yielding desirable results like dating. Any social and sexual needs i have can be met in a number of other ways that yield far better results for what you give up.

                  • RoboTron 0057
                    RoboTron 0057  1 months back

                    Big dawg Zach preaching truth bombs 🥰😘 love u Zach. Move over little dawgs. The big dawg is coming lol

                    • Menstrel
                      Menstrel  1 months back

                      Struggling with adult material? Rubbish, It is biology, not ideology. It is the new running water. It has revealed how useless relationships really are.

                      • Daniel Evan
                        Daniel Evan  2 months back

                        Was happily married for 6 years. Wife had a miscarriage, and her whole personality changed. She cheats, we divorce.. I go out into the world to see what's new.. I go on dates.. see the changes in women.. and now I fucking miss my marriage every God damn day and this nightmare has been going on for 3 fucking years. Still a divorced guy who has better luck talking to his lady friends in porn and all the basic bitches on my social media can hate that I talk to them.. but bottom line is.. they might be pornstars and might be known but even with the spotlight on them.. they fucking make time for me and they actually respect me and care enough about me to ask about my day. What are you basic bitches doing? FUCKING HATING! So fuck off with all that shit and it's no wonder why you are still single! Wtf happened to ya'lll bitches. Can't even call you women.. YA'LL STRAIGHT BITCHES man lol can't turn a hoe into a house wife.. and if you can.. how long she gonna last before she goes out and does her hoe thang and you gotta divorce her stupid ass. WOMEN AREN'T LOYAL! Until that shit changes.. I'm flying solo and just boning bitches left and right but HELL no I ain't gonna be committed with anyone I can't trust!

                        • The Juan
                          The Juan  2 months back

                          Really? Porn? this guy missed the forest for the trees. It's female empowerment.

                          • P. C.
                            P. C.  2 months back

                            Nice try , young man ....

                            You do need to discuss the QUALITY of females these days .

                            • Leo Timtom
                              Leo Timtom  2 months back

                              ...because pornhub can`t take away my house and make me pay them alimony every month.

                              • Jo Lafa
                                Jo Lafa  2 months back

                                Feminism duh

                                • vedant singh singh
                                  vedant singh singh  2 months back

                                  Mgtow is future.

                                  • vedant singh singh
                                    vedant singh singh  2 months back


                                    • kelman221
                                      kelman221  2 months back

                                      It isn't porn it is feminism. Porn is an outlet, not a preference for most men. Why spend money, time, and effort trying to date or even marry entitled women when women don't want to be a woman in the relationship, and the environment is so hostile towards men with the power of the government to back it up.

                                      • Tau Noctua
                                        Tau Noctua  2 months back

                                        I never understood the irrational hatred of gay men until I saw this documentary and the Anti-Bachelor movement among feminist going back to the founding of the US. It all makes sense now. Homophobia is Bachelor Jealousy. And now gay men can get married and no one cares about gays anymore.

                                        • Solosword
                                          Solosword  2 months back

                                          Brother, I'm damn-conservative, 57-yrs, blk, BA-Econ/Bus', x-combat sqd, yup, you're right about porn, but I really think both sexes should be taught how to respect each other in the home & at school. I know that's a dream world-thing. America has shit-the-bed by having "no" morality left, noting that our conservative politicians have no balls to stop the filth on TV/movies etc. Women are [email protected]$kin children via feminism & need to have their "right to vote" taken away!!!

                                          • VKRGFAN
                                            VKRGFAN  2 months back

                                            Dating apps just part of it, people are more aware of abusers and afraid to date. Sleeping around is not really a healthy way to approach relationship, that’s sad that young generation think that sleeping around is OK
                                            That’s part of the problem no one wants to be used for sex. Sleeping with the stranger is too much risk STD, unwanted pregnancies and long time recovery from emotional and psychological trauma.

