Camila Cabello's Complete Dating History | E! News


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  • Cara Daisy
    Cara Daisy  5 days back

    IM SO EARLY!!!!

    • SparkleEgypt 101
      SparkleEgypt 101  5 days back

      Not sure who Shawn Mendez is.... 🤣🤣

      • Heart2003 Akk
        Heart2003 Akk  5 days back

        It’s Shawn Mendes WITHOUT A “Z”!!!

        • Rosa Schot
          Rosa Schot  6 days back

          i don't understand why celebrities always have to date other celebrities, like don't they meet people who are not famous??? i'm genuinely wondering

          • Joe TheFinisher Burns
            Joe TheFinisher Burns  5 days back

            Because they are using each other for more fame and money Shawn and camila wont last

        • Gen Cobbina
          Gen Cobbina  6 days back

          Why do we need to know this? its none of our business. Camila is doing music. Her personal life has nothing to do with what she's doing. Why are people so nosey.

        • Show Me the PLAYLIST with Andrew Palma

          Mahorny Cop.

          • Śhūffłę_šqüãd_
            Śhūffłę_šqüãd_  6 days back

            It’s funny how her boyfriend was a relationship coach 😂😂

            • stupidly cabello
              stupidly cabello  6 days back

              Austin Mahone was a pr she even
              said it
              Matthew was a pr for more fame
              Now shawmila is coming low key they all keep staring at the camera

            • ket severe
              ket severe  6 days back

              Austin Mahone who?

              • Ima KeepItReal
                Ima KeepItReal  6 days back

                Who is Austin Mahone & what does he do?

              • Asia Lewis
                Asia Lewis  6 days back

                Leave her alone 😂😂

                • Ling Ling Ng
                  Ling Ling Ng  6 days back

                  Matthew was the one who dumped Camila the end of May. He is a cheater & a player. Him & his brother group women in New York. He cheated on Camila many many times, and he finally dumped her the end of May. *** sometimes, Camila needs to learn to say no. I can not believe Camila let people do something like that to her. Camila was crying at the airport & listened to the song EASIER on her IG in June. She seem so sad. Shawn was trying to cheer Camila up after her & her ex broke up. *** Shawn & Camila are probably more than friends but less than lovers NOW

                  • Eddie Martin
                    Eddie Martin  6 days back

                    Wow only 8 comment

                    • Sofia Cortez
                      Sofia Cortez  6 days back


                      • Yoongi softie
                        Yoongi softie  6 days back


                        • Jesse Paul
                          Jesse Paul  6 days back

                          Leave her alone

                          • Jay Camacho
                            Jay Camacho  6 days back

                            She gets around 🍆 hoe

                            • Desiree Harmon
                              Desiree Harmon  6 days back

                              Jay Camacho first of all Camila is not a hoe so don’t be talking bad about her like that

                            • Vince Roman
                              Vince Roman  6 days back

                              Jay Camacho WTF ??

                          • Betty Piedra
                            Betty Piedra  6 days back

                            They spelled Shawns' name wrong it's Shawn Mendes with an "s" 😂

                          • Jia zubair
                            Jia zubair  6 days back

                            Camila is so perfect ❤ lucky guys

                            • Dadson worldwide
                              Dadson worldwide  6 days back

                              naw there both gay