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  • Published: 24 August 2016
  • How might your life be better with less? Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, known to their 4 million readers as "The Minimalists," are the executive producers of MINIMALISM, the #1 indie documentary of 2016. They spoke at TEDxFargo about the benefits of letting go and living a meaningful life with less. For more info about The Minimalists visit

    Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, known to their four million readers as “The Minimalists,” have written four books, including the bestselling memoir, Everything That Remains. They write about living a meaningful life with less stuff at Their new film, Minimalism, is currently the #1 documentary of 2016.

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • E M
    E M  2 days back

    Why all this STUFF just to give a TedTalk about minimalism? The irony.

    • Dollree Mappmmk
      Dollree Mappmmk  5 days back

      When he said in actuality he was "a well organized hoarder". It all looked good. EXACTLY!!!! Less stuff equals less stress. MUCH less stress. ✌️❤️😊

      • Ray Sunshine
        Ray Sunshine  5 days back

        Awesome message, guys!😊🙌🙌🙌💛

        • Scot .harvath
          Scot .harvath  2 weeks back

          preach moron preach,,,keep you stupidity to yourself

          • Captain Yethie
            Captain Yethie  2 weeks back

            This make me more realize not to get attach to all things in this world including earth because this not are home

            • Reza Pratama
              Reza Pratama  2 weeks back

              i just waiting him to say
              "the first rule of the fight club is......"

              • chinh au
                chinh au  3 weeks back

                Very good....The West ,finally,has learned the lesson...not hoarding and accumulation make you happy....let it go...relinquishing-distributing-sharing will lift you up to your inner heaven...

                • RadenWA
                  RadenWA  1 months back

                  I would also rather just keep digital photos rather than the physical items, but now I have way too many photos and needed multiple drives and their backups, and it goes back to being a clutter again :(

                  • Kate Brown
                    Kate Brown  1 months back

                    Did anyone count how many times he said ‘stuff’?? My god.

                    • David Tal
                      David Tal  1 months back

                      i lived in an appartment that had a nice futon to sleep on, clothing, and kitchenware. oh, and a computer. the only things i really wanted that i didnt have was a desk and chair for the computer. when you have little, it can become amazing what you can do without.
                      i wasnt a minimalist, i just didnt have much but then again i realized real fast that i didnt Need much either.
                      all too often people confuse what they want with what they need.

                      • martysk8r
                        martysk8r  1 months back

                        There's a fine line between minimalism and prepping.

                        • Ruslan Pavlovich.Разное

                          My wife doesn’t get it

                          • Monique L
                            Monique L  2 months back

                            Yesterday, before watching this, i gave away a microwave and felt almost giddy with joy! Now i know why. Everything i get rid of makes me feel lighter somehow.

                            • Pradyumna Kulkarni
                              Pradyumna Kulkarni  2 months back

                              1.1k Capitalist disliked.

                              • Bri Terry
                                Bri Terry  2 months back

                                Experiences > Things

                                • Rocío M. Acosta
                                  Rocío M. Acosta  2 months back

                                  I love and share their values. Lets say goodbye to compulsory consumption and have a better lifestyle.

                                  • Mobaba Moba
                                    Mobaba Moba  3 months back

                                    "Don't know what else to throw out of the house to make it clean to the max?
                                    Throw yourself out!
                                    People are also an eyesore for the house!

                                    Aaah, that's perfect!

                                    • Mobaba Moba
                                      Mobaba Moba  3 months back

                                      Is it just me or is 'minimalism' just an invented 1st world problem?

                                      'Boohoo I have too much money and too much success and too much stuff I'm sad with all my possessions!"

                                      If people are woorrying about minimalism they don't have real problems.

                                      All I care is my bed ridden parents and where to get some small money for stuff to survive.
                                      Minimalism is something I can not imagine to care about because I live it not by choice.

                                      • N F
                                        N F  3 months back

                                        Ummm, good topic, boring delivery.

                                        • Anne Anne
                                          Anne Anne  3 months back

                                          There are some born minimalists who would never understood this message... you let go while they've nothing to keep.

                                          • nickability
                                            nickability  3 months back

                                            I like the Minimalists, their message, and what they stand for, but jeez the first half of this was cringey. It was like a bad stand up comic joking about a dead person's belonging. Awkward

                                            • Katelyn Gash-Hall
                                              Katelyn Gash-Hall  3 months back

                                              How come no one is talking about how beautiful dude’s mom was but dude looks like something Steve Buscemi scraped off his teeth?