                                            • VKRGFAN
                                              VKRGFAN  2 months back

                                              LORD Drag1 SAMA I agree. Some people feel obligated to spend money on fancy restaurants and gifts to please a woman that they don’t even know. It also may mean invitation for “intimacy” people have different expectations when they do things for other people, usually those expectations are not clearly defined that’s why conflict happens.
                                              Last time I went on a date with a guy I paid for our dinner because I didn’t want a guy to have any “claims” that somehow I owe him sex just because we went out.

                                            • LORD Drag1 SAMA
                                              LORD Drag1 SAMA  2 months back

                                              @VKRGFAN I think the same way about dating without sex. Jumping into spending money on a date too quickly will make most feminists feel like they're more than what they truly are...also it makes men seem desperate for a womans time and attention nowadays in 2019 going forward. If we're going to spend money, may as well get what we truly want, sex.

                                            • VKRGFAN
                                              VKRGFAN  2 months back

                                              LORD Drag1 SAMA Oh for sure, it goes both ways. Viewing a man as a wallet is obviously a booby trap for a man. There are a lot of Narcissistic females. This is why people have to start relationship slowly and get to know the person first before any kind of intimacy takes place, it will buy you time to see a person for who they are once you mix sex with it it’s hard to see.
                                              Woman that jumps in bed too quickly either desperate or a Narcissist either way bad choice. Same for a man if he jumps in bed without thinking he is irresponsible normal woman won’t go after such a guy.

                                            • LORD Drag1 SAMA
                                              LORD Drag1 SAMA  2 months back

                                              Men dont want to be used for utility and resources, and to be used and abused by this gynocentric system. Relationshitting around losing said utility and resources is not a healthy way to give certain people something for nothing either...

                                          • Edward Gaines
                                            Edward Gaines  2 months back

                                            "Zoomers?" When did they start calling them that?

                                            • jason speratos
                                              jason speratos  2 months back

                                              Porn is just a tool. I assists in getting the poison out.

                                              • Sigma Geranimo
                                                Sigma Geranimo  2 months back

                                                I barely survive and in debt. you want me to add more burdens ?

                                                • Michael Stevens
                                                  Michael Stevens  2 months back

                                                  I don't struggle with porn, but I am certainly grateful for it. I dated entirely too much during the Myspace era, and my body count was high by 20. Facebook killed that way of dating tbh (can't hit on people's photos anymore...public shame from women was common) and now I realize it is like a 3 hour+ time investment to get with a girl, with only a certain success rate. However, if I feel that itch to get with a woman, I can watch porn and be rid of the urge in 10 minutes, and move on to something that benefits my life in another way.

                                                  Porn is so efficient and I believe has saved me from a lot of fiscally detrimental things...ie kids and women.

                                                  The way I see it when your needs can be kept to an every other day or so frequency you don't have a problem.

                                                  Men are terrified of women. They truly make just as much as men, and in many cases have PRIVILEGE (many jobs hire women because of quotas). And yet, 1 comment and they can bring HR down upon a man for even a simple compliment. But to be honest, they don't want to work overtime or lift heavy things (on average). The scales are tipped in women's favor too heavily now, and men are just tapping out.

                                                  • Olivia Jaindl
                                                    Olivia Jaindl  2 months back

                                                    I think this is why there are different dating apps. Tinder is for hook ups and bumble is for relationships. You know?

                                                    • DigitalDreams
                                                      DigitalDreams  2 months back

                                                      I don't think porn is the problem that caused the rift. I think porn is a sad coping mechanism for the dysfunctional system we live in. If pair bonding was really good for you everyone would be doing it. The reality is women are so toxic that it's not really worth pursuing them for more than a hook up. Shallow people seek shallow experiences. Everyone wants to "quit their job and travel", feeling so profound. Yet they all go to the same places and have the same meaningless experience like going to the leaning tower of Pisa to take that stupid photo of them pushing against the tower or the back drop shot over Machu Picchu. Sleepwalking through life in a series of knee jerk reactions. Eventually people realize hook up culture is as satisfying and meaningful as wanking to a porn clip, but you don't get an STD or false rape accusation so porn becomes the better option. Our great grand parents are rolling in their graves.

