The Biggest Dating MISTAKES in Korea

  • Published: 11 July 2019
  • In every culture, the dating etiquette is different. Expectations of dating with Korean boys are not the way you would expect like in the west. Here are some of the biggest mistakes you can make when dating in Korea.
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Comments • 55

  • Aileen Brazeau
    Aileen Brazeau  3 days back

    Gina. I love your video intro. Cool music and beautiful smile

    • Coatcheckgirl - 카산드라

      #10 is facts .

      • vibes꿀
        vibes꿀  3 days back

        I was kinda disappointed when you said we can't make inappropriate jokes lmaooo

        • Dimitra Gagatsi
          Dimitra Gagatsi  4 days back

          Aren't you from Korea?

          • Roxanne Dare
            Roxanne Dare  4 days back

            Can you do a Q&A please?

            • Gina Bear
              Gina Bear   4 days back

              I just did one. Lol. Do you have a question in specific?

          • Learn about bts with Kayleigh

            I think you are a Amazing youtuber and I love your videos there very interesting

            • Gina Bear
              Gina Bear   4 days back

              Thank you! I appreciate that!

          • lol loli
            lol loli  4 days back

            thank you love you and your very pretty!!!!~~~~~~

          • SoulfulScent TV
            SoulfulScent TV  4 days back

            I will visit you 💕🥰

            • Un Myeong
              Un Myeong  5 days back

              It is so true about ending things with guys who have dicey answers to the important questions (like the feminism bit you mentioned!) Running away from them is like a bullet dodged. I've had to do that a couple times!
              How is like in Korea with turning people down ? Either after a couple dates or at the very beginning? (I mean if things seem like they aren't working out)

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   4 days back

                In Korea, they just ghost. Like never respond or block. Lol.

            • Lea Steenberg
              Lea Steenberg  5 days back

              When i’m going there i want to date just to date lol

            • Lucy Luce
              Lucy Luce  5 days back

              Where did you get your hair done? 😍😍 it’s amazing. A look I rlly want to play with

              • Lucy Luce
                Lucy Luce  4 days back

                Gina Bear Gonna look this up real quick!

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   4 days back

                My friend Dean at the Days Hair Salon in Hongdae did it for me. 🥰

            • IdaM
              IdaM  5 days back

              I really want to go to South Korea and teach english, but i am afraid that i might not fit in and some guys might take advantage of me because I dont speak korean or look different

              Btw love your videos! ❤️

              • IdaM
                IdaM  4 days back

                Gina Bear omg thank you so much for replying ❤️ I am a big fan

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   4 days back

                They'll only take advantage of of you if you have no idea about the culture. But I've made tons of videos about it here on my channel.

            • Rama Mary
              Rama Mary  5 days back

              I love you personality, you’re cool 😎.
              And you look beautiful 😘
              Thank ya for the amazing video

            • Dian Jacob
              Dian Jacob  5 days back

              Did you just say 'Moldy food trash'... haha that's on a loop!!!!

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   4 days back

                Hahaha. I sure did! Glad you think it's funny!

            • Dopo Lopo
              Dopo Lopo  5 days back

              Hello, could you please make a video on how expensive and what do you have to do in order to move to Korea? (P.S sorry if you already have, I just saw your channel today, soo yeah) (✿◠‿◠)

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   4 days back

                I already have videos about it on my channel. I came here as an English teacher.

            • Sowmya rajana
              Sowmya rajana  5 days back


              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   5 days back

                I think I pretty much covered all the stupid crap they say. Lol.

            • NeoBulRheGhi
              NeoBulRheGhi  5 days back

              Hmm, interesting topic.

            • Kakaoo Loop
              Kakaoo Loop  5 days back

              When you realize you’ll never really get your oppa 😔😔

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   5 days back

                There are men out there who act like true gentlemen and are the oppa type. Unfortunately, you have to sift through a lot of trash to find a good one.

            • Taiz Ulloa
              Taiz Ulloa  5 days back

              Gina 💛 Do you have Latina familiy/heritage?

              Also, even tho I would love to date a man outside of my comfort zone, I feel dating koreans it's too complicated lmao They cute and all but last on my list

              • Roxanne Dare
                Roxanne Dare  4 days back

                Gina Bear omg sis same ❤️❤️❤️❤️

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   5 days back

                Yes. My mother is Mexican. :)

            • Sarah Sellam
              Sarah Sellam  5 days back

              At some stage dating there seems ... Idk risky ? And not dream-like ! finelly realised this and lowkey disspointed ... but y'all amazing girls should prefer a harsh truth over a sweet lie 💕

              • Sarah Sellam
                Sarah Sellam  5 days back

                @Gina Bear yeah thank you for telling the truth ! Your advices are helpful in many ways throught my experiences 💜

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   5 days back

                Isn't dating everywhere risky? Lol. I'd rather have the truth as compared to a lie.

            • LeniRom
              LeniRom  5 days back

              Gina, you always manage to look so good! Thanks for the video. I have a few ideas! Maybe more information on the documentation process when travelling to Korea as a teacher and as a tourist. Also, I know there's a lot of stuff for guys trying to hook up with girls, but do you know anything about foreigners going there to hook up with guys? Maybe your insight on that. Can't wait to see the next video!!

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   5 days back

                Thanks so much! Well, I don't know what country you're from as I'm American. My blog covers how to get an English teaching job in Korea:

                As for hooking up, I'm still debating whether or not I should make the video. I'm not ready for the hate that it will get.

            • Kowsar Ibrahim Maalim
              Kowsar Ibrahim Maalim  5 days back

              I just got out of watching your videos a couple weeks ago and you're my favorite YouTuber already I really like your videos and you're really funny

            • Raven R
              Raven R  5 days back

              Good to see your video Gina, love it 😍 thank you 😊

            • nitro bun
              nitro bun  5 days back

              Can you make a video about feminism in Korea as well?
              Now you made me curious 😮

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   5 days back

                Sure thing! Sounds like a great idea!

            • Sub_2_pewdiepie Now
              Sub_2_pewdiepie Now  5 days back

              Yasss I love your vids!💜💜💜

            • little meow meow
              little meow meow  5 days back

              Can you make a video about dating brown/mixed girls in Korea?

              • aries War
                aries War  5 days back

                @Gina Bear love your volg plus I love to do a YouTube video

              • little meow meow
                little meow meow  5 days back

                @Gina Bear Oh okay. Thank you 💕

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   5 days back

                @little meow meow To be completely honest, a lot of them don't care. Everyone who is not Asian is just a "foreigner" to them.

              • little meow meow
                little meow meow  5 days back

                @Gina Bear I want to know what Koreans think about dating brown/mixed girls and things around brown/mixed girls that live in Korea.

              • Gina Bear
                Gina Bear   5 days back

                Can you clarify? I don't understand exactly what you want to know.