                                              • Gwendolyn Marsh
                                                Gwendolyn Marsh  4 months back

                                                I began minimalism about 10 years ago. At first it was great to de-clutter and give things away. However, for me it became a part of a mental illness and suicide planning where I would give or throw away everything. At one point I had enough belongings that I could easily move in my car. It's difficult for me to buy things, and own very little. I have to be mindful as to why I'm throwing something out, or giving something away. Thus- use caution in the 30 day challenge. I agree with the concepts, however, it does have to be done in a healthy way, and it doesn't hurt to check in on people to identify their intentions and well being. Much love to you all. G :-)

                                                • Darlene Laski
                                                  Darlene Laski  4 months back

                                                  Great personal talk as you age and grow wiser. Most likely, those of us in our 50's and 60's have already experienced the experiences of those of you in your 30's and 40's. At least the major ones like career choices, falling in love, having a family, health issues, losing a family member, facing a life changing traumatic event, etc.

                                                  George Carlin produced an "album " in the 70s called "Stuff" I believe. It was very funny at the time. You kids might want to set some time aside, once a month, and just sit quietly and listen, with full attention, to the older members of your family. Allow them to share their stories. Learn a thing or two that might help you to avoid a mistake they made. Because I didn't do that in my 30's and 40's and someone in their 50s made the same suggestion to me, but I ignored it. I was too SELF centered. Now, I regret it so much and the WORSE emotion to drag around with oneself is regret.

                                                  By the way, I would kill for the luxury of watching a homemade video of myself at the age of 3 or 10 or 25, or look at photos of my life, throughout my life, that the "millenials" or the "minimalists" have today because your taking for granted that your memories will be clear and in tact when you reach your 50s and so on.

                                                  By the way again, haven't you watched Antique Roadshow and valuable treasures found in ancestors attics?

                                                  You're all gonna be fine.

                                                  • Jlinus
                                                    Jlinus  4 months back

                                                    Also why would u throw away your photos??? What about art. Life would be dull without art in every room.

                                                    • Jlinus
                                                      Jlinus  4 months back

                                                      As a broke uni student I don't really have a choice🤣

                                                      • PLANTLOVEAFRIKA
                                                        PLANTLOVEAFRIKA  4 months back

                                                        Minimalism seems like a new concept but its not. Its no secret, the bible has been saying this for centuries ''Keep your eye simple''.

                                                        • Georgiana speaks
                                                          Georgiana speaks  4 months back

                                                          I think this strategy is a good idea for your relationships too. Culling some of those frenemies that don't bring joy either!

                                                          • \ \ Sweden \ \
                                                            \ \ Sweden \ \  4 months back

                                                            I don't think minimalism is good because you shouldn't have any small amount of clothes.

                                                            • June Twenty
                                                              June Twenty  4 months back

                                                              Ryan is the star of the show

                                                              • kyolym
                                                                kyolym  4 months back

                                                                Screw this BS, I'm glad I saved all my good stuff after a few decades I actually have a nice nets egg as I can sell off things here and there. Having absolutely nothing of value for emergence situations is not such a good idea, And no I'm not a hoarder

                                                                • E M
                                                                  E M  2 days back

                                                                  12:12. If you have things that you can manage and that give you value or are an investment rather than just being clutter that distracts you from real happiness, then there is nothing in this video that is BS. Nothing in it contradicts your comments.

                                                              • Rabin Adhikari
                                                                Rabin Adhikari  4 months back

                                                                As I broke person, I am happy and looking for stuffs I don’t need in my parents house, where I live. I am trying to convince my dad that we don’t need that old TV and old sofa, oh old furnitures in basement that we never use. I am still digging the stuffs that I can discard.

                                                                • Linda Carter
                                                                  Linda Carter  4 months back

                                                                  ***What's important is ourselves, and the people we care for and love. when we die we can't take all of our money, big house, or all of our things. No matter how much they mean to us. Things are not, and will never be as important as ourselves or, even be on the same level as us, to even be able to go with us. There just things...a VIRTUAL ITEM, with no specific value, they seem to only have value because we grant them that value... without us there nothing. If we understand this simple truth, many things will instantly loose there value right before our eyes, and there emotional connect with us almost instantly . Therefore, making it easy for use to part away from materialistic items, and that's how we are able to just, let go. Out of sight out of mind. Materialism is a disease that destroys our inner happiness. We use materialistic things as a crutch to boost our confidence and comfort our inner insecurities.***

                                                                  • SparklePeace
                                                                    SparklePeace  5 months back

                                                                    I quit periscope for a year and did not go back it was addicting. I then stop going on social media which took my anxiety away. I do not watch TV at all and I go on You Tube once in a bit. I do not go on Facebook at all since 3 years. I have notice more people that quit social media started to not have depression and anxiety. I read the bible which has changed my life and I have learned that I can live without many things that I thought I needed. I also lost 45 lbs my life has changed for the better since I go online less.