                                                      • Plants Tho
                                                        Plants Tho  2 months back

                                                        Wait til machine automation increases and everyone is out of a job and the economy collapses. 90% of women will be sleeping with 3% of men.

                                                        • Baran Hill
                                                          Baran Hill  2 months back

                                                          This is such an interesting thing to ponder. It seems like the effort to save money, invest and progress individually is not as complicated if someone else isn't involved. Having someone to think about and be responsible for can make life more complicated. Whereas porn is not complicated, unfortunately. Just like video games. You get progress from your own efforts. With a counterpart you can put in effort (in your mind) and come out behind. Of course we have to also take into consideration our skill set to interact with women and people in general. Things in general also changed ever since birth control has been introduced to the human species. Just think about it

                                                          • EF5Tornado
                                                            EF5Tornado  2 months back

                                                            Yeah whatever, dude. You preach like a boomer and it's nauseating. Porn became a huge market because enough women decided to do two things: 1) deny access to sex for the bottom 80% of men 2) exploit the top 20% of men and the state has held the woman's hand every step of the way. To hell with the marriage scam and the lies it entails. Equality doesn't exist there as life situation does not matter for the woman 8/10 times and it used to be worse; she is the benefactor in most cases in (current year). Only a tiny minority of men get sex in exchange for this partnership as is implicitly promised to the men that walk into the fly trap. You really want to empower women to make men suffer tyranny, I take it? Denying sexual release to sexually repressed men is a nice way to start and the consequences will be very dire.

                                                            • Rachel Arnold
                                                              Rachel Arnold  2 months back

                                                              interesting point of view. the incentive for dating is not as strong if you have porn. the world is pretty messed up out there and even if youy do find someone divorce rates are high.

                                                              but in a christian sense, none of this matters. i plan to find my future husband at church (or elsewhere, as long as he is a devoted christian man) and we will date with the clear intention of finding out "are we compatible long term or not?" if not, you find someone else. if you are, then you get married. divorce is not an option unless there is abuse or maybe cheating so you better be sure about them.

                                                              who knows though, i have yet to date so maybe i'm just an idealist who hasn't had a heartbreak yet.

                                                              • pittygold 99
                                                                pittygold 99  2 months back

                                                                No thank you to dating, relationships or marriage! Why would any man invest in a used up modern day women that has NOTHING to offer like a 1999 Honda Civic with 200k + miles? The marriage system is set up to rig against men! I rather keep my money and watch my wallet get obese 😎👍🏽.
                                                                On another note, if you use dating apps, just stop! You either will catch a false rape accusation or catch an STD or end up in some BS! Besides, most women on those apps are worthless or worthless single mothers and there for male validation or a come up! DON’T BE THAT COME UP OR DON’T BE THE CLEAN UP MAN!!! 💯💯💯

                                                                • Abel Chavez
                                                                  Abel Chavez  2 months back

                                                                  there hardly ever was dating

                                                                  • p1nacle
                                                                    p1nacle  2 months back

                                                                    Women don't date. At least in the traditional sense. if a women wants di ck she just goes on social media and orders it up like a pizza. This is how they operate until around 30 when they want a nice guy for a "committed" LTR. But by then most men have gone MGTOW.

                                                                    • Dramatic Irony
                                                                      Dramatic Irony  2 months back

                                                                      You have liberal beta Male cucked out views on this topic. The comment section is speaking facts while you are on here cucking out for women. What a shame. The bitches in the western world are horrible to be around and are entitled to the max.

                                                                      Every woman wants a 6foot chad/Tyrone while having nothing to offer but an overused snatch that is blown out, student loan debt, entitlement, liberal views, feminist friends, and another man's kids. There is no positives in dating in the current (((western))) world . STDs are at an all time high. Why would any sane man want to date a women who is community property from being pumped and dumped.

                                                                      Another thing to note is that women will always have backup plans and guys In the friendzone that they will use as emergency dick. I am only 26 and have seen this countless of times. Most men who do date are actually in an open relationship, they just dont realize that they are. After watching this video I now understand that you ate a liberal beta Male feminist cuckold

                                                                      • Money Hawk
                                                                        Money Hawk  2 months back

                                                                        Desensitized to sexuality ... That's BIIIIIGGGGG ... The younger generation has missed out on the best part of dating ... Getting over Nervousness, coming up with witty intelligent things to say in order to prevent rejection, the first eye to eye contact, a person's subliminal sexual signals, Having Game, being charming ... its a horrible feeling to be rejected but i would never want to go through life without getting rejected ... I've been rejected by countless women and I've learned so much from that.

                                                                        • Romeo Tango
                                                                          Romeo Tango  2 months back

                                                                          No dude. Pussy just ain’t worth the price

                                                                          • Brandon
                                                                            Brandon  2 months back

                                                                            You need some chapstick bruh then maybe you can worry about women.

                                                                            • Mandeep Singh
                                                                              Mandeep Singh  2 months back

                                                                              You forgot to mention about women’s promiscuity. A lot of them are unhappy because of it. Women are forgetting how to be a women. They are acting like men.

                                                                              • David Lamb
                                                                                David Lamb  2 months back

                                                                                I cant listen to this, our future us in trouble...just sayin

                                                                                • Raton LaveurDeVitres
                                                                                  Raton LaveurDeVitres  2 months back

                                                                                  A man who respects himself doesn't invest in a woman if he's knows she's been someone else's woman before. She will never be yours, she's just settling for you, and she knows deep down that you never were the one. Enjoy the rest of your life, bro.

                                                                                  • Shawn Bippley
                                                                                    Shawn Bippley  2 months back

                                                                                    I can tell you this much. I'm 56. My generation of Fathers, is the first to tell our Sons, "NEVER Marry". Just way too much risk. More than 50% of marriages will end in divorce. This isn't new information. What many young men DON'T realize though, is that 72% of Divorces are filed for by women. Why is this? It's because they know, and have been coached from an early age, that if they are not happy, they can leave with all the cash and prizes.

                                                                                    I'm not sure what your issue is with Porn. I would absolutely rather my Son go rub one out a few times a week, rather than put himself in a long term relationship, that could ultimately lead to being destroyed in Divorce court. Go to the gym, work hard at/on your career, continue to develop social skills. Women are attracted to success. If you have that, it hardly even matters what you look like. Just don't let them move in, and absolutely NEVER sign a marriage license! Thank me when you're 50.

                                                                                    • vernon padilla
                                                                                      vernon padilla  2 months back

                                                                                      Zach Hing milks his 2 incher.

                                                                                    • OSCAR Jowkowski
                                                                                      OSCAR Jowkowski  2 months back

                                                                                      Western society is crushing day by day. THis video is proof that dating in western society is fucked up

                                                                                      • Screaming Mimi's
                                                                                        Screaming Mimi's  2 months back

                                                                                        In a different era Zach would be happily married with two kids by now.

                                                                                        • ReCycle Spinning
                                                                                          ReCycle Spinning  2 months back

                                                                                          One simple answer. Premarital sex is no longer taboo. So people dont have to marry...but very insightful video..

                                                                                          • Mb. KHATIBI
                                                                                            Mb. KHATIBI  2 months back

                                                                                            An average slim looking guy here and I could not get one match on tinder to talk to.I swipe right on every girl apparently even those fat single moms have higher standards and I am not good enough for them.
                                                                                            And after multiple rejection on cold approaches I just gave it up and waited for girls to send me signals.

                                                                                            • Robert
                                                                                              Robert  2 months back

                                                                                              Traditional Dating is a PITA. There has to be a better way.