                                                                    True at first it is painful like an ache but it goes away eventually. I now help people quit social media which now most of them started offline businesses.

                                                                    • Phil Lozano
                                                                      Phil Lozano  5 months back

                                                                      Very well done!

                                                                      • Hatori Zenzo
                                                                        Hatori Zenzo  5 months back

                                                                        Guess I'll start by removing songs I never really listen to from my computer

                                                                        • ASMR Cats
                                                                          ASMR Cats  5 months back

                                                                          These guys are hilarious! They talk about not having so much stuff, yet I have never seen a TED (or TEDx) Talk that had so much stuff and so many props on stage *lol

                                                                          • emmanuelle vitorya
                                                                            emmanuelle vitorya  5 months back

                                                                            My mom has a private Goodwill at her house in her basement she has more than 500 coats. I want see her house empty ...out off the hundreds junks collections she has it means also an unhealthy life.

                                                                            • MrMoneyHelper
                                                                              MrMoneyHelper  5 months back

                                                                              Years ago I shed the possessions that would fill a three bedroom house. Then lived in a minivan for a couple of years. Even then I felt I had too much stuff. Now I live in a rented room with all of those things and more. What I need is a good camera to photograph all of my family memorabilia and then give it to a relative that wants it.

                                                                              I want to live in a tiny RV trailer so that I can move at a moments notice if desired. There truly is a feeling of relief and freedom once the purge is done. The trepidation is about whether certain things should be shed. Some things I released were needed later on. Those were tools. At the time they were let go it was the right thing to do. Now that I know how it feels to let go of many things at once, I can tell you that it is good to let go of things that aren't being used regularly. You will feel better. Do it.

                                                                              • Candi Cane
                                                                                Candi Cane  5 months back

                                                                                It took a brain tumor to put me on my minimalism journey. After I came home from the hospital from getting my tumor removed, I came home to whole houseful of antiques and collectibles from the last 20 years. I had to walk with a walker at that time and I realized I couldn’t get to the bathroom because there was too many things blocking my walkway. I told myself when I recover and gain strength, I would clear this place out. And that I did. I called an antique shop up the road and asked if they wanted to buy out my the contents of my entire home. They knew I had good stuff, so they were thrilled. They brought 3 trucks. It was all gone in one day. My home is now extremely simple and minimal. I love it. I donated all my extra clothes, purses, etc to the Goodwill. It is so freeing. I survived the brain tumor and I see life in a whole different way. My advice is: get attached to people and family, not material things. Thank you God for my new life ♥️ and thank you guys for the inspiration!!

                                                                                • Josephine Pedler
                                                                                  Josephine Pedler  5 months back

                                                                                  You guys are amazing

                                                                                  • Octa Richie
                                                                                    Octa Richie  5 months back

                                                                                    what items can I throw while I have nothing, I'm minimalism since born, every stuff i have is valuable cuz that the only thing i have

                                                                                    • Ti'el Lochridge
                                                                                      Ti'el Lochridge  6 months back

                                                                                      Maybe that's why it seems so hard to delete pictures

                                                                                      • Lorna Parong
                                                                                        Lorna Parong  6 months back

                                                                                        Thank you so much. My mom just recently passed away. I was saving a lot of her stuff in my already cluttered house. I'm going to donate her stuff and just keep a few things. I'm also going to get rid of a lot of stuff that I don't need.

                                                                                        • talebutt bitchton
                                                                                          talebutt bitchton  6 months back

                                                                                          How do these Ted X dorks look at themselves in the morning and not vomit?

                                                                                          • drfix2020
                                                                                            drfix2020  6 months back

                                                                                            I'm working on my path to becoming a minimalist!......Truth is,
                                                                                            The more things you have, The more things you WORRY about!

                                                                                            • smoothie càrdôza
                                                                                              smoothie càrdôza  6 months back


                                                                                              • SDSUMIGUEL
                                                                                                SDSUMIGUEL  6 months back

                                                                                                ChrisSTUFFer Walken